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Lionel S. Challis's "Peninsula Roll Call": Eades, Michael to Eyre, Thomas

Editor's Note: If you have arrived at this page via a search engine and have not visited our Introduction to the Peninsula Roll Call, I strongly recommend that you do so, before you begin your research. It will save you much time and make your research much easier. In the introduction, you will find links to a list of abbreviations used by Captain Challis and to a Frequently Asked Questions Section.

Last Name First Name Middle Name (s)
Regiment or Position
Eades Michael Archer 30th Foot  
Eady George John 50th Foot  
Eager Francis   31st Foot  
Eager John   31st Foot  
Eager (Edgar) James   30th Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Eason George   32nd Foot  
Eason Robert Prescott 28th Foot 1st Battalion of Detachments
Easter Jeremiah   24th Foot 23rd Light Dragoons
Easterby W. S. 23rd Light Dragoons  
Eaton Charles   95th Foot  
Ebell Carl   7th KGL Line  
Ebell Friederich   7th KGL Line  
Eben Frederick   General  
Ebrington Hugh   9th Foot  
Eccles Cuthbert   61st Foot  
Eccles Hugh   61st Foot 6th Caçadores
Eccles Thomas   34th Foot 60th Foot
Eckersley Nathaniel   1st Dragoons ADC
Eddington John   12th Light Dragoons  
Eddowes James   Royal Artillery  
Eden  Frederick   85th Foot  
Eden (Methold) John   71st Foot  
Edge Edward   43rd Foot  
Edgell James Charles 4th Foot  
Edgell W. B., C. 4th Foot  
Edgeworth Newcomen E. 3rd Dragoon Guards  
Edghill James   Deputy Purveyor  
Edmonds Edward   27th Foot  
Edmonds Hamilton   66th Foot  
Edmonds John   45th Foot  
Edmonds Robert   6th Foot 6th Garrison Battalion
Edmonstone Francis   95th Foot  
Edwards Benjamin Hutchcou 43rd Foot 5th Portuguese Line
Edwards Charles   Volunteer 47th Foot
Edwards David John Royal Artillery  
Edwards Edward   Assistant Commissary  
Edwards Henry   31st Foot  
Edwards Henry   43rd Foot  
Edwards Henry Gore 27th Foot  
Edwards J.   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Edwards John Edward 20th Light Dragoons  
Edwards Michael Charles Brunswick Light Infantry  
Edwards Price Carter 20th Light Dragoons  
Edwards Robert Bidwell 13th Light Dragoons  
Edwards Stephen   6th Foot  
Edwards Thomas   20th Foot  
Edwards Wright   59th Foot  
Edwards (Richards) Thomas W., Richards 18th Light Dragoons
Edyvean William   81st Foot  
Eeles Charles   95th Foot  
Eeles William   95th Foot  
Egan Carberry   91st Foot  
Egan Patrick   23rd Light Dragoons 12th Light Dragoons
Egerton Charles Bulkeley 89th Foot 44th Foot
Egerton Richard   34th Foot Deputy Assistant Adjutant General
Egerton Thomas   29th Foot  
Eichhorn Christian   7th KGL Line  
Eicke Friederich   2nd KGL Hussars  
Eidmann Friederich   3rd KGL Hussars  
Einthoven S. J. 6th KGL Line  
Ekins Clement   38th Foot  
Elder George   95th Foot 3rd Caçadores
Elderhorst Carl   1st KGL Dragoons  
Elderhorst Friederich   2nd KGL Line  
Elderhorst Georg   1st KGL Light  
Elers Richard Hungerford 43rd Foot  
Elgee William   Royal Artillery  
Elgie John   97th Foot 34th Foot
Elgie John P. Royal Artillery  
Eliot Francie Breynton 40th Foot  
Elkington James Goodall 24th Foot 30th Foot
Elley John   Royal Horse Guards Assistant Adjutant General
Ellicombe Charles Grene Royal Engineers Brigade Major
Elliott Charles   76th Foot  
Elliott Edward John 27th Foot  
Elliott George   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Elliott Gilbert   83rd Foot  
Elliott James   82nd Foot Staff Surgeon
Elliott James   43rd Foot  
Elliott John   48th Foot 1st Foot Guards
Elliott Robert   82nd Foot  
Elliott Theodore Henry Royal Engineers  
Elliott Thomas   83rd Foot  
Elliott William   2nd Life Guards  
Elliott William   29th Foot  
Elliott William Granville Royal Artillery  
Elliott William Henry 51st Foot Brigade Major
Ellis Charles Parker 1st Foot Guards  
Ellis Conyngham   40th Foot  
Ellis Henry Watson 23rd Foot  
Ellis Hercules   88th Foot  
Ellis James   3rd Dragoon Guards  
Ellis John   61st Foot  
Ellis Joseph George Assistant Commissary  
Ellis Richard   18th Light Dragoons  
Ellis Theophilus Thomas 14th Light Dragoons  
Ellis William Richard 14th Light Dragoons  
Ellis (Joyner) W. Joyner 23rd Foot  
Ellison John Montague 61st Foot  
Ellison Robert   1st Foot Guards  
Ellmore John Richard 73rd Foot 5th Dragoon Guards
Ellwood C. W. 48th Foot  
Elmhurst     Volunteer 4th Foot
Elphinstone Howard   Royal Engineers  
Elphinstone James Drummond, Buller 7th Light Dragoons  
Elphinstone William Keith 1st Foot Guards 15th Light Dragoons
Elrington George   39th Foot  
Elrington John   71st Foot 3rd Foot Guards
Elrington William Sandys 11th Foot  
Elton Isaac Marmaduke Royal Engineers  
Elwes John Raleigh 71st Foot  
Elwin Fountain   44th Foot Assistant Adjutant General
Elwin Henry   44th Foot  
Elwyn James   31st Foot Volunteer in 52nd Foot
Emerson Alexander Lyon Physician  
Emerson George   Royal Waggon Train  
Emerson James Boden Deputy Purveyor  
Emerson Matthew   Deputy Purveyor  
Emery Henry Gresley Staff Surgeon  
Emes Thomas   5th Foot  
Emmett Anthony   Royal Engineers  
Emslie J.   83rd Foot  
Engel Edward Adolph 7th KGL Line  
England Poole Vallancey Royal Artillery  
England Richard   5th Foot 14th Foot
English Frederick   Royal Engineers  
English Hamilton   7th Foot  
English Thomas   28th Foot  
Ennis John   14th Light Dragoons 6th Garrison Battalion
Enoch John   23rd Foot  
Enracht Lyons   43rd Foot  
Enright     Volunteer 94th Foot
Enright D.   Volunteer 4th Foot
Enright John   91st Foot 94th Foot
Entwisle Philip Bize? 84th Foot  
Equino Frederick   5th Foot  
Erck Gasper   24th Foot 7th Foot
Erdmann Friederich   3rd KGL Line  
Erly John   42nd Foot  
Ermatinger L. C.? Deputy Assistant Commissary General Assistant Commissary General
Errickson Alexander   Brunswick Hussars  
Erskine Esme Stuart 60th Foot 15th Light Dragoons
Erskine George Francis 12th Light Dragoons  
Erskine James   General  
Erskine James   48th Foot  
Erskine James   87th Foot  
Erskine John   94th Foot 7th Foot
Erskine John   Commissary in Chief  
Erskine Robert   4th Foot  
Erskine William   General  
Erskine (Knight) William Howe, Knight 27th Foot  
Ervatt George   24th Foot  
Eschwege Ernst   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Espy Philip   26th Foot  
Este Michael Lambton 1st Life Guards  
Ethelstone Richard A. 34th Foot  
Eustace Alexander   20th Light Dragoons  
Eustace William Cornwallis Chasseurs Britannique  
Euston  (Ipswich) Henry   7th Light Dragoons ADC
Evans Augustine Fitzgerald 60th Foot  
Evans De Lacy   22nd Foot 3rd Dragoons
Evans Edward   38th Foot  
Evans Edward Webar 36th Foot 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Evans George   50th Foot 3rd Garrison Battalion
Evans James   71st Foot 57th Foot
Evans James   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Evans James Viney? Volunteer 40th Foot
Evans John   87th Foot  
Evans John   83rd Foot  
Evans John   30th Foot  
Evans John   28th Foot  
Evans John   16th Light Dragoons  
Evans John   24th Foot  
Evans Joseph Blewitt 1st Foot Guards  
Evans Kingsmill   1st Foot Guards  
Evans Lewis   29th Foot Staff Surgeon
Evans Matthew   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Evans Ralph   62nd Foot  
Evans Thomas   38th Foot  
Evans Thomas   18th Light Dragoons  
Evans Thomas   38th Foot  
Evanson Edward   38th Foot  
Evatt John Hamilton 57th Foot 89th Foot
Evelegh Henry   Royal Artillery  
Evelyn George   3rd Foot Guards  
Event Georg   5th KGL Line  
Everard Matthias   14th Foot  
Everest Henry Bennett 6th Foot  
Everitt John   11th Foot 10th Royal Veteran Battalion
Everndern Thomas   3rd Foot  
Eversfield Charles   10th Light Dragoons  
Ewart John Frederick 52nd Foot Royal York Rangers
Ewart Walter   36th Foot  
Ewing Daniel   74th Foot  
Ewing James   47th Foot  
Ewing James   40th Foot  
Ewing Patrick   Royal Waggon Train  
Ewyn James   Volunteer 52nd Foot
Eyl Ernest   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Eyma John Adrian Royal Waggon Train  
Eyre Charles   1st Foot  
Eyre Gervase Anthony 1st Foot Guards ADC
Eyre Henry Samuel 82nd Foot 19th Foot
Eyre John   Physician  
Eyre John   Royal Artillery  
Eyre Thomas   34th Foot  

Placed on the Napoleon Series: January 2009; last updated August 2019.

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