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Biographical Dictionaries

A Biographical Dictionary of All Austrian Generals during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars 1792 - 1815 by Leopold Kudrna and Digby Smith

A Biographical Dictionary of Russian Generals during the Napoleonic Wars by Alexander Mikaberidze

British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815 by Ron McGuigan

Generals Who Served in the French Army during the Period 1789 - 1815 by Tony Broughton

Adlercreutz, General Count Carl Johan

General Count Carl Johan Adlercreutz (1757-1815)
By Göran Frilund

A heroic general who has stayed in Finnish and Swedish hearts for a hundred years.

Alava, Don Miguel-Ricardo de

At Trafalgar and Waterloo: Don Miguel-Ricardo de Alava
By Stephen Millar

The only man to serve at both Trafalgar and Waterloo!

Bagration, Peter

Peter Bagration: The Best Georgian General of the Napoleonic Wars
By Alexander Mikaberidze
A massive biography of one the greatest generals fighting for Russia. This article focuses mainly on his contributions during the French invasion of 1812.

Beauharnais, Eugene

Macdonald and Prince Eugene: The Battle of the Piave
By Mike Hallaron
The 1809 campaign in Italy saw Prince Eugene's first campaign as an army commander. It was also notable in that future Marshal E. J. J. A. Macdonald was recalled from early retirement to fight under Eugene in Italy where the two men developed a professional relationship. Macdonald's experience and guidance were critical to Eugene's success and personal development as a general. Their first taste of victory came at the Battle of the Piave River. This article is based on a chapter from a new biography of Marshal Macdonald which the author hopes to have published very soon.

Berthier, Alexandre

The Indispensable Marshal: Louis-Alexandre Berthier (1753-1815)
By Kevin Kiley

A fresh look at the senior marshal in the French Empire.

Bessieres, Jean-Baptiste

Bessieres and the Guides of Bonaparte: a Biographical Outline
By Roberto Scattolin

Bessieres and his relationship with Napoleon

Blake y Joyes, Joaqu�n

General Joa Blake y Joyes
By: Rodolfo B.Gonz�lez
Translated by: C�sar P�rez

General Joaqu�n Blake y Joyes
By José Manuel Rodriguez

Two rare biograghies of a Spanish General.

Bonaparte, Joseph

Joseph Bonaparte's Sojourn in America
By Alan Hills

Joseph Bonaparte's life in America.

Point Breeze: Joseph Bonaparte's Home in America
By Tom Holmberg

Joseph Bonaparte escaped to America in 1815 and lived in New Jersey...

The Spanish Legacy: Portrait of a King – through the Eyes of a Soldier
By Roberto A. Scattolin

The problems of King Joseph's rule in Spain, as seen by a French Soldier

Bonaparte, Napoleon

The Lost Voices of Napoleonic Historians
Thomas J. Vance
While new biographies abound, they cannot replace the many great books about Napoleon that are now out-of-print. To capture these lost voices, we must rely on well-stocked public and college libraries and our favorite used bookshops. This article highlights nine such authors, who were objective and free with their opinions about Napoleon, focusing on their opinions about Napoleon's place in history.

Bortolini, Bartolomeo
Dans le Sillage de l’Honneur
: Historiographical Specifications on the Trentine Memories of Bartolomeo Bortolini

The Weight of Honour: Bartolomeo Bortolini’s Military Career

A Long Way to Glory: Questions on Bartolomeo Bortolini
By Roberto Scattolin

Tracing the roots and the controversies surrounding an Italian soldier.

Brune, Marshal Guillaume

The Rehabilitation of Marshal Brune

La Rehabilitation du Marechal Brune (In French)
By Dominique Contant

How and why the marshal was lynched in 1815 and how his wife restored his reputation.

Brunerie, Maréchal de France Guillaume Dode de La Brunerie

Maréchal de France Guillaume Dode de La Brunerie: Le Vauban des temps modernes
Par François Lo Presti

Marshal Guillaume Dode de la Brunierie: the Vauban of Modern Times
By François Lo Presti

An exhaustive biography of the first engineer officer to become a Marshal since Vauban. This paper is both in French and English.

Byron, Lord

Between Emperor and Exile: Byron and Napoleon
By John Clubbe

The fame English poet was fascinated by the Emperor. This paper examines their relationship from 1814 - 1816.

Cambronne, Pierre

Newspaper Accounts of the Trial of General Pierre Cambronne: 27 April 1816
Compiled by Susan Howard

How the trial was covered in The Times of London.

Caracciolo, Franois

Une vie de gentilhomme des mers: L�amiral Francesco Caracciolo, duc de Brienza
The Life of a Gentlman of the Seas: Admiral Francesco Caracciolo, Duke of Brienza
(The abridged English version.)
By Dr. Gabriel Vital-Durand

The controversial death of a Neapolitian Admiral in 1799.

Clarke, Henri

Henri Clarke, Minister of War, and the Malet Conspiracy
By Everett Dague

The man behind the attempted coup-d'etat against Napoleon in 1812.

Cuesta, Gregorio Garc�a de la

Gregorio Garc�a de la Cuesta
By José Manuel Rodriguez and Arsenio Garcia Fuentes
Translated by Caroline Miley

The Spanish commander at Talavera.

Davout, Louis Nicholas

Davout and Napoleon: A Study of Their Personal Relationship
By John Gallaher

A look at the often stormy relationship between the Emperor and his most capable subordinate.

de Jongh, Wybrand Adriaan

Lt-Colonel Wybrand Adriaan De Jongh (1776 - 1821)
By Marco Bijl

Dorokhov, General Lieutenant Ivan Semyonovich

General Lieutenant Ivan Semyonovich Dorokhov (1762-1815)
By Robert A. Mosher
A look at one of Russia's great cavalry leaders who played a key role at Borodino and Maloyaroslavets.

Drouot, Jean Batpiste

Newspaper Accounts of the Trial of General Jean Baptiste Drouot: 18 August 1815 - 12 April 1816
Compiled by Susan Howard

How the trial was covered in The Times of London.

Dumonceau, General Jean-Baptiste

General Jean-Baptiste Dumonceau: The Unblemished General
By Bruno Nackaerts
One of the most effective, but least known generals of the French Empire was General Jean-Baptiste Dumonceau.

Foures, Pauline

Pauline Foures: Napoleon's Cleopatra
By David Roberts
A biography of Napoleon's mistress during the Egyptian Campaign.

Godoy, Manuel

The Royal Favorite: Manuel Francisco Domingo de Godoy, Prince of the Peace
By Stephen Millar

A biography of one of history's most notorious ‘social climbers’.

de Herrasti, Perez

Perez de Herrasti, Governor of Ciudad Rodrigo: "the thumb breaks but does not bend"
By Miguel Martín Angel Mas
Translated by Caroline Miley

A biography of the defender of Ciudad Rodrigo

Higgins, Sarah

The Letters of Sarah Higgins

An unusual collection of letters from the wife of an officer in the British Army. They provide insight into the life of military wives of the time.

Higgins, Thomas

Lieutenant Thomas Higgins

Lieutenant Higgins was an officer in the British 45th Foot Regiment. Contains information on his commission, images of his image, and a letter written concerning the French Invasion scare of 1804.

More Letters from Lieutenant Thomas Higgins

Hugo, Louis Joseph

Louis Joseph Hugo
By Dominique Contant

A biography of the uncle that Victor Hugo wrote so much about.

Isabey, Jean Baptiste

Jean Baptiste Isabey: The Little Court Painter
By Chris Maine
Art Historians only too recently have attempted to fully come to terms with the works of the famous Neo-Classical artist Jacques Louis David. Searching for a place in history to place both David and his works into social context, these so-called historians have often overlooked the significant contributions of several of David's contemporaries. Men such as Jean Baptiste Isabey...

Jefferson, Thomas

Thomas Jefferson on Great Britain
By Tom Holmberg

A collection of quotes made by Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd President of the United States, about Great Britain.

Jomini, Antoine-Henri Baron de

General Antoine-Henri Baron de Jomini with the État-Major Général in 1812
By Eman Vovsi

Jomini's duties in Napoleon's Headquarters.


Newspaper Accounts of the Trial and Execution of General Charles Angelique Huchet, Comte de Labedoyere: 15 - 24 August 1815: 15 - 24 August 1815
Compiled by Susan Howard

Newspaper accounts of the trial and escape of Napoleon's aide-de-camp.

Lannes, Jean

A Military Bull in a Diplomatic China Shop: General Jean Lannes's Mission to Lisbon 1802-1804
By Margaret Chrisawn

The future Marshal's less than successful career as a diplomat!

Lavalette, Comte Marie

The Trial and Escape of Count Marie Lavalette: 16 November 1815 - 2 January 1816
Compiled by Susan Howard

Newspaper accounts of the trial and escape of Napoleon's aide-de-camp.

Loison, Comte Louis-Henri

Comte Louis-Henri Loison: General Divisionnaire 1771-1816
Par Henri Jeanpierre

An exhaustive biography of French general Comte Louis-Henri Loison. This paper is in French.


Newspaper Accounts of the Proclamation of King Louis XVIII upon His Return to France: 28 June 1815
Compiled By Susan Howard

Macnab, Alexander

A Canadian Peninsular and Waterloo Man: The Story of Captain Alexander Macnab, 2/30th Foot
By Major John Grodzinski

A short biography of a Canadian who died at Waterloo.


Napoleon's Marshals
By Artea
Here you will find the biographies of the Marshals. They come from the CD-Rom: Napoleon, Europe and the Empire by Infogrames. Many thanks to Infogrames and Artea for making this text freely available by not putting any copyright on it. If you are really interested in Napoleon then you must get this CD-Rom, it is one of the best works on Napoleon I have ever seen. Look for it on the Infogrames homepage.

A Guide to the French Marshals
By Alexander Mikaberidze

A handy guide to the French Marshalate! Here you can find out dates of birth, death, mariages, wives names, children, dates of rank, etc.r

Wives and Children of the Marshals
By CoriHauer-Galambos, François Lo Presti, & Max Sewell

A list of the wives and children of Napoleon's Marshals.

The Marshals' Final Resting Place: Le Cimetiere du Pere-Lachaise
By Tony Broughton

A virtual tour of the tombs and mausoleums of the French Marshals.

Masséna, André

André Masséna, Prince D'Essling, in the Age of Revolution
By Donald D. Horward

A look at the career of a man who is thought by some to be as great of a military genius as Napoleon.

Mocquery, Alexandre

Address given by M. Dondeau at the Funeral of General Mocquery, who died at Ervy (Aube) on 5 January 1853
Provided by Ian H. Hill

Murat, Achilles

Prince Achilles Murat’s Grave in Tallahassee, Florida
By Alexander Mikaberidze

A photographic tour of his and his wife's gravesite.

Murat, Joachim

Joachim Murat and the Kingdom of Naples:  1808 – 1815
By: Dale Pappas

A short history of Murat and his kingdom.

Murat: Deacon, Waiter, General, Marshal, King
By David Block

One of the most flamboyant figures of the Napoleonic period was Joachim Murat. His father, a hotel keeper, intended him to become a priest...

Napoleon II

The Eaglet in Uniform: The Military Service of Napoleon II
By Thomas Vance

The brief military career of Napoleon's heir.

Ney, Marshal Michel

The Lack of Opposition to the Execution of Marshal Ney
By Bruno Nackaerts

One of the most popular of Napoleon's marshals is undoubtedly Michel Ney, affectionately known to his troops as "le Rougeaud" ("ginger") for the color of his hair. So how could this man, later known as the "the Bravest of the Brave" be executed in a Paris public park?

"Pour encourager les autres": The Trial and Execution of Marshal Michel Ney
By Stephen Millar

The politics behind the execution.

Newspaper Accounts of the Trial and Execution of Marshal Michel Ney
Compiled by Susan Howard
Note: This paper won the prize for the Best Publication and/or Translation into English of New Archival Material or Books Long Out of Print Category in the 2006 Napoleon Series Writing Contest!

How the trial was covered in The Times of London.

Silent Words, Silent Histories: a Controversial Case of Reading about Marshal Ney
By Roberto A. Scattolin

More anecdotes about how Marshal Ney escaped to America.

Oudinot, Nicolas Charles

Marshal Nicolas Charles Oudinot: "Le Bayard de l'armée français"

A biography of the marshal who was wounded more times than any of the others, but still lived to be 80 years old!

Piontkowski, Charles Frederic Jules

Piontkowski: A Life of True Devotion
By Bob Elmer

A biography of the man who twice accompanied Napoleon into exile, firstly to Elba, and then to St. Helena.

Plunkett, Thomas

Rifleman Thomas Plunkett: 'A Pattern for the Battalion'
By Stuart Hadaway

Rifleman Plunkett, like so many of the common soldiers of the day, was destined for obscurity, until he took the shot that made him famous!

la Romana, Pedro Caro y Sureda, 3rd Marquis of

Pedro Caro y Sureda, 3rd Marquis of la Romana
By Jose Manuel Rodriguez

The premier Spanish general of the Peninsula War.

Smith, Digby

Digby 'Otto Von Pivka' Smith
By Nick Smith

A biography of one of the most well known and prolific authors who cover the Napoleonic Era.

Spanish Artillery Officers

Spanish Artillery Officers during the War of Independence
Translated by Caroline Miley


Following in the Footsteps of Glory: Stendhal's Napoleonic Career
By J. David Markham

One of the most notable literary figures of 19th Century Europe was at first an official in Napoleon's government.

Suvorov, Aleksandr Vasiliyevich

Suvorov - Russia's Eagle Over the Alps
By Robert A. Mosher

Born into the lesser nobility, in the city of Moscow, on November 24, 1729, Aleksandr Suvorov would spend most of his 72 years in military service to the Russian Tsars and die - according to legend - of heartbreak when Tsar Paul I denied him both recognition and the opportunity of further service even in the face of ill-health and old age.

van Bijlandt, Willem

Major General Willem Frederik van Bijlandt (1771 - 1855)
By Marco Bijl

Zayas, Jos de

José de Zayas
By José Manuel Rodriguez
Translated by Caroline Miley

One of the best Spanish generals of the Napoleonic Era.


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