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Foot Artillery Officers of the Netherlands Serving from 1813 to 1815: Kuytenbrouwer, Martinus Antonius

By Geert van Uythoven


Kuytenbrouwer was born in Venlo (present day Netherlands) on 9 June 1777. He became a captain on 28 May 1801. On 24 November 1806 he was appointed captain-commander of the 4th Horse artillery company by King Louis Bonaparte, succeeding Captain Carel August Gunckel. Later he was promoted by him to lieutenant-colonel with the horse artillery of the guard of the Kingdom of Holland. In 1810, when Holland became part of the French Empire, he refused to go over to the Imperial French Guard in the French army with the same rank. In 1813 he immediately joined the Netherlands army. Already as early as December 1813 Kuytenbrouwer, who lived in the city of Utrecht, was charged with raising a Horse artillery corps in that city. On 22 January 1814, by decree he was appointed major with the Horse artillery corps of the Netherlands army, receiving the titular rank of lieutenant-colonel. On 14 August 1814 he was ordered to the Southern Netherlands, to raise two foot artillery companies, and two horse artillery companies in Mechelen. He did not hold that post very long; on 2 November 1814 he became lieutenant-colonel effectively, receiving command of the 4de Bataljon Artillerie Nationale Militie. Promoted colonel on 19 December 1826. On 13 February 1834, he was promoted major-general of the artillery, appointed Director of the 2nd Artillery Inspection. He was pensioned out of the army 1 January 1841, and died in The Hague on 1 August 1850.



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