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Luitenant-generaal Hendrik George de Perponcher-Sedlnitsky

By Geert van Uythoven

Luitenant-generaal Hendrik George de Perponcher-Sedlnitsky 1771~1856)
Commander of the 2e Nederlandsche Divisie in June 1815

Curriculum Vitae*

In Dutch Service:

11 February 1788 - Vaandrig in the Regiment Waalsche Dragonders of Generaal majoor van Bijlandt
23 March 1792 - Kapitein, commanding a compagnie
1793 - Aide de Camp to Prins Willem George Frederik van Oranje-Nassau (†1799) in the campaign against the French

In Austrian service:

April 1798 - Rittmeister, still as Aide de camp to Prins Willem George Frederik
19 September 1799 - Major

In British service:

28 January 1800 - Major in the Regiment Jäger of General von Löwenstein
26 January 1804 - Lieutenant-colonel and commander of the Dillon Regiment at Malta
13 December 1808 - Colonel and commander of the Lusitanian Legion in Portugal
28 June 1809 - Chief of the General Staff of the Corps of Light Infantry in Zeeland
31 December 1813 - Colonel-adjudant to the sovereign Prins van Oranje (Later Koning Willem I)

In Netherlands service:

27 March 1814 - Generaal-majoor
11 April 1814 - Commander of the 1e Brigade of the 1e Divisie of the Mobiele Corps d'Armée
1 August 1814 - Commander of the 2e Mobiele Brigade of the Corps d'Armée for the occupation of Belgium
August 1814 - Asked and received his dismission to enter diplomatic service, appointed as plenipotentiary minister at the Prussian court
4 April 1815 - Recalled into service after Napoleon's return from Elba; appointed commander of the 2e Divisie of the Koninklijke Nederlandsche Mobiele Armée
21 April 1815 - Luitenant-generaal


1793 and 1794 - in Flandres (Wervinq)
1800 - in Germany
1801 - in Egypt
1808 - in Portugal
1809 - in Zeeland
1814 - in the Netherlands
1815 - in the Netherlands and France

* up to and including 18 June 1815


F. de Bas: Prins Frederik der Nederlanden en zijn tijd, Vol. IV; Schiedam 1904

F. de Bas and J. de T'Serclaes de Wommersom: La Campagne de 1815 aux Pays-Bas, d'après les rapports officiels Néerlandais; Bruxelles 1908

P.C. Molhuysen, P.J. Blok, L. Knappert: Nieuw Nederlandsch Biografisch Woordenboek, Vol. V; Leiden 1921.


Placed on the Napoleon Series: January 2014