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  By Leopold Kudrna, with Biographical Essays by Digby Smith.


During the 24 years of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars (1 January 1792 – 31 December 1815) more than one thousand people held general officer rank within the Austrian army.

Each of these 1152 generals is recorded in this database.

Thus for the first time researchers have a biographical database at their disposal which provides a complete survey of the Austrian generals of this period.

This biographical dictionary is designed to provide researchers a beginning point for further studies concerning the life and career of the military elite of the Habsburg empire at this time. The basic data are provided by Leopold Kudrna, the biographical essays are written by Digby Smith. As more information comes available, we will update the entries.

All of the biographies are formatted the same. An explaination of the different sections in each can be found in: Key to the Biographies.

Additionally, to keep the files down to reasonable size we used numerous abbrevations. An explaination of each can be found in: Abbrevations and Symbols.

Our research is based on more than 100 different sources. It would be impractical to list a full citation for each biography, so we used an abbrevation citation. Complete citations for all our sources can be found in our Bibliography.

A complete listing of the generals and links to the individual biographies can be found in the Personal Indices:

A Ba-Be | Bi-By | C | D | E | F | G | HI/J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | Sa-Sm | So-SzT | U | V | W | Y/Z 

If you have any additional information or would like to contribute a biographical essay on one or another individual please contact the editing author (Leopold Kudrna). We also would appreciate receiving any corrections to our data. Credit will be provided to all contributors.


Albrecht Zimburg: Nos B55 (Binder-Degenschild), K78 (Kutschera), M52 (Minutillo, F.), M53 (Minutillo, H.), R30 (Richter-Binnenthal), S74 (Simbschen), Z1 (Zach).

Placed on the Napoleon Series: March - November 2008