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Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars 1793-1815: Krafft, Karl August Adolf, von

By: Digby Smith

Krafft, Karl August Adolf, von (1278) Colonel, Commander 6th Brigade, III Corps in 1813.

Born on 9 November 1764 in Delitz am Berge; died on 18 April 1840 in Königsberg. His father was August Christian Lebrecht; see above. He entered Prussian military service on 30 March 1778 as Gfkpl, IR von Pelkowski Nr 4. On 2 October 1779 he was promoted to Pfrch and on 29 October 1781 to Frch. On 28 May 1787 he was promoted to Sklt, IR von Egloffstein Nr 4. From 1794 to 1795 he fought in the Polish war at the siege of Warsaw, Czekoczin and Sochaczew. On 30 March 1794 he was promoted to Prlt and on 16 May 1794 he was appointed ADC to the War College in South Prussia. On 17 July 1795 he was promoted to Stkapt; on 23 January 1796 he was promoted to Kapt on the army staff. On 23 June1796 – appointed ADC to GFM Herzog Ferdinand von Braunschweig and transferred to the suite of IR von Crousatz Nr 39. On 3 January 1801 he was promoted to Maj; on 14 November 1801 he was transferred to the suite of IR von Kleist Nr 5. On 27 January 1803 he again transferred, this time to IR Graf von Wartensleben Nr 59 as a battalion commander. On 22 August 1804 he was appointed to command Grenadier Bn 48 / 59. On 2 June 1805 he was awarded the PLM. In the war of 1806 he was wounded at Auerstädt. On 20 August 1808 he was appointed to command the Füsilier Battalion of the IR Colberg Nr 9. On 4 July 1809 he was appointed CO of the 4th East Prussian IR Nr 5 in Graudenz, now Grudziadz, on the River Vistula / Visla, south of Gdansk in Poland. On 11 December 1809 he was appointed commandant of the town. On 7 February 1810 he was promoted to Obst Lt; 13 Nov 1811 – appointed to command a brigade in Pommerania; 15 May 1812 – promoted to Obst; 10 Mar 1813 – appointed to command the blockading force at Stettin. 27 Mar 1813 – appointed commander, 6th Bde (later 6th Div) in Bülow`s III Corps. Fought at Hoyerswerda (where he won the EK II), Gross-Beeren (where his brigade stormed the village), Dennewitz – his brigade held out on the right wing against great odds until Borstell`s brigade came up in support. On 13 Sep 1813 he was promoted to GM; distinguished at Leipzig, 21 Oct – received the EK I for Dennewitz; he also fought at the siege of Wittenberg and the storm of Arnhem. 1814 – fought at the blockade of Stettin, the sieges of Magdeburg, `s Hertogenboschand Bred and the blockade of Antwerp. He also fought at Soissons, Laon, Landrecies, Philippville and Givet. 1815 – 20 Mar – awarded the OStA I, 23 Mar – appointed GOC, 6th Bde, II Corps. He fought at Ligny, where his brigade was the rearguard and held fast, enabling an orderly withdrawal to be conducted. He also fought at  Waterloo and was distinguished at Namur. 24 Sep 1815 – appointed to command a brigade in Stettin; 2 Oct – awarded oakleaves to his PLM and RAO III for Namur. 3 Oct – received a gift of Thr 2,000. 18 Jun 1816 – awarded the RAO II with oakleaves. 10 Dec – awarded the OStG IV; 30 Mar 1817 – promoted to GL. 8 May 1817 – appointed commandant of Stettin. 5 Sep 1818 – appointed GOC, 3rd Division. 18 Jan 1822 – awarded the RAO I with oakleaves. 18 Jun 1825 – appointed GOC I Corps; 26 Jul 1825 – awarded the Service Cross. 2 Sep 1826 – appointed Chef of IR Nr 5; 20 Mar 1829 – awarded the HOSA Ch ; 26 Mar 1832 – retired as GoI .Date and place of death unknown. 


Placed on the Napoleon Series: April 2011


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