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Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

Prussian Generals of the Napoleonic Wars 1793-1815: Borcke, Karl August Ferdinand von

By: Digby Smith

Borcke, Karl August Ferdinand von. (1276). Born on 18 February 1776 in Stargard (now Stargard Szczecinski, east of Szczecin), Pomerania; his father, Ernst Gottlieb Kurt, was a retired major and Herr auf Dewsberg, Kreis Belgard (now Bialogard, northeast of Szczecin, Poland). On 3 April 1787, he entered Stargard university, and on 22 April 1789, entered Prussian military service as a cadet in Berlin. On 19 January 1790, he was appointed Gfkpl, in the IR von Raumer Nr 36. On 16 October 1793, he was commissioned as Frch in the regimental depot battalion. On 3 February 1794, he entered the regiment proper. On 1 July 1795, he was promoted to Sklt, and on 4 May 1802, was posted to the staff of the Academie Militaire in Berlin. On 2 April 1804, he was promoted to Stkpt, and on 13 June 1809, to Kpt. On 11 Jul 1809, he was appointed temporary director of the Academie Militaire, and on 11 May 1810, he was promoted to Major, in the suite of the army. On 20 June 1810, he was transferred to 1. Pommeranian IR Nr 2 as a supernumary officer, and on 10 January 1811, appointed Kiech. On 4 April 1811, he was appointed OC of the Füs Bn of his regiment. Von Borcke went to Russia as part of the mobilised corps in 1812; he fought at Dahlenkirchen on 15 November, where he won the PLM and was wounded. On 18 April 1813, he was promoted to Obstlt, and on 1 July of that year, appointed CO, of the Brandenburg IR Nr 12. In the Wars of Liberation he fought at Lüneburg on 21 April 1813 (where he was the first to be awarded the newly instituted EK II), the Katzbach, and was very distinguished at Leipzig, where he was wounded and awarded the EK I, the Russian OV III and the SwedishOrder of the Sword). He also fought at the clash at Fromentieres. On 28 September 1813, he was promoted to Obst, and on 8 December 1813, was awarded oakleaves to his PLM. On 13 May 1814, he was promoted to GM, and on 1 August 1814, was appointed temporary GOC of a brigade in I Corps. On 23 March 1815, he was appointed GOC of a brigade in III Corps, but on 31 March, he was appointed commandant of Luxemburg fortress. On 15 April 1815, he was appointed GOC, 9. Bde, III Corps, and fought at Ligny. On 2 October 1815, he was awarded the RAO III, and on 27 October 1815, he received a gift of Thlr 2,000 from the king. On 3 September 1817, he was awarded the RAO II with oakleaves. On 5 September 1818, he was appointed GOC 4. Div. On 30 March 1824, he was promoted to GL; on 26 July 1825, he was awarded the Dienstkreuz, and on 20 January 1828, the RAO I. He died on 15 December 1830 in Stargard.


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