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Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars 1793-1815: Hessen-Homburg, Ludwig Wilheim Friedrich, Landgraf von

By: Digby Smith

Hessen-Homburg, Ludwig Wilheim Friedrich, Landgraf von (1148) GM. Commander, 3rd Brigade, III Corps in 1813.

Born on 29 August 1770 in Homburg (west Germany) to Landgraf Friedrich V von Hessen - Homburg; died 2 April 1829 (?). Entered Prussian military service on 18 November 1788, being commissioned as Kapt on the army staff; on 12 May 1790 he transferred to IR von Wendessen Nr 29. On 9 January 1793 he was ordered to join the king`s suite at Frankfurt / Main. On 22 January he was attached to IR von Romberg Nr 10 as company commander; he fought in the clashes at Altstadt, Eschweiler, Herzogenhand, Zweibrücken, Meckenheim, Fenningen, Edighofen and at the battle of Kaiserslautern. On 7 April 1794 he was promoted Maj. On 18 January 1800 he was awarded the RAO. On 20 May 1803 he was promoted to ObstLt and on 3 January 1804 he was appointed CO of IR von Wedel Nr 10. On 18 June 1805 he was promoted to Obst. In 1806 he had no field command and was captured at the capitulation of Erfurt. In 1807 he was not activated. On 25 July 1808 he was promoted to GM and appointed to command a brigade in Ostpreussen. On 16 February 1810 he was appointed GOC of the Brandenburg Brigade, which, in 1813, was in the III Corps. He  fought at C Luckau, where he won the EK II. He also fought at Gross-Beeren, Dennewitz and Leipzig. On 21 October he was promoted to GL and on 27 December, appointed GOC of all LW units between Elbe and Rhine. On 18 December he was awarded the MTO Ch for Leipzig. From 29 January to 26 April 1814 he served at the blockade of Wesel and was then at the sieges of Luxemburg, Thionville and Mezieres. On 15 April 1815 he was appointed Governor of Luxemburg. On 10 December 1816 he was awarded the Russian OStV; on 21 January 1818 he was awarded the Order of Ludwig GC (of Hessen – Darmstadt). On 25 April 1821 he was awarded the Hanoverian Guelfen O GC. On  25 September 1823 he was appointed Chef of Prussian IR Nr 16 and on 18 June 1825 he was promoted to GoI. On 2 April 1829 he succeeded to the throne of Hessen - Homburg; on 18 November 1838 – awarded the HOSA Ch with diamonds.

Placed on the Napoleon Series: December 2010


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