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The Napoleon Series > Resources > Statistical Abstract Of The Napoleonic Wars

Weights and Measurements:

The British System of Liquid Measures


1 Gallon
231 cubit inches
Ale Gallon
282 cubit inches
Beer Gallon
282 cubit inches
Wine Gallon
251 cubic inches
Ale Quart
70 1/2 cubit inches
Beer Quart
70 1/2 cubit inches
English Wine Pint
28.875 cubit inches

The Little Bombardier and Pocket Gunner London: T Egerton; 1801. Page 139

Tousard, Louis de. American Artillerist's Companion or Elements of Artillery Vol. 1 New York: Greenwood Press; 1969. Page 127 - 128

Placed on the Napoleon Series: August 2003


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