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British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars´┐Ż 1793-1815
Bowes, Barnard Foord

By: Ron McGuigan

Bowes, Barnard Foord (17** - 23 June 1812)

In early army lists as Barnard Bowes Foord.

Changed name to Foord Bowes sometime after 1791.

Ensign 26th Foot 1781, Lieutenant 26th 1783, Captain Independent Company 1791, Half-pay 1791,  Captain 26th Foot 1791,  Major 85th Foot 1796, Lieutenant Colonel 6th Foot 1796, Brevet Colonel 1805, Brigadier General on the Staff 1808-1810, Major General 1810.

Early service: Ireland 1796-1798, British North America 1799-1806, Gibraltar 1807-1808.

Portugal & Spain: Commanded 4th  Brigade in Portugal and at Vimeiro 1808.

Peninsular War: On staff at Cadiz  1811-1812. Commanded brigade 4th Division February - April 1812 and  brigade 6th Division May - June 1812. Killed in action at assault on Salamanca Forts 1812.

Other Service: On staff at Gibraltar 1808-1810.


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