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Lionel S. Challis's "Peninsula Roll Call": Kater, William to Kynock, John

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Last Name First Name Middle Name (s)
Regiment or Position
Kater William   27th Foot  
Kathmann August   2nd KGL Line  
Keane Charles   1st Foot 44th Foot
Keane Edward   23rd Foot 7th Light Dragoons
Keane John   General  
Keappock Bartholomew   95th Foot  
Kearne (or Kearnes) John   68th Foot  
Kearney Daniel   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Kearney Edward   29th Foot  
Kearney Francis   32nd Foot 103rd Foot
Kearney Thomas   Assistant Commissary General
Kearns Donald John 71st Foot  
Kearny Dennis   24th Foot 3rd Provisional Battalion
Kearsley Joseph   Royal Artillery Deputy Inspector of Hospitals
Kearton George   Assistant Commissary Field Trains
Keary William   26th Foot 5th Dragoon Guards
Keate William Augustus 3rd Foot Guards  
Keating Edward   6th Foot Staff Surgeon
Keating Edward S. 45th Foot  
Keating George   16th Light Dragoons 4th Foot
Keddle Robert   50th Foot  
Keene Benjamin   9th Light Dragoons  
Keep William Thornton 28th Foot  
Keiche Johann Heinrich Brunswick Light Infantry  
Keily Townshend Richard 1st Dragoons  
Keith William   23rd Foot  
Kell John Rutledge 8th Garrison Battalion 2nd Foot
Kellett Alexander   1st Foot 2nd Ceylon Regiment
Kellett Christopher   61st Foot  
Kellett Edward   5th Dragoon Guards  
Kelly Dawson   27th Foot 73rd Foot
Kelly Edward   51st Foot  
Kelly Edward   1st Royal Dragoons 1st Life Guards
Kelly Francis   30th Foot  
Kelly John   87th Foot  
Kelly John   77th Foot  
Kelly John Francis General  
Kelly Joseph   1st Life Guards  
Kelly Matthew   28th Foot  
Kelly Patrick   85th Foot  
Kelly Pierce   47th Foot  
Kelly Richard   45th Foot  
Kelly Richard   28th Foot  
Kelly Richard   66th Foot 4th Ceylon Regiment
Kelly Robert   47th Foot  
Kelly Robert   60th Foot  
Kelly W.   40th Foot  
Kelly  William   66th Foot  
Kelly  William   24th Foot 3rd Provisional Battalion
Kemmeter J. Adolphus 60th Foot 3rd Garrison Battalion
Kemmis James   General  
Kemp John   36th Foot  
Kempt James   General  
Kenah Thomas   58th Foot  
Kendall William   47th Foot  
Kenmare (Earl of) (See Hon. Thomas Browne) 40th Foot  
Kennear David   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Kennedy Arthur   18th Light Dragoons  
Kennedy Charles   52nd Foot  
Kennedy Ewan   79th Foot  
Kennedy Ewan   92nd Foot  
Kennedy Francis   51st Foot  
Kennedy John   71st Foot 6th West India Regiment
Kennedy John Matthews 74th Foot 73rd Foot
Kennedy Robert H. Commissary General  
Kennedy Thomas   96th Foot Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
Kennedy (see A.K. Clarke) A. K. Clark 1st Dragoons  
Kennedy (see James Shaw) James Shaw 43rd Foot  
Kennelly James   87th Foot  
Kenney Charles   52nd Foot  
Kenning Samuel   Royal Artillery  
Kennion George   Volunteer 27th Foot
Kenny C. C. 9th Foot  
Kenny Edward   Volunteer 9th Foot
Kenny Mathias   Royal Artillery  
Kenny Simon Griffith 59th Foot  
Kenny Wolfenden   40th Foot  
Kensington J. L. Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Kent John   50th Foot 95th Foot
Kent Michael   1st Foot  
Kent William   Deputy Purveyor  
Kenyon Abraham   2nd Life Guards  
Kenyon Edward   20th Foot  
Kenyon James Parker Miller 48th Foot 2nd Life Guards
Keough Francis Gethings 57th Foot  
Keppel Henry   7th Light Dragoons  
Kerr John B. 9th Light Dragoons  
Kerr Richard   37th Foot  
Kerrison Edward   7th Light Dragoons  
Kersterman William Brewse 10th Foot Assistant Adjutant General
Kersting Joseph   6th KGL Line  
Kessler Adolph   2nd KGL Line  
Kessler Carl   1st KGL Light  
Kessler Friederich   4th KGL Line  
Kessler Friederich Theodor 2nd KGL Light  
Kessler Georg   1st KGL Line Foreign Veteran Battalion
Kettilby James   23rd Foot  
Kettle William   4th Foot  
Kettler Johann Christian 6th KGL Line  
Kettlewell Evans   97th Foot  
Kettlewell Thomas   30th Foot  
Keys George   Deputy Purveyor  
Keyt John Thomas 51st Foot  
Khors Julius Balthasar 5th KGL Line  
Kidd John   34th Foot  
Kidd Thomas   Staff Surgeon  
Kilcoursie GeorgeFrederick Augustus Coldstream Guards  
Killikelly Michael   32nd Foot 13th Portuguese Line
Earl of Kilmorey (See F.J. Needham) 1st Foot Guards  
Kilsha (or Kilshaw) Charles   77th Foot 11th Caçadores
Kilvington Orfeur W. Chaplain  
Kincaid John   95th Foot  
Kindell (or Kendall) Alexander   39th Foot Staff Surgeon
King Henry   5th Foot  
King Charles   11th Light Dragoons 16th Light Dragoons
King Charles   74th Foot  
King Francis   29th Foot  
King George   7th Foot  
King Henry   74th Foot  
King Henry   5th Foot  
King Henry   3rd Foot  
King Henry   82nd Foot  
King Ivory B. 50th Foot  
King James   54th Foot 4th Garrison Battalion
King J. W. Chaplain  
King John   4th Dragoon Guards  
King John   23rd Light Dragoons  
King John Duncan 1st Foot 7th Foot
King John Grant 48th Foot 23rd Portuguese Line
King Samuel Dikes 13th Light Dragoons  
King Thomas Newton Royal Artillery  
King  William   66th Foot  
Kingdom Edward   94th Foot  
Kingsbury Edward   81st Foot  
Kingsbury John   39th Foot  
Kingsbury John   2nd Foot  
Kingsbury Robert   3rd Foot  
Kingscote Nigel   53rd Foot 56th Foot
Kingsley Edward   58th Foot  
Kingsley Nicholas Toler 44th Foot  
Kingsley William   Royal Waggon Train  
Kingsmill William   66th Foot  
Kingsmill William   88th Foot  
Kingsmith Parr   88th Foot  
Kinloch Charles    52nd Foot 99th Foot
Kipping John Easton 4th Foot  
Kirby Charles   31st Foot  
Kirby George   57th Foot  
Kirby James   67th Foot  
Kirby Richard   Royal Artillery  
Kirch Heinrich   6th KGL Line  
Kirchberger Frederick   De Watteville’s Regiment  
Kirk Daniel   32nd Foot 3rd Caçadores
Kirk John   26th Foot  
Kirk William   48th Foot 47th Foot
Kirkbank Thomas   31st Foot  
Kirkland Nicholas Smith 27th Foot  
Kirkley Thomas Harrison 95th Foot  
Kirkman James   95th Foot 4th Garrison Battalion
Kirkpatrick William   62nd Foot  
Kirkwood John   Royal Waggon Train  
Kirton Richard   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Kirwan Andrew   4th Dragoon Guards  
Kirwan Enseby Stratford 4th Foot  
Kirwan Richard   7th Foot  
Klauer Ludewig   6th KGL Line  
Klingsöhr Georg   5th KGL Line  
Klingsöhr Georg Heinrich 3rd KGL Line 5th KGL Line
Knatchbull Wyndham   1st Foot Guards  
Kneller Godfrey John 1st Foot Guards  
Knight Christmas   61st Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Knight Edward   15th Light Dragoons 63rd Foot
Knight Henry   5th KGL Line  
Knight John   2nd KGL Light  
Knight William   44th Foot  
Knight William Howe 27th Foot  
Knightley Valentine   14th Light Dragoons  
Knipe George  Frederick 11th Light Dragoons 23rd Light Dragoons
Knipe John   1st Royal Dragoons 5th Dragoon Guards
Knipe John Augustus 95th Foot 15th Light Dragoons
Knipe Robert   14th Light Dragoons  
Knipe William Henry 95th Foot  
Knollys William Thomas 3rd Foot Guards  
Knowles Robert   7th Foot  
Knox Edward   31st Foot  
Knox Francis   31st Foot  
Knox George A. S. Royal Artillery  
Knox James   57th Foot  
Knox John   39th Foot  
Knox John H. 3rd Foot Guards  
Knox Richard James 52nd Foot 40th Foot
Knox Wright   67th Foot  
Knox  Francis   87th Foot  
Koch Carl   2nd KGL Hussars  
Koch Charles W. 60th Foot  
Koch Ludewig   2nd KGL Hussars  
Koch Wilhelm   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Kohler Carl   5th KGL Line  
Kohlstedt Friederich Wilhelm 2nd KGL Dragoons  
Korsham Joseph   5th KGL Line  
Kortright William   Coldstream Guards  
Kough (or Keough) Edward E. 87th Foot  
Kranz Heinrich   1st KGL Dragoons  
Krauchenberg August   2nd KGL Hussars  
Krauchenberg Georg   1st KGL Hussars 3rd KGL Hussars
Krauchenberg Ludewig   1st KGL Hussars  
Krazeisen Lewis   Staff Surgeon  
Kreich Augustus   Staff Assistant Surgeon  
Kretchmar Friederich Wilhelm Brunswick Light Infantry  
Krietsch Friederich Wilhelm 4th KGL Line Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
Krohne John   11th Foot  
Kronenfeldt Ernst   4th KGL Line  
Krüger Johann Carl 6th KGL Line  
Kuhlmann Otto   1st KGL Dragoons  
Kuhls Augustus   2nd KGL Dragoons  
Kulemann Wilhelm   2nd KGL Line  
Kumme Rudolph   1st KGL Line  
Kunoth Gottlieb   8th KGL Line  
Kuntze Eberhard   6th KGL Line  
Küper Johann Carl 3rd KGL Hussars  
Kyle Alexander   94th Foot  
Kynock John   79th Foot  

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