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British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars´┐Ż 1793-1815
Clinton, William Henry

By: Ron McGuigan

Clinton, William Henry (23 December 1769 - 15 February 1846)

Eldest son of General Sir Henry Clinton. Older brother of Lieutenant General Sir Henry Clinton.

Cornet 7th Light Dragoons 1785, Lieutenant 7th Light Dragoons 1787, Captain 45th Foot 1790, Lieutenant & Captain 1st Foot Guards 1790, Captain &  Lieutenant Colonel 1st Foot Guards 1794, Regimental Major 1st Foot Guards 1812, Brevet Colonel 1801, Brigadier General on the Staff 1804-1808, Major General 1808, Lieutenant General Sicily 1812, Lieutenant General 1813, General 1830.

Early service: Flanders 1793-1795, Aide-de-Camp Home Staff 1796-1798, Ireland 1798, Aide-de-Camp  Helder 1799, Inspector-General of Foreign Corps 1800, Acting as Deputy Quartermaster-General Ireland 1800,  Brigadier on Madeira 1801-1802. Inspector-General of Foreign Corps 1802. Military Secretary to the Duke of York 1803-1804. Quartermaster-General in Ireland 1804-1811.

Peninsular War: Commanded a division on the East Coast of Spain 1812-1813 and then commanded the force on the East Coast of Spain 1813-1814. Offered command of a force ordered to join the Peninsular Army from the breakup of  the force on the East Coast of Spain 1814, however war ended before he joined.

Other service: On staff Sicily 1812.  Commanded Expeditionary Force Portugal 1826-1828. Lieutenant General of the Ordnance 1825-1829.

MP 1794-1796, 1806-1829.  GCB 1815.  Colonel of 55th Foot 1814-1846.

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