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British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars� 1793-1815
Alten, Charles Baron

By: Ron McGuigan

Alten, Charles BARON (Karl August von Alten, 21 October 1764 - 20 April 1840)

Younger brother of Major General Victor Baron Alten. Styled Charles Baron Alten only while in British Service.

Entered Hanoverian Army 1781, Lieutenant 1785, Captain 1790,� Major 1795, Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Foot Guards 1802. Joined British Service in 1st Light Battalion King's German Legion 1803, temporary rank of Lieutenant Colonel 1803, temporary rank of Colonel 1804, Brigadier General on the Staff 1808-1810.� Permanent rank in British Army 1812,� Major General 1810. British half-pay 1816. Became� Lieutenant General Hanoverian Service 1814, General Hanoverian Service 1816.

Early service: Hanoverian Army Flanders 1793-1795. Commanded brigade KGL Hanover 1805, brigade KGL Copenhagen 1807, brigade KGL Sweden 1808.

Portugal & Spain: Commanded light brigade KGL Spain 1808-1809 and embarked at Vigo 1809.�

Peninsular War: Commanded brigade KGL 7th Division April - October 1811 and temporarily commanded the 7th Division October 1811- May 1812. Commanded the� Light Division May 1812- April 1814.

Other Service: Commanded brigade KGL on Walcheren 1809. Commanded Hanoverian Subsidiary Corps Netherlands 1814-1815. Commanded 3rd Division at Waterloo and wounded 1815. Commanded� Hanoverian Reserve Corps 1815. Commanded Hanoverian Contingent of the Army of Occupation 1815-1818. Inspector of Infantry Hanover 1818. Inspector General of the Army and Minister of War Hanover 1831/1832-1840.�

KCB (Honourary) 1815. GCB (Honourary) 1820. Created Graf von Alten 1815. Colonel of 1st Light Battalion King's German Legion 1804-1816.� Colonel of the 1st Infantry Regiment� Gottingen, Hanoverian Army 1816.


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