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Philipp Baron Gruben's Stall Plate

By Georg Tzanis

In Westminister Abbey, there a stall plate for Philipp Baron Gruben, C.B. Baron Gruben joined the King's German Legion 1st Hussars in 1801 and on 3 November 1803 became a captain. On 25 February 1812, he was promoted to major. He served with the force in Germany in 1805 and in the expedition to the Baltic in 1807. Baron Gruben served in the Peninsula from June 1809 to April 1814. He would fight at Talavera, the River Coa, Busaco, Pombal, Fuentes d'Oñoro, El Boden, Salamanca, Vitoria, the Pyrenees, Neville, Orthez, and Toulouse. He was serverely wounded at Fuentes d'Oñoro and received a Army Gold Medal for Salamanca, Orthez, and Toulouse. He would fight at Waterloo. He is a Knight of the Hanoverian Guelphic Order, and a Companion of the Bath. Baron Gruben died on 13 October 1828.


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