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François Christophe Kellermann, Duc de Valmy, Marshal (1804)

(Born Strasbourg, 1735 - Died Paris, 1820)


Kellermann senior, the architect of the victory of Valmy, saves France in 1792: the Republic is proclaimed the day after the battle.

Already in the army at the age of 15, Kellermann is a career soldier by the time the Revolution breaks out. In 1789, he is brigadier of the royal armies. As such, he is in command at the battle of Valmy (September 20, 1792).

The following year, he crushes the Lyon uprising. The Committee of Public Safety finds him suspect and has him imprisoned. Freed after 9-Thermidor, Kellermann is put in command of the Army of the Alps and of Italy in May 1795. He turns his forces over to Bonaparte in October 1797, when the Army of the Alps is merged with the Army of Italy. He is appointed inspector general of the cavalry of the Army of England, then of the Army of Holland.

After 18-Brumaire, Bonaparte showers him with honors, appointing him senator in January 1800, then President of the Senate on August 2, 1801. He becomes a member of the board of the Légion d'Honneur on July 2, 1802.

Promoted to marshal on May 19, 1804, he receives the title of Duc de Valmy in 1807. At the Walcheren landing in 1809, Kellermann is in charge of forming an army corps to fight the English.

During the Restoration, Kellermann rallies to Louis XVIII, who gives him the title of Peer of France on June 7, 1814 and the Grande Croix de Saint-Louis on August 23. He dies in Paris on September 13, 1820.

by Artea


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