Lionel S. Challis's "Peninsula Roll Call": Racster, Thomas to Ryves, John

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Last Name First Name Middle Name (s)
Regiment or Position
Racster Thomas Savage 36th Foot 11th Portuguese Line
Radali Wilding Ernst Prince Garrison Company 1st KGL Line
Radant Carl   Brunswick Hussars  
Radcliffe Stephen   27th Foot  
Radcliffe Stephen   6th Foot Brigade Major
Radcliffe Thomas   27th Foot  
Radclyffe Charles Edward 1st Royal Dragoons  
Radford Benjamin   71st Foot  
Radford Frederick R.D. Volunteer 28th Foot
Radford Henry W. 45th Foot  
Radford John   62nd Foot  
Radonitz Leopold   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Rae James   Volunteer 91st Foot
Raglan Lord See Somerset, Fitzroy    
Ragland Thomas G. Assistant Commissary General Assistant Commissary General
Rahlwes Johann Carl 1st KGL Hussars  
Raikes William Henley Coldstream Guards Coldstream Guards
Raines Joseph Robert 82nd Foot 7th West India Regiment
Rainey Henry   82nd Foot 55th Foot
Rainey John   82nd Foot Assistant Quartermaster General
Raitt George Edward 2nd Foot  
Rallett James   4th Dragoon Guards  
Ram Abel   3rd Dragoon Guards  
Ram Stopford   3rd Foot Guards  
Ramadge Benjamin   74th Foot  
Ramadge Smith   95th Foot  
Rambke Frederick   Chaplain  
Ramsay James   2nd Foot  
Ramsay John   83rd Foot  
Ramsay Robert   14th Foot  
Ramsay Robert   Royal Artillery  
Ramsay Thomas   52nd Foot 47th Foot
Ramsay William Norman Royal Artillery  
Ramsden George   1st Foot Guards ADC
Ramsden Thomas   1st Foot Guards  
Ramsden William   4th Foot  
Ramus Charles Louis 40th Foot 5th Foot
Randall George   1st Life Guards  
Randall William   2nd Dragoon Guards Staff Assistant Surgeon
Ranken Robert   Hospital Assistant 74th Foot
Rankin John   76th Foot  
Rannie William   10th Foot  
Ratcliff Tristam   52nd Foot  
Ratcliffe Jeremiah   3rd Dragoons  
Ratcliffe Thomas   61st Foot  
Ratcliffe William   3rd Foot  
Rather William   60th Foot  
Rathge Heinrich   2nd KGL Line  
Rauch W.   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Rautenberg Georg   1st KGL Light  
Rautenberg Wilhelm   5th KGL Line  
Ravenscroft Charles   Royal Waggon Train  
Ravenscroft Valentine   Royal Waggon Train  
Rawlings Edward   4th Foot  
Rawlings Phillip   Deputy Commissary General  
Rawson Richard   20th Foot  
Rawstorne James   Chasseurs Britannique  
Rawstorne John George Chasseurs Britannique  
Ray George   62nd Foot  
Ray John T. 45th Foot  
Ray Robert   50th Foot 2nd Portuguese Line
Raymond George   57th Foot  
Raymond William   81st Foot  
Rayner Thomas   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Raynes George   Royal Waggon Train  
Raynes William Augustus Royal Artillery  
Raynsford Richard T. Royal Artillery  
Rea John  M. 1st Foot  
Rea William James 14th Foot 1st Foot
Read Francis   Royal Staff Corps  
Read Frederick   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Read Richard (Lewis)   82nd Foot  
Read Robert   38th Foot  
Read William   Royal Staff Corps Assistant Quartermaster General
Reade Charles   14th Light Dragoons  
Reade George Hume Apothecary Apothecary
Reade John   5th Foot 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Reade Thomas   27th Foot  
Ready John   34th Foot  
Reardon Edmund   4th Foot  
Rebow Francis Slater General  
Recknoy Charles   60th Foot  
Reddock William   4th Foot  
Redmond Michael   24th Foot 102nd Foot
Reece Thomas Osswood 48th Foot  
Reed John   36th Foot  
Reed John   68th Foot  
Reed Samuel   71st Foot  
Reed William   7th Foot 23rd Foot
Reed (Read & Reid) David   11th Foot  
Reed (Read) John   9th Foot 62nd Foot
Rees Abraham   Volunteer 5th Foot
Rees (Rhys) Charles   53rd Foot  
Reeve John   1st Foot Guards  
Reeves George James 27th Foot  
Reid Alexander   Volunteer 50th Foot
Reid Alexander   62nd Foot  
Reid Alexander   Royal Artillery  
Reid Anthony   81st Foot  
Reid James   51st Foot 68th Foot
Reid James   45th Foot  
Reid Peter   57th Foot  
Reid Thomas   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Reid William   Royal Engineers  
Reid (Read) James Wright 3rd Foot 48th Foot
Reifkugel Bernhard   KGL Artillery 2nd KGL Light
Reilly Peter   95th Foot  
Reilly (O’Reilly) James   11th Foot  
Reindell J.   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Rendall William   Staff Surgeon  
Rendt Louis   De Watteville’s Regiment  
Renny John   4th Foot 4th Garrison Battalion
Renny John   48th Foot  
Renny Robert   Royal African Corps  
Rentall William   52nd Foot  
Renwick George   7th West India Regiment 6th Foot
Renwick Robert   20th Foot Hospital Assistant
Reuss Heinrich   2nd KGL Light  
Rey Friederich   7th KGL Line 4th KGL Line
Reynell Thomas   71st Foot Assistant Adjutant General
Reynett James  Henry 45th Foot  
Reynett James  Henry 52nd Foot  
Reynett William Francis (France) 45th Foot  
Reynolds Barnard   88th Foot  
Reynolds Coyne   39th Foot 19th Portuguese Line
Reynolds James   83rd Foot  
Reynolds John   95th Foot  
Reynolds Michael Hewetson 1st Foot  
Reynolds Richard   28th Foot  
Reynolds William   45th Foot  
Rhodes Charles  Steech Royal Engineers  
Rhodes Robert   39th Foot  
Rhys Thomas   Hospital Assistant  
Riach William Alexander 79th Foot  
Ribton John   95th Foot  
Rice John   89th Foot Staff Surgeon
Rice Samuel   51st Foot  
Rice Thomas   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Richards Anthony   66th Foot  
Richards John   43rd Foot  
Richards Loftus   71st Foot  
Richards Moses   43rd Foot  
Richards Thomas   4th Foot  
Richards Thomas   Volunteer 71st Foot
Richards William Nunn 5th Dragoon Guards  
Richards (Edwards) Thomas W. 18th Light Dragoons  
Richardson Arthur   29th Foot  
Richardson Arthur   50th Foot 95th Foot
Richardson David   34th Foot  
Richardson Edward   50th Foot  
Richardson Francis   Royal Waggon Train  
Richardson George   4th Foot  
Richardson George Henry 38th Foot  
Richardson H   32nd Foot  
Richardson H. J. 23rd Light Dragoons 9th Light Dragoons
Richardson Henry   83rd Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Richardson Henry   67th Foot  
Richardson Isaac   11th Foot  
Richardson James   94th Foot  
Richardson James Archibald 10th Light Dragoons 16th Light Dragoons
Richardson John   20th Light Dragoons  
Richardson John   40th Foot  
Richardson John   9th Foot  
Richardson Richard   2nd KGL Hussars  
Richardson Samuel   11th Foot  
Richardson Thomas   20th Light Dragoons  
Richardson Thomas Good 30th Foot  
Richardson W. C. Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Richardson William   4th Foot  
Richardson William   Royal Horse Guards  
Richardson William Stewart 1st Life Guards  
Richmond Charles   See March, Charles  
Richmond George   11th Foot  
Rickaby Giles   34th Foot  
Ricketts Alfred   9th Foot  
Ricketts Phillip   62nd Foot 10th Caçadores
Ricketts Thomas   44th Foot  
Ricketts William Henry 6th Dragoons  
Ricord James   Assistant Commissary Field Trains
Ridd Samuel   6th Foot 1st Garrison Battalion
Riddell (Riddle) James  Henry Assistant Quartermaster General
Riddle Archibald   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Riddle William   2nd KGL Light 4th Ceylon Regiment
Riddle William   2nd KGL Light  
Riddlesden John Buck Royal Horse Guards  
Ridesdale George   68th Foot 79th Foot
Ridewood Henry   52nd Foot 45th Foot
Ridge Henry   5th Foot  
Ridge Thomas   York Rangers 18th Portuguese Line
Ridgeway John  Allen 95th Foot  
Ridgeway Thomas Hughes 95th Foot  
Ridout Cranstoun George 11th Light Dragoons  
Ridout George   43rd Foot  
Rigaud Francis   De Watteville’s Regiment  
Ripking Georg   3rd KGL Hussars  
Ripley William   52nd Foot  
Rist Robert   37th Foot  
Ritter Hermann Heinrich Conrad 2nd KGL Dragoons  
Ritter Lewis   60th Foot 100th Foot
Ritterholm Friederich   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Ritterholm Wilhelm   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Rivers Charles   Royal Engineers  
Rivers J.   5th Foot  
Robarts George James 10th Light Dragoons Deputy Assistant Adjutant General
Robb Illay   Volunteer 40th Foot
Robb John   95th Foot Staff Surgeon
Robbins Thomas William 7th Light Dragoons  
Robe Alexander Watt Royal Engineers  
Robe William   Royal Artillery  
Robe William Livingstone Royal Artillery  
Robeck John Henry 7th Light Dragoons  
Roberton Alexander   91st Foot  
Roberton Andrew   94th Foot  
Roberts David   51st Foot Brigade Major
Roberts George   28th Foot  
Roberts Henry   19th Light Dragoons 3rd Foot
Roberts Henry   2nd Garrison Battalion 26th Foot
Roberts John    Royal Artillery Drivers  
Roberts John    10th Light Dragoons  
Roberts John    3rd Foot  
Roberts John    71st Foot  
Roberts Thomas   Royal Engineers  
Roberts William   Royal Artillery  
Roberts William (James)   39th Foot  
Robertson Alexander   28th Foot 73rd Foot
Robertson Alexander   79th Foot  
Robertson Allen   1st Foot  
Robertson Archibald   94th Foot  
Robertson Donald   85th Foot 82nd Foot
Robertson Duncan   88th Foot  
Robertson Fulton   79th Foot  
Robertson Henry   1st Foot Staff Surgeon
Robertson James   42nd Foot  
Robertson James   79th Foot  
Robertson John   1st Foot  
Robertson John   1st Foot  
Robertson John   53rd Foot  
Robertson John Small 28th Foot  
Robertson Joseph Lowther 9th Foot  
Robertson Patrick  James 26th Foot  
Robertson Peter   59th Foot  
Robertson Robert   9th Light Dragoons  
Robertson Robert   74th Foot  
Robertson William Henry 36th Foot  
Robertson William Sinclair 95th Foot  
Robinson Adam   4th Foot  
Robinson Andrew D. 57th Foot  
Robinson Benjamin   12th Light Dragoons  
Robinson Benjamin   3rd Foot  
Robinson Edmund   90th Foot 47th Foot
Robinson Edward Cooke Assistant Commissary General  
Robinson Frederick Philipse General  
Robinson Frederick Philipse 59th Foot  
Robinson Gilbert   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Robinson Henry   7th Foot  
Robinson Henry Edward 48th Foot  
Robinson Isaac   16th Light Dragoons  
Robinson James   91st Foot  
Robinson James   32nd Foot  
Robinson James   83rd Foot 34th Foot
Robinson John   10th Foot  
Robinson John   45th Foot 63rd Foot
Robinson John Neville 43rd Foot  
Robinson Peter   20th Foot  
Robinson Richard   1st Foot 1st Foot Guards
Robinson Richard Craufurd 82nd Foot  
Robinson Robert   32nd Foot 9th Portuguese Line
Robinson Robert   36th Foot  
Robinson Samuel   79th Foot  
Robinson William Henry 38th Foot  
Robinson (Robison) James   7th Foot  
Robison Robert   24th Foot  
Robson James   43rd Foot 95th Foot
Robson Robert   26th Foot  
Robson William   98th Foot  
Roche David   Deputy Purveyor  
Roche Jordan   13th Light Dragoons Staff Surgeon
Roche Philip Keating 4th Garrison Battalion  
Roddy Charles   38th Foot  
Roddy Charles Pakenham 89th Foot  
Roders Friederich   2nd KGL Hussars  
Rodney James Berkeley 3rd Foot Guards  
Rodney Mortimer   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Roe Samuel   23rd Foot  
Roepel George   60th Foot  
Rofe Samuel   14th Light Dragoons  
Rogers Adam   87th Foot 6th Garrison Battalion
Rogers Edward   3rd Foot  
Rogers Henry   6th Foot  
Rogers J. William 77th Foot  
Rogers James   10th Light Dragoons  
Rogers Robert Naylor 30th Foot  
Rogers Thomas   58th Foot  
Rogers Thomas   88th Foot  
Rogers William Reynolds 10th Light Dragoons  
Rolfe John   58th Foot  
Rolfe Joseph   9th Light Dragoons  
Rolston Thomas   10th Foot  
Rolt John   58th Foot 13th Portuguese Line
Romer William   Royal Artillery  
Romhildt John Augustus Roll’s Regiment  
Ronald James   67th Foot  
Rooke James   Staff Corps Cavalry  
Rooke John Charles 3rd Foot Guards Brigade Major
Rooth Benjamin   76th Foot  
Roquefruille Aimar   Sicilian Regiment  
Rose Alexander   87th Foot 9th Royal Veteran Battalion
Rose Alexander   20th Foot  
Rose Duncan   24th Foot  
Rose Hamilton   42nd Foot  
Rose Hugh Hay 92nd Foot 10th Portuguese Line
Rose John   Coldstream Guards  
Rose Thomas   32nd Foot  
Rose Thomas   3rd Dragoon Guards  
Roskelly Thomas   23rd Foot  
Ross Andrew   General  
Ross Andrew Clark 59th Foot  
Ross Archibald   91st Foot 9th Portuguese Line
Ross Baillie   94th Foot 50th Foot
Ross Charles   94th Foot 60th Foot
Ross David   38th Foot 1st Battalion of Detachments
Ross David   57th Foot  
Ross Donald   45th Foot  
Ross Ewan   92nd Foot  
Ross Frederick   1st Royal Dragoons  
Ross George Charles Royal Engineers  
Ross Hew Dalrymple Royal Artillery  
Ross James   51st Foot  
Ross James   40th Foot  
Ross James   51st Foot  
Ross James Fraser 26th Foot  
Ross James Kerr 92nd Foot  
Ross John   52nd Foot 66th Foot
Ross John   92nd Foot 19th Portuguese Line
Ross John   28th Foot  
Ross John   51st Foot ADC
Ross John   Coldstream Guards  
Ross John   95th Foot  
Ross Nicholas   68th Foot  
Ross Robert   57th Foot  
Ross Robert   4th Dragoon Guards  
Ross Robert   General  
Ross Thomas   Staff Surgeon  
Ross Thomas Cockburn 2nd Foot 11th Caçadores
Rossiter Daniel   77th Foot 4th Garrison Battalion
Ross-Lewin Henry   32nd Foot  
Ross-Lewin Thomas   32nd Foot  
Rothard Adolph Johann Lorenz 5th KGL Line  
Rothwell Thomas   48th Foot  
Rothwell Wade   9th Foot 6th Garrison Battalion
Rotton Guy   20th Foot  
Rotton James Richard 11th Light Dragoons  
Rounds Henry   84th Foot  
Rous John (2nd Earl of Shadbroke) Edward Cornwallis Coldstream Guards  
Rous Thomas Bates 1st Foot Guards  
Rous William Rufus Coldstream Guards  
Rousillion Frederick   Roll’s Regiment  
Routh Randolph Isham Deputy Commissary General  
Rowan A. H. 11th Foot  
Rowan Charles   52nd Foot Brigade Major
Rowan Charles   52nd Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Rowan James   1st Foot 22nd Portuguese Line
Rowan William   52nd Foot  
Rowe Benjamin   50th Foot  
Rowe James John 45th Foot  
Rowland John   32nd Foot  
Rowley William B.H. 2nd Dragoons 4th Dragoons
Rowlls Charles H. 18th Light Dragoons  
Roy James Aaron 71st Foot  
Royal John   51st Foot 56th Foot
Royal William Carr 61st Foot  
Royds William   52nd Foot 1st Battalion of Detachments
Royea George   16th Light Dragoons  
Royle Job Watson 52nd Foot  
Royse Abraham Forde 82nd Foot  
Rudd John   77th Foot  
Ruddach Robert Stewart 27th Foot  
Rudge Edward   Royal Artillery  
Rudkin Mark   50th Foot  
Rudorff Georg Ludewig 1st KGL Light  
Rudsdell Joseph   10th Foot  
Ruhstradt Ernst August 6th KGL Line  
Rule Robert   87th Foot  
Ruman Lewis   97th Foot  
Rumann August   4th KGL Line  
Rumann Theodor Adolph 4th KGL Line  
Rumley George   30th Foot  
Rumley John   30th Foot  
Rupenti Friederich Christian 7th KGL Line  
Ruse Richard   9th Foot  
Russell Andrew Hamilton 28th Foot  
Russell Francis   2nd Foot 4th Garrison Battalion
Russell Francis   Volunteer 1st Foot
Russell George William 23rd Light Dragoons 102nd Foot
Russell John   91st Foot  
Russell Robert   44th Foot  
Russell Robert   18th Light Dragoons  
Russell Thomas   62nd Foot  
Russell Timothy   34th Foot  
Russell William   20th Foot  
Russell William   6th Foot  
Rutherford James   94th Foot  
Rutherford William H. 88th Foot  
Rutledge Peter   88th Foot  
Rutledge Thomas   1st Foot  
Rutledge William   Volunteer North Devon Militia
Ryan Cornelius   38th Foot  
Ryan Henry   53rd Foot  
Ryan Richard   87th Foot  
Ryan Thomas   50th Foot  
Ryding William   1st Royal Dragoons  
Ryhiner Henry   Roll’s Regiment  
Rylance Thomas   43rd Foot  
Rynd Goodlatt   11th Foot  
Rypke August   2nd KGL Line  
Ryrie Stewart   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Ryves John   58th Foot  

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