The Training Ground: Regimental Services of British Army Generals 1793-1815

By Steve Brown

The following table, extracted from the service records of the leading British Generals of the era  summarises the periods in which they served as Lieutenant-Colonels in their respective regiments.

It provides an interesting glimpse into the background of the leading commanders of the era, and perhaps some insight into the popularity of certain units over others – also interesting is that hard-fighting units such as the 29th, 42nd, 45th and 95th generated fewer than the typical quota of future general officers.

There are a few stellar groupings – look at the 7th Hussars or 90th Foot for example.

This list of generals is not exhaustive; it has been limited to those who saw active service in the period 1793 to 1815. Quite a few ‘Desk Generals’ were excluded! However if you wanted to become a General, one thing was clear: Join the Guards...

Regimental Title in the 1815 Army List

Generals Who Were former Lieutenant-Colonels (Lieutenant-Colonel Service in Brackets)

Royal Artillery

Anthony Farrington (1782-1795), George Fead (1794-1803), Robert Lawson (1794-1800), Vaughan Lloyd (1795), Thomas Trotter (1796-1808), Francis Laye (1796-1810), Thomas Desbrisay (1798-1811), Edward Howorth (1801-1809), James Miller (1802-1814), John Harding (1803-1809), William Borthwick (1804-1811), Charles Cookson (1804-1812), George Cookson (180401814), Benjamin Bloomfield (1806-1814), George Adam Wood (1808-1815)

Royal Engineers

William Twiss (1794-1804), William Fyers (1800-1811), Richard Fletcher (1809-1813), Howard Elphinstone (1813-1815)

Royal Waggon Train

Digby Hamilton (1799-1813)


1st Regiment of Life Guards

Terence O’Bryan O’Loghlin (1801-1812), Lawrence Bradshaw (1803-1810)

2nd Regiment of Life Guards

William John Arabin (1788-1798), Francis Slater Rebow (1799-1812)

Royal Regiment of Horse Guards

John Dorrien (1799-1811)

1st (or the King's) Regiment of Dragoon Guards

Richard Vyse (1781-1793), Charles Craufurd (1794-1803), Henry Fane (1804-1808)

2nd (or Queen's) Regiment of Dragoon Guards

George Earl Pembroke (1782-1795), James Erskine (1803-1804), Robert Long (1803-1805), Lord George Thomas Beresford (1807-1814)

3rd (or the Prince of Wales's) Regiment of Dragoon Guards

Ralph Abercromby (1773-1787), William Payne (1796-1805), John Gaspard le Marchant (1799-1801), Granby Calcraft (1800-1813), Galbraith Lowry Cole (1803)

4th (or Royal Irish) Regiment of Dragoon Guards

Henry Fane (1797-1804), George Nugent (1789-1790)

5th (or Princess Charlotte of Wales 's) Regiment of Dragoon Guards

Robert Taylor (1792-1801), William Brooke (1800-1813), William Ponsonby (1803-1812)

6th Regiment of Dragoon Guards

Arthur Ormsby (1788-1798), Alexander John Goldie (1799-1811), John Gaspard le Marchant (1811)

7th (or Princess Royal's) Regiment of Dragoon Guards

Edward Dunne (1793-1798), Hon. Charles Hope (1799-1804)

1st (or Royal) Regiment of Dragoons

William Payne (1794-1799), Thomas Garth (1794-1798), John Hodgson (1795-1801), John Slade (1798-1804), George de Grey (1799-1811)

2nd (or Royal North British) Regiment of Dragoons

David Home (1779-1793)

3rd (or the King's Own) Regiment of Dragoons

Godfrey Basil Mundy (1803-1812)

4th (or the Queen's Own) Regiment of Dragoons

Lord Robert Edward Henry Somerset (1801-1813)

6th (or Inniskilling) Regiment of Dragoons

John Prince (1795-1800), Richard O’Donovan (1800-1813)

7th (or the Queen's Own) Regiment of Light Dragoons (Hussars)

John Gaspard le Marchant (1797), Henry William Paget (1797-1802), Richard Hussey Vivian (1804-1814)

8th (or the King's Royal Irish) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons

Richard Rich Wilford (1789-1794), James Wharton (1794-1801), John Sontag (1795-1808), John Ormsby Vandaleur (1804-1807), Robert Rollo Gillespie (1808-1812)

9th Regiment of (Light) Dragoons

Hon. Thomas Mahon (1797-1811)

10th (or the Prince of Wales's Own Royal) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons (Hussars)

John Slade (1795-1798), William Payne (1805)

11th Regiment of (Light) Dragoons

Henry John Cumming (1803-1814)

12th (or the Prince of Wales's) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons

James Earl Rosslyn (1792-1796), Mervin Archdall (1794-1805), Robert Browne (1799-1811)

13th Regiment of (Light) Dragoons

Michael Head (1801-1813)

14th (or the Duchess of York's own) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons

Grice Blakeney (1781-1794), Samuel Hawker (1801-1811)

15th (or the King's) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons (Hussars)

William Erskine (1795-1804), James Erskine (1796-1803), George Anson (1798-1805), Robert Ballard Long (1805-1811), Colquhoun Grant (1808-1814)

16th (or the Queen's) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons

Henry William Paget (1795), Stapleton Cotton (1800-1803), George Anson (1805-1809), Robert Ballard Long (1805)

17th Regiment of (Light) Dragoons

William Payne (1796), Hon. Henry George Grey (1796-1805)

18th Regiment of (Light) Dragoons (Hussars)

Charles Wilson Lyon (1771-1796), Charles William Lord Stewart (1799-1804)

19th Regiment of (Light) Dragoons

Robert Thomas Wilson (1804-1805), John Ormsby Vandaleur (1807-1811)

20th Regiment of (Light) Dragoons

George Anson (1797), Robert Rollo Gillespie (1799-1807), Robert Thomas Wilson (1805-1808)

21st Regiment of (Light) Dragoons

John Hall (1803-1807), James Wharton (1803-1805)

22nd Regiment of (Light) Dragoons

William Lumley (1796-1802), Daniel Seddon (1800-1809), William Keir (1800-1813), Thomas Gage Montresor (1802-1809), James Hare (1805-1812), Robert Thomas Wilson (1812-1813)

23rd Regiment of (Light) Dragoons

John Floyd (1781-1794)

24th Regiment of (Light) Dragoons

Lord William Henry Cavendish Bentinck (1794-1805), William St Leger (1797-1804), Samuel Need (1809-1814)

25th Regiment of (Light) Dragoons

Stapleton Cotton (1794), Richard Hussey Vivian (1804)


1st Regiment of Foot Guards

Samuel Hulse (1776-1793), Andrew John Drummond (1782-1795), Hew Whitefoord Dalrymple (1783-1794), HRH Prince William Gloucester (1789-1795), Harry Burrard (1789-1798), Francis d’Oyley (1790-1797), James Duff (1790-1798), George James Earl Ludlow (1790-1798), Charles Asgill (1790-1797), Edward Morrison (1790-1798), Hon. Henry Astley Bennett (1791-1798), Hon. John Leslie (1793-1802), Henry Wynyard (1793-1802), William Thornton (1793-1802), Duncan Campbell (1793-1794), Edmund Phipps (1793-1802), William Dowdeswell (1794-1798), John Brodrick (1794-1801), Henry Warde (1794-1804), William Henry Clinton (1794-1804), Hon. Charles Fitzroy (1794-1803), Moore Disney (1795-1804), Henry Frederick Campbell (1796-1808), Henry Clinton (1796-1808), Frederick Charles White (1796-1808), William Anson (1797-1811), Robert Cheney (1797-1810), George Cooke (1798-1811), Francis Gerard Viscount Lake (1798-1808), Francis John Colman (1799-1802), William Wheatley (1799-1812), George Duncan Drummond (1799-1808), Thomas Richard Dyer (1799-1808), John Lambert (1801-1813), Matthew Chitty Darby Griffiths (1801-1813), Peregrine Maitland (1803-1814), John Lord Proby (1803-1814), Edward Capel (1803-1814), Henry Hardinge (1814-1815)

Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards

Thomas Slaughter Stanwix (1779-1795), Francis Needham (1783-1795), William Morshead (1783-1795), Robert Manners (1787-1796), Richard Earl Cavan (1790-1798), George Nugent (1790-1794), Edward Finch (1792-1801), Isaac Gascoyne (1792-1799), John Calcraft (1793-1802), Harry Calvert (1793-1799), James Lord Forbes (1793-1802), Robert Brownrigg (1795-1802), William Wynyard (1795-1806), Edmund Earl Cork (1796-1802), Kenneth Alexander Howard (1798-1810), Henry Bayly (1799-1812), Henry Mackinnon (1799-1811), John Leveson-Gower (1799-1803), Harry Chester (1799-1812), Warren Marmaduke Peacocke (1800-1811), Wroth Palmer Acland (1800-1804), Hon. William Fitzroy (1800-1804), Joseph Fuller (1801-1813), Matthew Aylmer (1803-1813), Herbert Taylor (1803-1813), Frederick William Buller (1808-1813)

3rd Regiment of Foot Guards

William Loftus (1784-1796), Henry Pigot (1787-1795), Charles Lord Fitzroy (1789-1798), Napier Christie Burton (1789-1796), George Milner (1792-1801), John Stuart Count Maida (1793-1796), Thomas Grosvenor (1793-1802), William Knollys (1793-1802), Samuel Dalrymple (1794-1804), William Johnstone (1794-1804), Hon. John Ramsay (1794-1803), Tomkyns Hilgrove Turner (1794-1804), William Thomas Dilkes (1797-1810), Edward Stopford (1798-1811), John Dalrymple (1798-1811), George Murray (1799-1811), Robert Anstruther (1799-1808), Thomas William Fermor (1800-1813), William Henry Pringle (1802-1808), Galbraith Lowry Cole (1803-1804), Thomas Carey (1803-1814), John Byng (1804-1812), Henry Torrens (1811-1814)

1st (or the Royal Scots) Regiment of Foot

James Lumsdaine (1778-1793), Francis Dundas (1787-1794), Frederick Augustus Wetherall (1794-1796), Archibald Steuart (1802-1814), John Burnet (1804-1808), Andrew Hay (1807-1810), Henry Conran (1807-1812), William Henry Pringle (1808)

2nd (or the Queen’s Royal) Regiment of Foot

Hon. Frederic St John (1791-1798), George Ramsay Earl Dalhousie (1794-1803), Godfrey Basil Mundy (1812-1814)

3rd (or East Kent) Regiment of Foot, or the Buffs

William Earl Craven (1794), Richard Blunt (1799-1809), Richard Bingham (1803-1804)

4th (or the King’s Own) Regiment of Foot

William Henry Pringle (1799-1802), James Wynch (1799-1811), William Cockburne (1802-1811), Gabriel Gordon (1808-1814)

5th (or the Northumberland) Regiment of Foot

George Lord Harris (1780-1794), Lord Robert Edward Henry Somerset (1800-1801), Edward Baynes (1804-1805)

6th (or the 1st Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot

John Whyte (1790-1794), Colin Campbell (1795-1799), Barnard Foord Bowes (1796-1808)

7th Regiment of Foot (or Royal Fuzileers)

John Despard (1791-1798), Walter Cliffe (1795-1803), Anthony Lewis Layard (1795-1803), Edward Michael Pakenham (1804-1811), Lord Frederick Cavendish Bentinck (1804)

8th (or the King’s) Regiment of Foot

Archibald Campbell (1794-1799), Gordon Drummond (1794-1804), George Airey (1798-1808), Daniel Hoghton (1804-1809), Robert Young (1809-1814)

9th (or the East Norfolk) Regiment of Foot

Frederick Maitland (1795-1796), Richard Bingham (1799-1802), Randolph Marriott (1801-1803)

10th (or the North Lincolnshire) Regiment of Foot

Samuel Auchmuty (1800-1803)

11th (or the North Devonshire Regiment of Foot

Edmund Earl Cork (1795-1796), John Henry Fraser (1796-1801), Rufane Shaw Donkin (1798-1809)

12th (or the East Suffolk) Regiment of Foot

John Picton (1809-1813)

13th (or 1st Somersetshire) Regiment of Foot

George Nugent (1787-1789), John Francis Cradock (1789-1791), John Whitelocke (1791-1798), Lawrence Bradshaw (1795-1803), Charles Colville (1796-1808), John Keane (1803-1812)

14th (or the Buckinghamshire) Regiment of Foot

Welbore Ellis Doyle (1789-1793), Alexander Ross (1794), Alexander Hope (1794-1804), William Burnett (1796-1805), Thomas Richard Dyer (1807-1808), Hon. William Stuart (1807)

15th  (or the Yorkshire East Riding) Regiment of Foot

Colin McKenzie (1795-1798), Henry Green Barry (1801-1813)

16th (or the Bedfordshire) Regiment of Foot

Isaac Gascoyne (1799-1802), John Skinner (1805-1808)

17th (or the Leicestershire) Regiment of Foot

Henry Johnson (1778-1793), James Balfour (1787-1794), Richard Bingham (1795-1799), John Burnet (1797-1804), Richard Stovin (1799-1811), Thomas McMahon (1811-1815)

18th (or Royal Irish) Regiment of Foot

David Douglas Wemyss (1793-1798), Henry-Tucker Montresor (1795-1796, 1801-1804), Robert Douglas (1803-1804), George Horsford (1809-1813)

19th (or the 1st Yorkshire North Riding) Regiment of Foot

Wroth Palmer Acland (1795-1800)

20th (or the East Devonshire) Regiment of Foot

Forbes Champagné (1795-1798), Manley Power (1801-1805), Robert Ross (1808-1813)

21st Regiment of Foot (or Royal North British Fuzileers)

John Wilson (1804-1805), Frederick Adam (1805-1814)

22nd (or the Cheshire) Regiment of Foot

John Gustavus Crosbie (1794-1802)

23rd Regiment of Foot (or Royal Welsh Fuzileers)

Nisbet Balfour (1778-1793), John Joyner Ellis (1793-1798), Thomas Peter (1795-1798), Charles Sutton (1813-1815)

24th (or the Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot

Richard England (1783-1796), Randolph Marriott (1804-1813), George Duncan Drummond (1808-1811)

25th (or King’s Own Borderers) Regt. of Foot

John Hope Earl Hopetoun (1793-1800), William Dyott (1795-1803), George Robert Ainslie (1807-1813)

26th (or Cameronian) Regiment of Foot

Hugh Henry Mitchell (1805-1811)

27th (or Inniskilling) Regiment of Foot

Frederick Maitland (1796-1801), Samuel Graham (1797-1804), Galbraith Lowry Cole (1804-1806), Haviland Smith (1805-1813)

28th (or the North Gloucestershire) Regiment of Foot

Edward Paget (1794-1803), William Dyott (1795), Charles Philip Belson (1804-1815)

29th (or the Worcestershire) Regiment of Foot

William Lord Cathcart (1789-1793)

30th (or the Cambridgeshire) Regiment of Foot

William Wilkinson (1795-1810), William Lockhart (1803-1813), William Minet (1804-1811)

31st (or the Huntingdonshire) Regiment of Foot

Robert Meade (1795-1802), Ronald Craufurd Ferguson (1799-1804), Henry Bruce (1803-1814), William Howe Campbell (1804-1809)

32nd (or the Cornwall) Regiment of Foot

Samuel Venables Hinde (1804-1814), Manley Power (1805-1813)

33rd (or the 1st Yorkshire West Riding) Regiment of Foot

Arthur Wellesley (1793-1802), John Coape Sherbrooke (1794-1805)

34th (or the Cumberland) Regiment of Foot

Thomas Bradford (1809)

35th (or the Sussex ) Regiment of Foot

John Oswald (1797-1809), Charles Duke Richmond (1789-1798), William Howe Campbell (1801-1804), Francis John Wilder (1801-1811)

36th (or the Herefordshire) Regiment of Foot

Robert Burne (1799-1811), Duncan Darroch (1804-1813)

37th (or the North Hampshire) Regiment of Foot

Hon. Charles Hope (1794-1799), John Hope (1799-1804), Fitzroy Jefferies Grafton MacLean (1801-1805)

38th (or the 1st Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot

Miles Nightingall (1795-1802), Francis John Colman (1802-1805), Charles John Greville (1805-1815)

39th (or the Dorsetshire) Regiment of Foot

Thomas Hislop (1795-1796), Robert William O’Callaghan (1803-1814), George Wilson (1803-1813)

40th (or the 2nd Somersetshire) Regiment of Foot

Brent Spencer (1795-1805), William Earl Craven (1795-1803), Gore Browne (1799-1807), Waldegrave Pelham Clay (1799-1811), James Kemmis (1804-1811), Henry Hardinge (1814)

41st Regiment of Foot

Coote Manningham (1795-1800), William Thomas (1795-1804)

42nd (or the Royal Highland) Regiment of Foot

James Stirling (1804-1814)

43rd (or the Monmouthshire) Regiment of Foot (Light Infantry)

James Drummond (1793-1803), Richard Stewart (1800-1807), William Gifford (1804-1814)

44th (or the East Essex) Regiment of Foot

Christopher Tilson (1799-1805), Andrew Ross (1803), Alexander Dirom (1803-1804)

45th (or the Nottinghamshire) Regiment of Foot

Oliver Nicolls (1787-1794), James Montgomerie (1798-1804)

46th (or the South Devonshire) Regiment of Foot

Baldwin Leighton (1795-1798), William Cockell (1800-1804), William Raymond (1801-1812), Edward Barnes (1807-1812)

47th (or the Lancashire) Regiment of Foot

Paulus Aemil Irving (1781-1794), Robert Douglas (1795-1796), John Byne Skerrett (1804-1813)

48th (or the Northamptonshire) Regiment of Foot

Benjamin Gordon (1769-1796), Martin Hunter (1797-1801), David Leslie (1803-1804), William Hutchinson (1811-1813)

49th (or the Hertfordshire) Regiment of Foot

Isaac Brock (1797-1807), Roger Hale Sheaffe (1798-1811), John Vincent (1800-1813), William Hutchinson (1800-1803)

50th (or the West Kent) Regiment of Foot

George Townshend Walker (1798-1811)

51st (or the 2nd Yorkshire West Riding) Regiment of Foot (Light Infantry)

John Moore (1790-1796), Miles Nightingall (1802-1806), Ralph Darling (1806-1813), Hugh Henry Mitchell (1811-1815)

52nd (or the Oxfordshire) Regiment of Foot (Light Infantry)

Alexander Dirom (1799-1803), Henry Conran (1799-1807), Kenneth McKenzie (1803-1811), Robert Barclay (1806-1811)

53rd (or the Shropshire) Regiment of Foot

Hon. John Robert Abercromby (1795-1805), Stafford Lightburne (1795-1805)

54th (or the West Norfolk) Regiment of Foot

William Goody Strutt (1792-1794), Christopher Darby (1795-1804), John Thomas Layard (1800-1808)

55th (or the Westmoreland) Regiment of Foot

Robert Douglas (1804-1814)

56th (or the West Essex) Regiment of Foot

Peter Craig (1779-1793), Thomas Picton (1796-1808), Philip Kearney Skinner (1799-1805), Boyle Travers (1812-1813)

57th (or the West Middlesex) Regiment of Foot

Albert Gledstanes (1795-1803), William Inglis (1804-1813)

58th (or the Rutlandshire) Regiment of Foot

William Houston (1795-1804), Brent Spencer (1795)

59th (or the 2nd Nottinghamshire) Regiment of Foot

George Don (1789-1798), Francis Fuller (1794-1805), James Dunlop (1804), Thomas Browne (1805-1813)

60th (or Royal American) Regiment of Foot

John Adolphus Harris (1788-1798), George Prevost (1794-1798), Martin Hunter (1796-1797), Freidrich Baron von Rottenbourg (1797-1808), Robert Craufurd (1797-1802), George William Ramsay (1797-1811), William Dowdeswell (1798-1803), John Hughes (1798-1811), Fitzroy Jefferies Grafton MacLean (1801), Robert Lethbridge (1802-1804), Gabriel Gordon (1802-1808), John Hope (1804-1808), Lewis Mosheim (1804-1809), Francis Gerard Viscount Lake (1808-1811), John Keane (1812-1814)

61st (or the South Gloucestershire) Regiment of Foot

John Hamilton (1795-1809), John James Barlow (1803-1807), James Campbell (1804-1808), John Stratford Saunders (1805-1811)

62nd (or the Wiltshire) Regiment of Foot 

Charles Horneck (1789-1795), Hon. Thomas Maitland (1794-1797), John Manners Kerr (1794-1802), Trevor Hull (1798-1811), Joseph Baird (1799-1803), William Doyle (1804-1811)

63rd (or the West Suffolk) Regiment of Foot

John Leveson-Gower (1794-1799), Robert Brereton (1795-1803), Harry Calvert (1799-1800)

64th (or the 2nd Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot)

Edward Michael Pakenham (1799-1804), James Montgomerie (1804-1809)

65th (or the 2nd Yorkshire, North Riding) Regiment of Foot

Charles Hastings (1800)

66th (or the Berkshire) Regiment of Foot

Henry Clinton (1795-1796), Hildebrand Oakes (1795-1798), James Hatton (1797-1811), Charles Wale (1808-1809)

67th (or the South Hampshire) Regiment of Foot

William Stewart (1795-1800), Charles Wale (1800-1808), Adam Gordon (1801-1813)

68th (or the Durham) Regiment of Foot (Light Infantry)

James Stewart (1788-1794), Robert Anstruther (1797-1799), John Simon Farley (1800-1810)

69th (or the South Lincolnshire) Regiment of Foot

Pinson Bonham (1797-1807), Thomas Brisbane (1800-1812), Ralph Darling (1801-1806), Miles Nightingall (1806-1808), Phineas Riall (1810-1813)

70th (or the Glasgow Lowland) Regiment of Foot

Eyre Coote (1788-1796), Andrew Ross (1803-1811)

71st (Highland) Regiment of Foot (Light Infantry)

David Baird (1790-1798), Denis Pack (1800-1810), Lord George Thomas Beresford (1804-1807), Thomas Reynell (1813-1815)

72nd (Highland) Regiment of Foot

James Steuart (1782-1795), Robert MacFarlane (1798-1805), Colquhoun Grant (1802-1808), Andrew Hay (1804-1807), John Crowgey (1809-1813), William Nicholson (1813-1814)

73rd (Highland) Regiment of Foot

Norman McLeod (1780-1794), Lachlan MacQuarie (1801-1813)

74th (Highland) Regiment of Foot

Alexander Campbell (1796-1810)

75th (Highland ) Regiment of Foot

James Hartley (1787-1796), Samuel Auchmuty (1794-1800), Alexander Ross (1795), George Vaughan Hart (1794-1805)

76th Regiment of Foot

George Lord Harris (1787-1794), John Fraser (1794-1795)

77th (or the East Middlesex) Regiment of Foot

John Lord Hutchinson (1783-1796), James Dunlop (1797-1804)

78th (Highland) Regiment of Foot (or the Ross-shire Buffs)

Alexander McKenzie-Fraser (1793-1802), John McKenzie (1795-1804), John Randoll McKenzie (1796-1804), Hay McDowall (1797-1798), William Eden (1798-1806), Alexander Adams (1802-1814)

79th Regiment of Foot (or Cameron Highlanders)

Alan Cameron (1794-1808), William Maundy Harvey (1811)

80th Regiment of Foot (or Staffordshire Volunteers)

Forbes Champagné (1793-1795), Josiah Champagné (1793-1800), Henry William Paget (1795)

81st Regiment of Foot

John James Hamilton (1795-1804), James Kempt (1803-1811)

82nd Regiment of Foot (or Prince of Wales’s Volunteers)

Fitzroy Jefferies Grafton MacLean (1795-1801), Frederick Augustus Wetherall (1796-1802), Roger Coghlan (1796-1805), William Grant (1805-1814), Thomas Bradford (1809-1811)

83rd Regiment of Foot

John Byne Skerrett (1800-1803), Joseph Baird (1803-1812), William Hutchinson (1803-1805), Richard Collins (1809-1810)

84th (York and Lancaster) Regiment of Foot

George Bernard (1793-1796), John Murray (1794-1805), William Earl Craven (1794), Ronald Craufurd Ferguson (1795-1799), William Houston (1795), William Eden (1806-1811)

85th Regiment of Foot (or Bucks Volunteers) (Light Infantry)

Hon. Henry Astley Bennett (1798), James Willoughby Gordon (1801-1804), Matthew Aylmer (1802-1803)

86th (or the Royal County Down) Regiment of Foot

John Earl Chatham (1782-1795), George Bernard (1783-1793), Robert Craufurd (1802-1807)

87th (or Prince of Wales’s Own Irish) Regiment of Foot

John Doyle (1793-1801), Edmund Earl Cork (1794-1795),

88th Regiment of Foot (or Connaught Rangers)

Robert Brownrigg (1793-1795), William Carr Beresford (1795-1804), Alexander Duff (1798-1811), Frederick William Buller (1804-1808), John Alexander Dunlop Agnew Wallace (1805-1815)

89th Regiment of Foot

Andrew Lord Blayney (1796-1807)

90th Regiment of Foot (or Perthshire Volunteers) (Light Infantry)

Thomas Graham (1794-1803), Rowland Hill (1794-1803), George Moncrieff (1794-1803), Peter Heron (1794-1804)

91st Regiment of Foot

Duncan Campbell (1794-1796), Martin Hunter (1794-1796)

92nd Regiment of Foot

George Cockburn (1793-1803), George Marquess Huntly (1794-1797), Miles Nightingall (1795), James Robertson (1798-1804), James Willoughby Gordon (1804-1808)

93rd Regiment of Foot

William Keppel (1783-1795), William St Leger (1793-1797), Nicholas Nepean (1795-1801), George Johnstone (1810-1814)

94th Regiment of Foot

Thomas Scott (1794-1802)

95th Regiment of Foot (Riflemen)

William Stewart (1800-1804), Thomas Sidney Beckwith (1803-1814)

96th Regiment of Foot

Edward Scott (1807-1813)

97th (or Queen’s Own) Regiment of Foot

Lewis Lindenthal (1798-1810), James Frederick Lyon (1802-1813)

98th Regiment of Foot

James Catlin Craufurd (1797-1808), Ronald Craufurd Ferguson (1799)

99th (or Prince of Wales’s Tipperary) Regiment of Foot

Christopher Tilson (1794), Thomas Meyrick (1794-1798)

100th (or His Royal Highness the Prince Regent’s County of Dublin) Regiment of Foot


101st (or the Duke of York’s Irish) Regiment of Foot


102nd Regiment of Foot

Gordon Forbes (1782-1794)

103rd Regiment of Foot

William Dyott (1795)

104th Regiment of Foot


1st Dragoons, King’s German Legion

Georg Baron Bock (1804-1810)

2nd Dragoons, King’s German Legion


1st Hussars, King’s German Legion

Karl Count Linsingen (1803-1804), Freidrich de Arentsschildt (1803-1814)

2nd Hussars, King’s German Legion

Viktor Alten (1803-1810)

3rd Hussars, King’s German Legion


1st Light Battalion, King’s German Legion

Karl Alten (1803-1808), Christian Baron Ompteda (1812-1814)

2nd Light Battalion, King’s German Legion

Colin Halkett (1803-1814), Adolphus Barsse (1804-1810)

1st Line Battalion, King’s German Legion

Christian Baron Ompteda (1803-1810), Rudolphus Albrecht Bodecker (1810-1815)

2nd Line Battalion, King’s German Legion


3rd Line Battalion, King’s German Legion

Heinrich von Hinuber (1804-1811)

4th Line Battalion, King’s German Legion

Ernst Langwerth (1803-1808), Georg Karl Augustus du Plat (1807-1814)

5th Line Battalion, King’s German Legion

Georg von Dreiberg (1804-1808)

6th Line Battalion, King’s German Legion

Augustus von Honstedt (1804-1808)

7th Line Battalion, King’s German Legion

Freidrich Baron Dreschel (1803-1804), Sigismund Baron Low (1804-1809)

8th Line Battalion, King’s German Legion

Peter du Plat (1804-1810)

King’s German Artillery

Freidrich Baron von Decken (1803-1807)


Other Regiments not listed above:

5th (or the Royal Irish) Regiment of Dragoons: James Stewart (1778-1793), Charles William Lord Stewart (1797-1799), Alexander John Goldie (1798)

(foreign and disbanded units)

26th Light Dragoons: George de Grey (1799)


27th Light Dragoons: George Michell (1795-1804)


28th Light Dragoons: John Hope (1796-1799), Hon. Charles Hope (1799), James Hare (1799-1805)


29th Light Dragoons: John Gaspard le Marchant (1797)


105th Foot: Coote Manningham (1794-1795), William Cockell (1795-1800)


112th Foot: John Robert Abercromby (1794), Richard Earl Donoughmore (1794), John Lee (1795-1797)


113th Foot: Robert MacFarlane (1794-1798)


115th Foot: Brent Spencer (1794-1795), Miles Nightingall (1795), Thomas Hislop (1795)


123rd Foot: John Gordon Cumming (1794)


124th Foot: William Carr Beresford (1794)


127th Foot; John Francis Cradock (1794-1797)


128th Foot: Francis Moore (1794)


133rd Foot: James Erskine (1795)


1st West India Regiment: Benjamin d’Urban (1807)


2nd West India Regiment: Samuel Graham (1795-1797), Benjamin d’Urban (1808-1809)


3rd West India Regiment: George Keppel (1795-1796), Thomas Dunbar (1801-1811), Dugald Campbell (1812-1814)


4th West India Regiment: George Horsford (1801-1809), John Buchan (1809-1813)


6th West India Regiment: James Montgomerie (1795-1798), Thomas Barrow (1801-1809)


7th West India Regiment: Gore Browne (1796-1799)


8th West India Regiment: Thomas Hislop (1796-1802), John Wilson (1798-1804)


10th West India Regiment: Samuel Gibbs (1802-1811)


Royal Africa Corps: Henry-Tucker Montresor (1796-1800), John Fraser (1800-1804), James Willoughby Gordon (1808-1813)


Rolls Regiment: Baron de Sonnenberg (1802-1814), Freidrich Baron Eben (1811)


Dillons Regiment: Lord George Thomas Beresford (1803-1804)


Wattevilles Regiment: Louis de Watteville (1801-1813)


New Brunswick Fencibles: George Johnstone (1803-1810)


Queens Rangers: David Shank (1798-1811)


Newfoundland Fencibles: Henry Edward Bunbury (1805-1814)


Brunswick Oels Corps: John de Bernewitz (1811)


Brunswick Oels Hussars: Wilhelm de Dornberg (1809-1812)


Royal York Rangers: John Wilson (1808-1811), Thomas Richard Dyer (1808-1812)


Royal Corsican Rangers: Hudson Lowe (1804-1814)


1st Garrison Battalion: John Crowgey (1805-1809)


4th Garrison Battalion: Edward Baynes (1806-1807)


5th Garrison Battalion: John Wilson (1805-1808), George Robert Ainslie (1807)


9th Garrison Battalion: Benjamin d’Urban (1806)


1st Battalion of Reserve: William Henry Beckwith (1803-1805)


5th Battalion of Reserve: Frederick Adam (1804)


10th Battalion of Reserve: John Byne Skerrett (1803)


11th Battalion of Reserve: Randolph Marriott (1803-1804), John Alexander Dunlop Agnew Wallace (1804)


13th Battalion of Reserve: James Leith (1803-1805)


16th Battalion of Reserve: Andrew Hay (1803), John Crowgey (1803-1805)


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