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Wives and Children of the Marshals

By Cori Hauer-Galambos, François Lo Presti, & Max Sewell

Readers will note that there are some dates and information missing. If anyone can supply any missing details (including their source) we would be glad to add them to this article.

AUGEREAU, Pierre François Charles, duc de Castiglione: First married in Naples in 1788 (Joséphine Marie Marguerite) Gabrielle Grach (died in La Houssaye on 21 August 1806) and later married Adelaide Josephine de Bourlon de Chavanges (died on 2 December 1869 in Paris). No issue from either wife.

BERNADOTTE, Jean-Baptiste Jules, prince de Ponte Corvo, King of Sweden: married (Bernadine Eugénie) Désirée Clary (Joseph Bonaparte's wife's sister, whom Napoleon had wooed) on 17 August 1798. Désirée Clary died in Stockholm on 17 December 1860. They had one son, Oscar, born 4 July 1799 who was king of Sweden from 1844 to 1857; Oscar died in 1859.

BERTHIER, Louis-Alexandre, prince de Neuchâtel et de Wagram: married Maria Elizabeth, princess of Pfalz-Zweibrüken-Birkenfeld, 9 March 1808. She died in Paris on 1st June 1849. They had three children, one son, two daughters: Napoléon Alexandre Louis Joseph born in Paris on 11 September 1810 and died in Paris on 10 February 1887; Caroline Joséphine born in Paris on 20 October 1812 and died in 1905; Marie Anne Wilhelmine Alexandrine Elisabeth born on 20 February 1815 and died in Paris on 23 July 1878.

BESSIÈRES, Jean-Baptiste, duc d'Istrie: married (Marie Jeanne) Adèle Lapeyrière on 26 October 1801. They had one son called Napoléon, born in Preyssac (Lot) on 2 August 1802. Napoléon Bessières died in the castel of Arnouville on 21 July 1856 with no issue from his wife.

BRUNE, Guillaume Marie Ann: married Angélique Pierre in 1793. They had no issue, but adopted two daughters.

DAVOUT, Louis Nicholas, duc d'Auerstadt and prince d'Eckmühl: married his first wife, Marie-Nicolle Adelaide (née de Seguenot) on 8 November 1791. He divorced her on 4 January 1794, and married (Louise) Aimée Leclerc on 9 (or 12?) November 1801. Louise Aimée died in Paris on 17 December 1868, she was sister of the generals Leclerc comtes de l'Empire. They had twelve children, among whom were; Paul (1802-1803); Josephine, 1804 (died 1805); a second (Antoinette) Josephine, 1805 (died on 19 August 1821); Adèle Napoléonie June 1807 (died on 21 January 1885 in Paris); Napoléon, March 1809 (died 1810); Jules, 1809 (died in infancy); and (Napoléon) Louis, 6 January 1811 (died on 13 August 1853); Jules (1812-1813); Louise Adélaïde, 8 July 1815 (died in Paris on 6 October 1892). As can be seen, few children survived infancy.

GROUCHY, Emmanuel, marquis de: married Cecile-Céleste Le Doulcet de Pontécoulant (1767-1827) in 1785. From the first wife, he had four children (two sons, two daughter) his older child was Ernestine born in 1787 and died in 1866; the first son was Alphonse Frédéric (Emmanuel) (1789-1864) who became lieutenant-general in 1842; then Aimée-Clémentine was born in 1791, she died in 1826 without children; Victor (1796-1864) was the last son. Married again to Fanny Hua in 1827. They had one daughter named Noémie in 1830 who died at the age of thirteen in 1843.

JOURDAN Jean-Baptiste, later comte: married Jeanne Nicolas in Limoges on 22 January 1788 (she died in Limoges on 9 October 1840). They had five daughters: Angélique Catherine (1789 or 1791-Naples 7 March 1879); Camille died in 1842; Jeanne Madeleine Delphine (1797-1839); Sophie Catherine Victoire died in 1820; and Nina (1800-1833).

KELLERMAN, François Etienne, comte, later duc de Valmy: married Marie-Anne de Barbé-Marbois on 26 September 1769 in Metz. They had one son and one daughter: the famous general François Etienne Kellermann born in Metz on 4 August 1770 (died on 2 June 1835 in Paris); Marguerite Cécile, born in Metz on 15 March 1773 and died on 12 August 1850.

LANNES, Jean, duc de Montebello: first married (Jeanne Jacqueline Barbe) called "Paulette" Méric on 19 March 1795. During this marriage, she had one son named Jean-Claude born on 12 February 1799 (died on 1817), but Jean Lannes was unlikely to have been the father since he hadn't seen his wife for more than 10 months. He divorced her on July 25, 1799.

Married again on 15 September 1800 to Louise Antoinette (Scholastique) Guéhéneuc (she died in Paris on 3 July 1856). They had five children: (Louis) Napoléon who became minister of the Marine, born in Paris on 30 July 1801, died on 19 July 1874; Alfred, Lisbon 11 July 1802, died in Paris on 20 or 24 June 1861; (Jean) Ernest, born in Lisbon 10 August 1803, died in Pau on 24 November 1882; Gustave (Olivier) who became General de division and aide de camp of Napoleon III, born in Paris 4 December 1804 and died in Blosseville on 29 August 1875; and Joséphine, 4 March 1806 (and/or ? Louise, born in 1805) and died on 8 November 1889.

LEFÈBVRE, François Joseph, duc de Danzig: married Catherine Hübscher on 1 March 1783. They had fourteen children (12 sons, 2 daughters): twelve died in infancy, the two survivors died before their father. the two known sons were: Marie Joseph Xavier, born on 10 March 1785, became general de brigade in 1812 but died on 15 december 1812 in Wilna; and a second son named Joseph, called "Coco" born in 1802 and died maybe in 1817.

MACDONALD, Jacques Etienne Joseph Alexandre, duc de Tarente: first marriage to Marie-Constance Soral de Monloisir on 5 May 1791. Wife died on 10 March 1797, two daughters: Anne Charlotte, born on 29 February 1792, died on 28 May 1870; Adèle Elisabeth, born on 31 January 1794, died on 15 November 1822.

Second marriage on 26 June 1802 to Félicité (Françoise) de Montholon, widow of Joubert. She died on 21 September 1804, one daughter: Alexandrine Anne Sidonie, born in 1803, died in Paris on 24 November 1869.

Third marriage to Ernestine (Thérèse Gasparine) de Bourgoing on 25 September 1821, wife died on 13 April 1825. The son born from this third marriage was named Louis Marie Alexandre Charles, born in Paris on 11 November 1824 and died on 6 April 1881.

MARMONT, Auguste Frederic Louis Viesse de, duc de Raguse: married (Anne Marie) Hortense Perregaux on 12 April 1798, no children. His wife died in Paris on 25 May 1857.

MASSENA, André, duc de Rivoli, prince de Essling: married Anne-Marie-Rosalie Lamare on 10 August 1789. They had two sons, two daughters: Marie (1790-1794); Jacques Prosper who became chef d'escadron, born in Antibes on 25 June 1793, died on 13 May 1821; Victoire Thérèse salled "Thècle" born in Antibes on 28 September 1794, died on 18 March 1857 in Paris.; François Victor, born in Antibes on 2 April 1799, died on 16 April 1863.

MONCEY, Bon Adrien Jannot de, duc de Conegliano: married Charlotte de Remillet in 1790. They had three children named Anne-Françoise (1791-1842), Bon-Marie (1792-1817) and Jeanne (1807-1853).

MORTIER, Adolphe Edouard Casimir Joseph, duc de Trévise: married Eve-Anne Himmes (or Hymnès) on 25 (or 26) January 1799. They had seven children: Napoléon, born in Issy on 7 August 1804, died on 30 December 1869 in Sceaux; Edouard (1806-1815); Edouard Adolphe Hector Joseph, died at the age of twelve; Caroline Marie Anne Eve Marguerite born on 1st January 1800, died in Bruxelles on 1st March 1842; Sophie Malvina Joséphine, born in 1803, died on 28 November 1883; Louise (1811-1831); Eve Sophie Stéphanie born in Paris, on 29 August 1814, died in 1890.

MURAT, Joachim, prince et roi de Naples: married Caroline Bonaparte on 18 (or 20?) January 1800 (she died on 18 May 1839 in Firenze). They had four children; (Napoléon) Achille, born in Paris 21 January 1801, died in Jefferson County (Florida) 15 April 1847; (Laetitia Joséphine) Marie, Paris 25 or 26 April 1802, died in Bologna 12 March 1859; (Napoléon Charles) Lucien, Milano 16 May 1803, died in Paris 10 April 1878; and Louise (Julie Caroline), Paris 21 or 22 March 1805, died in Ravenna 19 July 1876 (or 1889?).

NEY, Michel, prince de la Moscowa, duc d'Elchingen: married Aglaé (Louise) Auguié on 5 August 1802 (other sources indicate July 1802) (she died on 1st July 1854 in Paris). They had four sons: Napoleon Joseph who became general de brigade, born on 8 May 1803 in Paris, died in Saint-Germain-en-Laye 25 July 1857; (Michel) Louis Felix who became also general de brigade, Paris 24 August 1804, died in Gallipoli on 14 July 1854; Eugène Michel, 1806, died in Paris 25 October 1845; Napoleon Henri Edgar, Paris 14 March 1812, died in Paris 13 October 1882. This last one became general de division, Grand-Veneur and aide de camp of Napoleon III.

OUDINOT, Nicolas Charles Marie, duc de Reggio: married François Charlotte Derlin on 15 September 1789. She died on 22 May 1810 in Bar-sur-Onain. Seven children: Nicolas Charles Victor who became general de division and general in chief of the Armée d'Italie in 1849, (born 3 November 1791-died 8 July 1863); Auguste future colonel (1799-1835); Marie Louise who married the cavalry general Claude Pajol, born in Bar-le-Duc on 21 August 1790, died in Paris 18 April 1832; Caroline Nicolette (1796 or 1795?- Bar-le-Duc 4 April 1865) who married the general Guillaume Latrille de Lorencez; Emélie (1796-1805); Joséphine Hippolyte Elisa, born in 1801, died in Versailles 5 June 1882; Stéphanie, born in 1809, died in the castel de Villandry on 18 October 1893.

After the death of his first wife, he married Eugénie de Coussey, in 1812. They had four children: Charles Joseph Gabriel who became lieutenant-colonel, born in 1819, died in the castel of Coulogne on 10 December 1858; Victor Angélique Henri, born on 3 February 1822, died on 29 July 1891 being general de brigade since 1870; Louise Marie Thérèse (1816-1909); Caroline Philippine, born in 1818 and died in Paris on 7 May 1896.

PÉRIGNON, Catherine Dominique, marquis de: married Hélène-Catherine de Grenier on 14 February 1786. She died in Montech on 28 October 1816. They had eleven children. Among them, we know at least 3 sons: Jean-Baptiste Sophie Pierre, (1789- 14 January 1807); François Henri became lieutenant-colonel, born in Montech on 23 February 1793, died in Grenade on 19 october 1841; Léopold (1806-1862). These 3 boys had 8 sisters: Marie Josèphe Mélanie,born in 1788, died in Bordeaux on 21 January 1858; Marie Françoise Germaine born in 1789, died on 15 May 1844; Justine died in infancy; Elisabeth died in infancy; Marie-Agnès Irma, born in Montech on 5 April 1803, died in Toulouse on 16 December 1849; Adèle died in infancy; Caroline (1799-1819); Octavie (1804-1847).

PONIATOWSKI, Josef Anton, Prince: never married. A liason with Sophie Potocka produced a son in 1810, adopted by his aunt, the countess Tyzskiewicz. His son was named Charles Maurice Joseph Ponityki-Poniatowski and died in Tlemcen on 18 march 1855.

SAINT CYR, Laurent Gouvion, comte and later marquis de: married his first cousin, Anne Gouvion on 26 February 1795. They had one son, Laurent-Camille, born on 30 December 1815 and died in 1904.

SÉRURIER, Jean Mathieu Philibert, comte: married Louise Marie Itasse in 1799. They had no children, but adopted the daughter of one of his sous officers in 1814. This girl was named Marguerite-Félécité Desprez (1795-1854).

SOULT, Nicolas Jean de Dieu: married Louise Berg of Solingen on 26 April 1796. They had three children; Napoléon-Hector (1802-1857); (Joséphine-Louise)-Hortense (1804-1862); and Caroline (1817-1817).

 SUCHET, Louis Gabriel, duc d'Albufera: married Honorine Antoine de Saint-Joseph (niece of Julie and Desirée Clary) on 16 November 1808. They had 1 son, Louis-Napoléon (23 May 1813- 22 July 1867 or 1877), and two daughters, Louise-Honorine (8 May 1811- 23 October 1885) and Anne-Marie (1820- 27 May 1835).

 VICTOR, Claude Victor-Perrin, (so-called) duc de Bellune: married Jeanne-Josephine Muguet in 1791. Four children, divorced in 1802. From the first wife, he had: Victorine (1792- 22 january 1822 or 1816); Charles (1795- 15 March 1827); Napoleon-Victor-François (Milano 24 October 1796 - Paris 2 December 1853); Napoleon-Victor-Eugene (1799 - Paris 30 March 1852).

He married again Julie Vosch d'Avesaat in 1804 and had from this wife, one daughter, Stéphanie-Joséphine-Louise (1805-1832).



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