Lionel S. Challis's "Peninsula Roll Call": Sach, George to Syret, James

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Last Name First Name Middle Name (s)
Regiment or Position
Sach George   48th Foot  
Sach (Sache) Charles H. 76th Foot  
Sadlier William   58th Foot  
Safe  James   14th Foot  
Salisbury James   62nd Foot 21st Portuguese Line
Sall William   8th Foot 47th Foot
Salmon Edward   3rd Foot Guards  
Salmon Thomas   7th Foot  
Salter W. W. Assistant Paymaster General  
Saltoun Alexander   1st Foot Guards  
Salvin Jeffrey   4th Foot  
Salwey Henry   Coldstream Guards  
Sampson William   27th Foot  
Sams James   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Sandell Thomas   53rd Foot  Staff Surgeon
Sander Edward   Chasseurs Britannique  
Sander Friederich   5th KGL Line  
Sander Georg   6th KGL Line  
Sander William   7th KGL Line  
Sanderson Joseph Prosser 40th Foot  
Sandes Charles N. 3rd Foot Guards  
Sandford (Sanford) Robert   32nd Foot 83rd Foot
Sandham Charles Freeman Royal Artillery  
Sandilands Patrick   Coldstream Guards  
Sands John   47th Foot  
Sandwith Frederick Browne 38th Foot  
Sandwith William Oliver 40th Foot  
Sandys Edwin (See: Lord A.M.W. Hill) 10th Light Dragoons  
Sandys Edwin   6th Foot  
Sandys Edwin W.T.   12th Light Dragoons  
Sandys Myles   29th Foot  
Sandys Robert Fitzgerald 50th Foot  
Sankey Andrew   57th Foot  
Sankey Matthew Villiers 6th Foot 98th Foot
Sankey Samuel   9th Foot  
Sannerman Henry C. 10th Light Dragoons  
Sarsfield J.   34th Foot  
Sarsfield Thomas   95th Foot  
Satchwell David   Volunteer  
Sattler Johann Christian 8th KGL Line  
Saunders Albert Wing 88th Foot  
Saunders Arthur   12th Light Dragoons  
Saunders John   Deputy Purveyor  
Saunders John Stratford General  
Saunders Robert   20th Light Dragoons  
Saunders Robert Francis 67th Foot  
Saunders Thomas   20th Foot  
Saunders William   Royal Artillery  
Saunders (Sanders) Henry   9th Foot  
Saunderson Hardress Robert 39th Foot Deputy Judge Advocate
Saunderson Robert   89th Foot  
Saunderson William Bassett 44th Foot 72nd Foot
Savage Henry John Royal Engineers  
Savage Patrick   9th Light Dragoons  
Savage Patrick Nugent 26th Foot  
Sawatzky Charles   60th Foot  
Sawkins William   50th Foot  
Sawyer William   16th Light Dragoons  
Sawyer  Charles   Assistant Commissary Field Trains  
Sayer George   32nd Foot  
Sayer Martin   53rd Foot   
Sayer William   91st Foot  
Scanlan Connell   3rd Foot  
Scargill James   9th Foot  
Schaedler Georg Friederich 1st KGL Light  
Schaeffer Carl   2nd Dragoons  
Schaeffer Henry   Brunswick Hussars  
Scharnhorst Ernst   2nd KGL Line  
Schartroth J.  Carl Brunswick Light Infantry  
Schaumann August   7th KGL Line Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Schaumann Friederich Melchior Wilhelm 2nd KGL Light  
Schaumann Gustav   1st KGL Hussars  
Schaumann Otto   6th KGL Line  
Schaw Charles   55th Foot  
Schetky John Alexander 3rd Dragoon Guards Staff Surgeon
Schilvester Johann   2nd KGL Line  
Schlaeger Carl   5th KGL Line  
Schlichthorst Conrad   4th KGL Line  
Schmalhausen Eduard   1st KGL Light  
Schmidchen Augustus   Assistant Commissary General  
Schmidchen Charles   Assistant Commissary General  
Schmidt Alexander   Chasseurs Brittanique York Light Infantry Volunteers
Schmidt August   2nd KGL Line  
Schmidt Friederich   4th KGL Line  
Schmidt James Godley 60th Foot  
Schmidts Franz   8th KGL Line  
Schmitter John Solomon Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Schnath Frederick   1st KGL Line  
Schneider     Brunswick Light Infantry  
Schoedde James Holmes 60th Foot  
Scholtz George   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Schooles Peter   81st Foot  
Schott Johannes Cornelius Brunswick Light Infantry  
Schreiber James Albert 11th Light Dragoons  
Schreiber William Frederick 11th Light Dragoons  
Schroder Georg   6th KGL Line Foreign Veteran Battalion
Schroder Wilhelm   1st KGL Line  
Schuck Johann Ludewig 5th KGL Line  
Schultze David   2nd KGL Hussars  
Schultze Friederich August 4th KGL Line  
Schultze Georg Ludewig 2nd KGL Hussars  
Schultze Heinrich   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Schultze Leopold   1st KGL Hussars  
Schunterm Carl   3rd KGL Line  
Schwalbach Johann   60th Foot 6th Caçadores
Scoones Edward   52nd Foot  
Scott Alexander   62nd Foot  
Scott Daniel   Hospital Assistant  
Scott David   27th Foot  
Scott David   67th Foot  
Scott David   11th Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Scott Edward   45th Foot  
Scott Francis   59th Foot  
Scott Francis   48th Foot  
Scott Francis M. 95th Foot  
Scott George   40th Foot  
Scott H. B. 82nd Foot  
Scott Henry   6th Foot  
Scott Henry   95th Foot  
Scott Hugh Maurice 6th Foot  
Scott J. McKenzie 57th Foot  
Scott James   20th Light Dragoons  
Scott James   Chaplain  
Scott James   11th Foot  
Scott James   9th Foot  
Scott John   11th Foot  
Scott John   13th Royal Veteran Battalion  
Scott John   96th Foot  
Scott John F. Royal Artillery  
Scott Matthew   2nd Foot 2nd Provisional Battalion
Scott Nathaniel James 76th Foot  
Scott Richard  Evans Royal Engineers  
Scott Robert   Royal Waggon Train  
Scott Robert   59th Foot  
Scott Robert George 53rd Foot  
Scott Robert Horsman 1st Foot  
Scott Samuel   4th Dragoon Guards  
Scott Samuel   5th Foot  
Scott Samuel   52nd Foot  
Scott Thomas   Royal Artillery  
Scott Thomas   94th Foot  
Scott William   47th Foot  
Scott William Henry 3rd Foot Guards  
Scott William Horsman 1st Foot  
Scovell George   57th Foot Cavalry Staff Corps
Scovell Henry   Assistant Paymaster General  
Scratcherd James Newton 9th Foot  
Seaton James   92nd Foot  
Seaton, Lord See Colborne, John    
Seaton Thomas   Royal Artillery  
Seaton William Aislabie 40th Foot  
Sebright Edward A. 1st Foot Guards  
Seddall (Siddall) James   Royal Horse Guards  
Seddon Daniel   General  
Seddon William   58th Foot  
Sedwick Henry Bingley 5th Foot  
Seeger Wilhelm   2nd KGL Dragoons  
Seelinger John Joseph 15th Light Dragoons 96th Foot
Segesser R.   Roll’s Regiment  
Seiler Ferdinand   2nd KGL Dragoons  
Selby William   3rd Dragoons  
Selway Benjamin   Coldstream Guards  
Semple Matthew   28th Foot  
Sergeant Thomas Lloyd 81st Foot  
Sergel Victor   2nd Dragoons  
Serle William   24th Foot  
Servais Antoine   Chasseurs Britannique  
Servantes William   Volunteer 66th Foot
Seton George   7th Foot  
Seton William Cardon 88th Foot  
Seward Eliott   Royal Artillery  
Seward Richard   50th Foot  
Sewell Robert   89th Foot  
Sewell William   Staff Corps Cavalry Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Sewell William Henry 16th Light Dragoons 60th Foot
Seymour Charles   32nd Foot  
Seymour Charles Marlborough 59th Foot  
Seymour Henry   23rd Light Dragoons  
Seymour Hoarce Beauchamp 10th Light Dragoons 18th Light Dragoons
Seymour Hugh   3rd Foot Guards Brigade Major
Shadforth Thomas   57th Foot  
Shakespeare Arthur   3rd Dragoons 18th Light Dragoons
Shakespeare William   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Shand John Muller 89th Foot  
Shanley Francis   51st Foot  
Shannahan Michael   Royal Staff Corps  
Shapter Thomas   57th Foot  
Shapter William Randle Inspector of Hospitals  
Sharp John   48th Foot  
Shaw Abraham   52nd Foot 2nd West India Regiment
Shaw Andrew MacKenzie 92nd Foot Royal York Rangers
Shaw Claudius   Royal Artillery  
Shaw George   97th Foot  
Shaw James   4th Dragoon Guards  
Shaw James   44th Foot  
Shaw Richard   27th Foot  
Shaw Richard Henry 4th Foot  
Shaw Richard James 43rd Foot  
Shaw Thomas   9th Light Dragoons 25th Light Dragoons
Shaw William   97th Foot  
Shaw (Kennedy) James   43rd Foot ADC
Shawe Charles Augustus Coldstream Guards  
Shawe Charles Fielding 4th Garrison Battalion 6th Foot
Shawe Matthew   74th Foot 59th Foot
Shawe William Cunliffe Royal Horse Guards  
Shea Patrick   58th Foot  
Shea Robert   48th Foot  
Shea William   4th KGL Line  
Shean Robert   34th Foot  
Shearman Edward   26th Foot  
Shearman Francis   26th Foot  
Shearman John   62nd Foot Calabrian Free Corps
Sheddon John   52nd Foot  
Sheddon Thomas   68th Foot  
Shee Charles   20th Light Dragoons 12th Foot
Shee Francis   27th Foot  
Shee John   58th Foot  
Sheean Thomas Rowan 3rd Foot 95th Foot
Sheehy Roger   89th Foot  
Shekleton Robert   66th Foot 3rd Foot
Sheldrake John   Royal Artillery  
Shelton John   9th Foot  
Shelton John William (Willington) 28th Foot  
Shenley William   Royal Artillery  
Shepherd Henry R. Volunteer 83rd Foot
Shepherd John   3rd Foot  
Shepherd John   20th Foot  
Shepherd Thomas   9th Foot  
Shepherd William   Royal Waggon Train  
Sheppard David Parker Deputy Purveyor  
Sheppard Frederick   4th Foot  
Sherbrooke John Cope (Coape) General  
Sherer Moyle   34th Foot  
Sheridan Edward M. 57th Foot  
Sheridan Thomas   57th Foot  
Sheridan Thomas   89th Foot  
Sheridan William   General  
Sherlock Francis   4th Dragoon Guards  
Sherlock George   Assistant Commissary Field Trains  
Sherlock John   87th Foot  
Sherlock Thomas   3rd Foot  
Sherran William   43rd Foot  
Sherston H. William 32nd Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Sherventon Thomas   11th Foot 7th Portuguese Line
Sherwood Isaac   15th Light Dragoons  
Shewbridge Henry   60th Foot  
Shewbridge Lewis   66th Foot  
Shiel Charles Cooke 39th Foot  
Shiel (Sheil) Theobald   14th Light Dragoons 7th Foot
Shiffner John Bridger 3rd Foot Guards  
Ship John   23rd Light Dragoons  
Shipley George Lockhart 97th Foot  
Shipley Robert John Royal Engineers  
Shirley Charles   Coldstream Guards  
Shirley William   7th Light Dragoons  
Shore John   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Shore Thomas   74th Foot  
Shorland James   1st Foot  
Shortt John   47th Foot 60th Foot
Shortt Jonathan   32nd Foot 12th Royal Veteran Battalion
Shortt Thomas Spunner 47th Foot  
Shotten Benjamin   14th Light Dragoons  
Shuckburgh Charles Robert 40th Foot  
Shum William   3rd Dragoon Guards  
Sibbald William   Assistant Staff Surgeon  
Siborn Benjamin   9th Foot  
Sibthorpe Charles D. 4th Dragoon Guards  
Sichart Philipp   1st KGL Dragoons  
Sidley George   23rd Foot  
Sidley (Sedley) Anthony Gardiner 23rd Foot  
Sidney Philip   43rd Foot  
Siebold Georg Friederich 4th KGL Line  
Sievwright Colin   50th Foot  
Sillery Charles Boyne Royal Artillery  
Silver John   88th Foot  
Simcocks John S. 5th Foot  
Simcoe Francis   27th Foot  
Simkins James   Volunteer 34th Foot
Simmons George   95th Foot  
Simmons Joseph   23rd Foot 95th Foot
Simmons Maude   34th Foot  
Simonds Henry   31st Foot  
Simoneau Louis   Chasseurs Britannique  
Simpkin Francis Mann (?) 34th Foot  
Simpson Andrew   2nd Foot 9th Caçadores
Simpson James   1st Foot Guards  
Simpson John   36th Foot  
Simpson Robert   43rd Foot  
Simpson William Davidson 51st Foot  
Simpton Samuel   44th Foot  
Sims Rodney Wentworth 10th Foot  
Sinclair Alexander   27th Foot  
Sinclair James   Royal Artillery ADC
Sinclair John   79th Foot  
Sinclair Neil   42nd Foot 55th Foot
Sinclair Temple Frederick 44th Foot  
Singer James   7th Foot  
Singer R. O’Neil 32nd Foot  
Singleton Robert   61st Foot  
Sisson Joseph   81st Foot  
Sisson Marcus Jacob Volunteer 74th Foot
Sitwell Richard Staunton 3rd Dragoons  
Skeene George   48th Foot  
Skelton Daniel Jones Royal Artillery  
Skelton J. H. Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Skelton Robert   57th Foot  
Skelton Thomas   59th Foot  
Skelton Thomas   Royal Engineers Royal Engineers
Skelton William   76th Foot 84th Foot
Skene Alexander  D. 24th Foot  
Skene David   68th Foot  
Skerrett John Byne General  
Skerritt Joseph   76th Foot  
Skerry John   Volunteer 1st Foot Guards
Skiel David   3rd Foot 22nd Portuguese Line
Skinner William W. 38th Foot 38th Foot
Skipton Valerius   28th Foot  
Skuce John   3rd Foot Guards  
Skyring George   Royal Artillery  
Slade Henry   Royal Artillery  
Slade James   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Slade John   General  
Slade John Henry 1st Royal Dragoons 12th Light Dragoons
Slade William Henry Royal Engineers  
Slaney Morton   23rd Light Dragoons 8th Light Dragoons
Slaney Samuel   61st Foot  
Slater Richard   9th Foot  
Slattery Benjamin (Bartholomew) 27th Foot  
Sleigh James Wallace 11th Light Dragoons  
Sloane Craufurd   58th Foot  
Sloane James   68th Foot  
Slyfield Joseph Hadden 84th Foot  
Smail George   34th Foot  
Small George   32nd Foot  
Small William   71st Foot 83rd Foot
Smallwood Charles   53rd Foot  
Smart Robert   6th Foot  
Smeathman Charles Thomas De Watteville’s Regiment  
Smellie Peter   51st Foot  
Smith A.   13th Royal Veteran Battalion  
Smith Boyce Jenkin 11th Foot  
Smith Charles   29th Foot 5th Garrison Battalion
Smith Charles Felix Royal Engineers  
Smith Charles Harvey 40th Foot 36th Foot
Smith David  Augustus 20th Foot  
Smith Edward   Royal Waggon Train  
Smith Edward   81st Foot  
Smith Edward   58th Foot  
Smith Enos   18th Light Dragoons  
Smith George   81st Foot  
Smith George   Royal Horse Guards  
Smith George   82nd Foot  
Smith Harry  George Wakelyn 95th Foot Brigade Major
Smith Haviland   General  
Smith Henry   14th Light Dragoons  
Smith Henry Nelson Royal Engineers  
Smith James   44th Foot  
Smith James   Glamorgan Militia Royal Waggon Train
Smith James Francis Royal Waggon Train  
Smith John   Volunteer 32nd Foot
Smith John   27th Foot  
Smith John Gordon 11th Light Dragoons 12th Light Dragoons
Smith John Weatherall Royal Artillery  
Smith Joseph   26th Foot  
Smith Joseph   27th Foot  
Smith Joshua   88th Foot  
Smith Joshua (Joseph) 32nd Foot 3rd Royal Veteran Battalion
Smith Michael   44th Foot 40th Foot
Smith Molyneux   36th Foot  
Smith N. B. Volunteer 4th Foot
Smith Philip   57th Foot  
Smith Ralph   23rd Foot  
Smith Robert   30th Foot  
Smith Robert   44th Foot Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
Smith Robert   26th Foot  
Smith Samuel   39th Foot 41st Foot
Smith Samuel Delacherois 6th Foot  
Smith Thomas   36th Foot  
Smith Thomas   14th Light Dragoons  
Smith Thomas   5th Foot 3rd Portuguese Line
Smith Thomas   23rd Foot  
Smith Thomas Charlton 27th Foot  
Smith Thomas Francis 24th Foot 3rd Provisional Battalion
Smith Thomas Lawrence 95th Foot  
Smith Thomas (John)   27th Foot  
Smith William   45th Foot  
Smith William   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Smith William   77th Foot  
Smith William   91st Foot  
Smith William   58th Foot  
Smith William   31st Foot  
Smith William   20th Foot  
Smith William   11th Light Dragoons  
Smith William   83rd Foot  
Smith William Davies Royal Engineers  
Smith William P. Deputy Paymaster General  
Smith William Slayter (Hayter) 13th Light Dragoons  
Smyth Charles   11th Foot 95th Foot
Smyth George   Coldstream Guards  
Smyth George Barttelot Royal Artillery  
Smyth Henry   39th Foot  
Smyth James   Royal Waggon Train  
Smyth James Carmichael Royal Engineers  
Smyth John   27th Foot  
Smyth John   Assistant Commissary Field Trains  
Smyth John Selby 1st Foot  
Smyth Joseph   10th Light Dragoons  
Smyth Thomas   Deputy Purveyor  
Smyth Thomas   34th Foot  
Smyth William   68th Foot  
Smyth William   28th Foot  
Smyth William   31st Foot  
Snell Anthony   Assistant Commissary Field Trains  
Snodgrass John James 52nd Foot  
Snodgrass Kenneth   52nd Foot 13th Portuguese Line
Snow Henry Thomas Physician  
Snow Thomas   57th Foot  
Snow Walter   15th Light Dragoons 47th Foot
Snow William Henry 16th Light Dragoons  
Snowe Thomas   50th Foot 11th Royal Veteran Battalion
Soare Charles   Deputy Purveyor  
Soden James Nicholson 85th Foot 24th Foot
Soden Mossom   68th Foot  
Soden R. Conyngham 31st Foot  
Soest Georg   6th KGL Line  
Somerfield Thomas   83rd Foot  
Somers Edmund   Physician  
Somers John   2nd Dragoon Guards  
Somersall Anthony William 87th Foot  
Somerset (Lord Raglan) Fitzroy 43rd Foot ADC
Somerset Henry   10th Light Dragoons ADC
Somerset John Thomas Henry 23rd Light Dragoons  
Somerset Robert Edward H. General  
Sontag Heinrich   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Sontag John   General  
Sorlie Sholto   68th Foot  
Sotheby William Ambrose 1st Foot Guards  
Soupier Wilhelm H. Chasseurs Britannique  
South Henry Erasmus 39th Foot  
South Samuel   20th Foot  
Southall Thomas   38th Foot  
Southwell Arthur Francis 14th Light Dragoons  
Sowerby Thomas   Coldstream Guards  
Spaight Henry   Volunteer 40th Foot
Spalding Edward Maynard Assistant Commissary Field Trains  
Spalding John   71st Foot  
Sparkes Frederick   51st Foot  
Sparkes Michael J. 30th Foot Royal African Corps
Sparrow Edward Pares 61st Foot ADC
Sparrow Robert George 45th Foot  
Sparrow Wheeler   27th Foot  
Spearman John   5th Foot  
Spedding Carlisle   4th Dragoons  
Speer (Spier) Thomas Charlton 5th Dragoons  
Speir Robert Acland Royal Artillery  
Spence James   5th Dragoon Guards  
Spence William   18th Foot Staff Surgeon
Spencer Brent   General  
Spencer Charles   68th Foot 52nd Foot
Spencer Henry Leigh 7th Foot  
Spencer James   2nd Foot  
Spier John   61st Foot  
Spiers (Spears) Alexander J. 39th Foot  
Spitz Francis Joseph Chasseurs Britannique  
Spong Francis Mallett Royal Artillery Drivers  
Spooner Charles   94th Foot  
Spooner John   85th Foot 21st Foot
Spooner William   23rd Light Dragoons 5th Dragoon Guards
Spottiswoode George   71st Foot ADC
Sprecher (De Bernegge) John   60th Foot  
Spring William Collis 57th Foot  
Spry William Frederick General  
Spurrier John   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Squire John   Royal Engineers  
Squire Tristram Charnley 56th Foot 34th Foot
Squire William   4th Foot  
Squire William   94th Foot  
St. Aurin (St. Aurien) J. D.E. 20th Foot  
St. Clair James   81st Foot  
St. Clair John   5th Foot  
St. Clair Thomas Staunton 1st Foot 21st Portuguese Line
St. Clair William F. 9th Foot  
St. Felix Thomas   27th Foot  
St. George John   80th Foot ADC
St. George Stepney   66th Foot  
St. John Charles   58th Foot  
St. Marguerite Theodore   1st Foot  
St. Martin Lewis   De Watteville’s Regiment  
St. Martin Lewis   1st Foot 9th Portuguese Line
St. Paul Charles Maximillian 1st Royal Dragoons 69th Foot
St. Pol Paul   7th Foot  
St. Remy Peter C. Assistant Commissary General  
Sta. Columba Pietro   Chasseurs Britannique  
Stables Edward   1st Foot Guards  
Stables Henry   1st Foot Guards  
Stace William   Chief Commissary Field Trains
Stacey Edwin   12th Light Dragoons  
Stack George Fitzgerald 24th Foot  
Stack John   34th Foot  
Stacpoole John Massey 1st Garrison Battalion 45th Foot
Stafford John   87th Foot  
Stafford Lennox   27th Foot  
Stainforth George   23rd Foot  
Stainforth John   57th Foot  
Stainforth William George 23rd Foot  
Stainton Joseph   94th Foot York Chasseurs
Standidge William   Deputy Assistant Commissary General Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Standish Henry   39th Foot  
Standley William   44th Foot  
Stanford Francis   34th Foot  
Stanford Joseph Arthur 3rd Foot 29th Foot
Stanford Robert   6th Foot  
Stanhope  Augustus   12th Light Dragoons ADC
Stanhope Charles   29th Foot  
Stanhope Charles Banks 50th Foot  
Stanhope Fitzroy Henry Richard 1st Foot Guards ADC
Stanhope Francis Charles 10th Light Dragoons 1st Life Guards
Stanhope James Hamilton 1st Foot Guards ADC
Stanhope Lincoln Edward 16th Light Dragoons 17th Light Dragoons
Stanhope Philip   Royal Artillery  
Staniland William F. Royal Artillery  
Stanley John Brown 5th Dragoon Guards  
Stanley Mark Anthony 2nd Garrison Battalion 20th Foot
Stannard Richard   85th Foot 84th Foot
Stannus Robert   29th Foot  
Stanton Patrick   11th Foot  
Stanway Frank   Royal Engineers  
Stanway Henry   Royal Artillery  
Stapleton David   47th Foot  
Stapleton Herman   50th Foot  
Stapleton John H. N. 3rd Foot Guards  
Stapylton Henry   68th Foot  
Stapylton Henry Richard Chetwynd Chasseurs Britannique 20th Light Dragoons
Starke Robert   58th Foot  
Starke Thomas   1st Foot Guards  
Starkey Walter   82nd Foot 19th Portuguese Line
Starr Richard N. 48th Foot  
Statham Henry   84th Foot  
Staveley Francis   4th Foot  
Staveley John   4th Foot  
Staveley William   Royal Staff Corps  
Stavely (Hutchinson) T. K. Royal Engineers  
Stawell James N. 53rd Foot  
Stawell Samson   12th Light Dragoons ADC
Stawell William   48th Foot  
Steadman James   26th Foot  
Steed George   1st Royal Dragoons  
Steel Lawrence   43rd Foot  
Steel (Steele) Henry   5th Foot  
Steele Alexander   43rd Foot  
Steele Denton   66th Foot  
Steele James   27th Foot  
Steele John   81st Foot  
Steele Samuel   81st Foot  
Steele Samuel N. 23rd Light Dragoons  
Steele Thomas   Coldstream Guards  
Steele William Robert 48th Foot  
Steevens Charles   20th Foot  
Steiger (Steiguer) Rodolphe F. ? De Watteville’s Regiment 23rd Portuguese Line
Steiguer Rudolphe   De Watteville’s Regiment  
Steitz Ferdinand Henry Dillon’s Regiment  
Steitz Fredereick   60th Foot  
Stephens Edward   32nd Foot  
Stephens Henry William 66th Foot  
Stephens Maurice   51st Foot  
Stephens Robert   37th Foot  
Stephens Thomas   11th Foot  
Stephens William   3rd Foot  
Stephenson Alexander (George) 83rd Foot  
Stephenson John   43rd Foot 6th Light Dragoons
Sterne John H. 8th West India Regiment 60th Foot
Sterne William   82nd Foot  
Stevens William   32nd Foot  
Stevenson Arthur Thomas 1st Foot 85th Foot
Stevenson Edward R. 76th Foot  
Stevenson George   1st Foot Guards 3rd Dragoons
Stevenson Joseph   81st Foot  
Stevenson Robert   95th Foot  
Stevenson William   Hospital Assistant 60th Foot
Stewart Alexander   1st Foot  
Stewart Alexander   11th Foot  
Stewart Alexander   42nd Foot  
Stewart Allen   Volunteer 95th Foot
Stewart Archibald   95th Foot  
Stewart Arthur   88th Foot  
Stewart Charles   50th Foot  
Stewart Charles   71st Foot  
Stewart Colin   82nd Foot Brigade Major
Stewart Daniel   45th Foot  
Stewart Daniel   92nd Foot  
Stewart Donald   88th Foot  
Stewart Duncan   42nd Foot  
Stewart Duncan   95th Foot  
Stewart Duncan (Achadnaschenaig) 91st Foot  
Stewart George   61st Foot 1st Foot
Stewart George   42nd Foot  
Stewart George Charles 88th Foot  
Stewart Gilbert Evans 47th Foot 61st Foot
Stewart James   61st Foot  
Stewart James   1st Foot  
Stewart James   11th Foot  
Stewart James   45th Foot  
Stewart James   82nd Foot  
Stewart James   91st Foot  
Stewart James   95th Foot Brigade Major
Stewart James   42nd Foot  
Stewart James Henry Keith 95th Foot ADC
Stewart James T.S. 88th Foot  
Stewart John   9th Foot  
Stewart John   42nd Foot  
Stewart John   45th Foot  
Stewart John   53rd Foot  
Stewart John   88th Foot  
Stewart John   92nd Foot  
Stewart John   95th Foot ADC
Stewart John Campbell 84th Foot  
Stewart Joseph Edmondstone Hospital Assistant 38th Foot
Stewart Ralph   60th Foot  
Stewart Richard   General  
Stewart Richard Smyth 45th Foot  
Stewart Robert   43rd Foot  
Stewart Robert   91st Foot  
Stewart Rogert Petty 40th Foot 2nd Caçadores
Stewart Samuel   42nd Foot  
Stewart Thomas   59th Foot  
Stewart Thomas   1st Foot  
Stewart Thomas Henry Cape of Good Hope Regiment 31st Foot
Stewart William   1st Foot  
Stewart William   3rd Foot 5th Caçadores
Stewart William   30th Foot Brigade Major
Stewart William   General  
Stewart William   50th Foot  
Stewart  George Henry 11th Light Dragoons 16th Light Dragoons
Stewart (Marquis of Londonderry) Charles William General  
Stewart (Stuart) George Lewis 47th Foot 61st Foot
Stewart (Stuart) William   91st Foot  
Stewart (Stuart) William   6th Dragoon Guards 3rd Dragoon Guards
Stibbert Thomas   Coldstream Guards  
Still Nathaniel Tyrone 3rd Foot  
Stillwell John   95th Foot  
Stirling George   85th Foot 9th Foot
Stirling Gilbert   Coldstream Guards  
Stirling James   42nd Foot 11th Portuguese Line
Stirling James   General  
Stirling Patrick   14th Light Dragoons  
Stirling William   29th Foot 1st Dragoon Guards
Stisser Wilhelm   5th KGL Line  
Stisted Charles   13th Light Dragoons 3rd Dragoons
Stisted Henry   1st Royal Dragoons 1st Royal Dragoons
Stockdale William   3rd Foot Guards  
Stoeber Jean Nepomucene Chasseurs Britannique  
Stokes James M. 95th Foot  
Stolte Wilhelm   2nd KGL Light  
Stone Bayntun   58th Foot  
Stone George   7th Light Dragoons  
Stoneman Thomas   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Stopford Edward   3rd Foot Guards ADC
Stopford Edward   General  
Stopford James   99th Foot 60th Foot
Stopford Roger   68th Foot  
Storer Richard   51st Foot  
Storey Edmund Richard 3rd Dragoon Guards  
Storey John   20th Foot  
Storey Nathaniel   3rd Dragoon Guards  
Storey Robert   9th Foot  
Storey Robert William Royal Artillery  
Stothert William   Coldstream Guards  
Stothert William   3rd Foot Guards  
Stott Thomas   29th Foot  
Stott William   6th Foot  
Stovin Frederick   28th Foot ADC
Stoyte John   1st Foot  
Strachan Alexander   Assistant Commissary General Assistant Commissary General
Stradbooke (Rous)     Coldstream Guards  
Strafford (Byng)     General  
Strange Alexander   13th Light Dragoons  
Strange Alexander   42nd Foot  
Strangeways James   25th Foot  
Strangeways Thomas   23rd Foot  
Strangeways William   83rd Foot  
Stratton Robert   90th Foot Staff Surgeon
Stratton William   Royal Sappers and Miners  
Straubenzie William   24th Foot  
Streaphan Joseph William Henry 73rd Foot Assistant Commissary General
Streatfield John   71st Foot  
Streatfield Thomas   1st Foot Guards  
Street Alfred   40th Foot  
Strenuwitz Anthony   1st KGL Hussars 21st Light Dragoons
Stretton Sempronius   40th Foot  
Stretton William Lynaw 68th Foot  
Strode John  P. 95th Foot  
Strode Thomas Lear 43rd Foot  
Stromeyer Augustus   De Watteville’s Regiment Staff Assistant Surgeon
Stroud Thomas   48th Foot  
Stroughton Henry   58th Foot  
Strutt Henry George 3rd Dragoon Guards  
Strüver Johann Christian 6th KGL Line  
Stuart David   74th Foot  
Stuart James   71st Foot  
Stuart John Morton 77th Foot  
Stuart Simon Henry 10th Light Dragoons 9th Light Dragoons
Stuart William   1st Foot Guards  
Stubbs George   61st Foot  
Stubbs Joshua   48th Foot  
Stubbs Thomas William General  
Stumpa Ignatius   Chasseurs Britannique  
Sturgeon Henry   Royal Artillery  
Sturgeon Henry   Royal Staff Corps Personal Staff of Wellington
Sturler Charles   De Watteville’s Regiment  
Sturler Charles Louis De Watteville’s Regiment  
Sturt Cavendish   39th Foot  
Sturzenegger Leonard   De Watteville’s Regiment  
Stutzer Johann   7th KGL Line  
Stutzer Johann E. 7th KGL Line  
Style Thomas   1st Foot Guards  
Suckling Horace   1st Foot  
Sulivan George James 1st Life Guards  
Sullivan Benjamin   Ceylon Regiment 33rd Foot
Sullivan Cornelius   1st Royal Dragoons  
Sullivan Henry   Coldstream Guards  
Sullivan James   34th Foot  
Sullivan John Cornelius 29th Foot  
Sullivan Philip   37th Foot  
Sullivan William   79th Foot  
Summer Edward   20th Foot 7th Foot
Supple Edward   10th Foot  
Surtees Charles   Deputy Purveyor  
Surtees William   95th Foot  
Sutcliffe John   39th Foot  
Suter Andrew   Volunteer 28th Foot
Sutherland Alexander   91st Foot  
Sutherland Andrew   11th Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Sutherland James Milford 91st Foot  
Sutherland John   3rd Foot 6th Portuguese Line
Sutherland John   4th Foot  
Sutherland Robert   67th Foot  
Sutor Lewis   44th Foot  
Sutton Charles   23rd Foot 9th Portuguese Line
Sutton Francis Manners Coldstream Guards  
Sutton Matthew   97th Foot Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
Swabey William   Royal Artillery  
Swain William Wright 36th Foot  
Swallow Robert   10th Foot Staff Surgeon
Swann Frederick Dashwood 1st Foot Guards  
Swann William Henry 3rd Foot Guards  
Swanson John   42nd Foot  
Swayne James   23rd Foot  
Swayne Richard Woodward 50th Foot  
Sweeney Francis Dernard Volunteer 62nd Foot
Sweeney James   50th Foot  
Sweeney James   62nd Foot  
Sweeney James Fielding 62nd Foot  
Sweeny Charles Frederick 26th Foot  
Sweeny Michael   7th Foot  
Sweeny Samuel   28th Foot  
Sweeten Benjamin   52nd Foot  
Sweetman J. Walter 32nd Foot 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Swetenham Clement   16th Light Dragoons  
Swinburn John   43rd Foot  
Swinburne Edward   11th Foot 11th Foot
Swinburne Joseph   83rd Foot  
Swiney Roger M. 14th Foot 8th Foot
Swinfin Francis   16th Light Dragoons  
Sydserff John Buchan 82nd Foot  
Symes James Fynmore Hospital Assistant 92nd Foot
Symes Joseph   4th Foot  
Symes Michael   76th Foot  
Symkath ?   Chasseurs Britannique  
Symonds Henry John 1st Foot Guards Chaplain
Synge Charles   10th Light Dragoons ADC
Syret James   9th Foot  

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