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Foot Artillery Officers of the Netherlands Serving from 1813 to 1815: Kikkert, Isaac

By Geert van Uythoven

Born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 23 March 1789.

Army of the Kingdom of Holland

On 1 October 1807, Isaac Kikkert voluntarily entered service with the army of the Kingdom of Holland, with the artillery train. He became Fourier on 1 December of that same year, 1st sergeant on 1 October 1809. Participated in the campaign to northern Germany, present at Stralsund 1809. Still with the artillery train, promoted quartermaster on 1 July 1810.

Kingdom of Holland incorporated in the French Empire

After the Kingdom of Holland had become part of the French Empire, on 1 January 1811 Kikkert became Lieutenant-Quartermaster-Treasurer in the 14me Bataillon Principal du Train (Douay). On 1 March 1812, he became lieutenant, commanding the 4th company of the train battalion (He did not participate in the Russian campaign 1812). Serving with an artillery battery of Marmont’s 6me Corps d’Armée. Campaign in Saxony, arriving at the battlefield of Lutzen (2 May) at 11 o’clock in the morning. Battle of Bautzen (20-21 May). During the armistice his company transferred to the reserve park of the 5me Corps d’Armée. Battles of Runslau, Dresden, and Lowenberg. Promoted 1st lieutenant on 20 August 1813. Participating in the battle of Leipzig (16-19 October). Wounded during one of these battles when his horse was shot dead beneath him. Taken prisoner by Cossacks in Gotha (Saxony) on 26 October 1813. Released for being a Netherlander on 13 December, receiving marching orders to return to Holland with a number of soldiers also of Netherlands origin. Arriving in the Netherlands 20 January 1814.

Netherlands army

Entered Netherlands service as a 1st lieutenant on 12 February 1814, on 24 February entering the horse artillery corps. Transferred 5 October 1814 to the artillery-train. He served with the Foot Artillery Battery ‘Lux’ during the Waterloo campaign in Chasse’s Division, participating in the battle of Waterloo on 18 June 1815. On 7 October 1815 he left for Curacao in the Dutch West-Indies, serving as adjutant of the governor. Returned to the Netherlands, Isaac Kikkert died in The Hague (Netherlands) on 7 August 1822.


Placed on the Napoleon Series: March 2014