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Dominique-Catherine Pérignon, marquis de Grenade, Marshal (1804)

(Born Haute Garonne, 1754 - Died 1818)


One of the four honorary marshals.

Born into a wealthy family, Pérignon embarked on a military career which he abandoned fairly rapidly. Made deputy in 1791, he re-enlisted the following year to fight the Allied invasion. In the Army of the Eastern Pyrenees, he became division general. In 1793 he was made commander in chief of the entire army. He defeated the Spaniards at Escola and captured the city of Roses in 1795.

Deputy in the Council of the Five Hundred under the Directory, he was appointed ambassador to Spain, with the mission to conclude an offensive-defensive alliance, known as the Treaty of San Idelfonso, in August 1796. He was then involved in a smuggling affair and compromised with a young woman spy.

The Directory recalled him in 1798 and sent him to the Army of Italy. He arrived there in May, was wounded and captured a month later at the Battle of Novi. Back in France, he became chief of the military division in Toulouse in 1801. He was also made senator, and as such was named marshal by Napoleon in 1804.

Two years later, the Emperor appointed him governor general of Parma. Later named to Naples, Pérignon, recently ennobled, was a close acquaintance of the royal couple. He returned to France in 1814 and rallied to Louis XVIII, who raised his title of count to marquis.

by Artea


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