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British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars´┐Ż 1793-1815
Lambert, John

By: Ron McGuigan


Lambert, John  (1772? - 14 September 1847)

Son of Captain Robert Lambert RN. Younger brother of Rear Admiral Robert Lambert RN and older brother of  Captain Henry Lambert RN, Major General Samuel Lambert and Admiral Sir George Lambert RN.

Ensign 1st Foot Guards 1791, Lieutenant & Captain 1st Foot Guards 1793, Captain-Lieutenant 1st Foot Guards 1801, Captain &  Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Foot Guards 1801, Brevet Colonel 1810, Major General 1813, Lieutenant General 1825, General 1841.

Early Service: Flanders 1793-1795, Ireland 1798, Helder 1799, Sicily 1806.

Portugal & Spain : Spain 1809 and at Corunna.

Peninsular War: Cadiz 1811-1812. Commanded at Cartagena 1812-1813. Commanded brigade 1st Division March 1813-July 1813. Commanded brigade 6th Division July 1813-April 1814.

Other Service: On Walcheren 1809. Commanded a brigade and then a force in War of 1812 United States of America 1814-1815 and at New Orleans and capture of Fort Bowyer 1815.  Commanded 10th Brigade and temporarily 6th Division Flanders and France and at Waterloo 1815. Commanded 8th Brigade 1815-1817, 7th Brigade 1817-1818 and 1st Brigade 1818  Army of Occupation France . Home Staff 1822-1825.

KCB 1815. GCB 1838. Colonel of the 10th Foot 1824-1847.


Placed on the Napoleon Series: December 2007

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