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A Cursory View of Prussia from the Death of Frederick II to the Peace of Tilsit
Note: These letters won Honorable Mention in the Archival Category of the 2004 Napoleon Series Writing Contest!

A contemporary view of Prussia as seen through a series of letters written by a Prussian gentleman and published in Great Britain in 1809. (Provided by Greg Gorsuch)

Proclamation at La Coru'a 1808 before the Napoleonic Invasion of Spain

A primary source document that shows the depth of the anti-Napoleon sentiments in Spain.

Beaucour, Fernand
The Agents of Napoleon in Egypt: 1801 to 1815

Even after their army left, the French still exerted influence in Egypt.

Bradley, Graham
Napoleon Prophesied

Did the 16th century French physician and mystic Nostradamus prophesied Napoleon?

Brime, D. Fernando Fernandez.
Benavente and Its Environs during the War of Independence

Translated by Caroline Miley

The impact of the French occupation of Spain on the town of Benavente.

Burnham, Robert
Estimated Population of Spain and Portugal in 1808

One of the more difficult tasks for historians of the Peninsula War is determining the population of Spain and Portugal...

Byrd, Melanie
The Napoleonic Institute of Egypt

The scientific and cultural institute set up by the French invaders to study Egypt.

Dawson, Anthony
Marking Waterloo
Honorable Mention Winner of the 2016 Napoleon Series Writing Contest for Best Social, Economic, Political, Cultural, Biographical, or Scientific Paper!

How Great Britain marked the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo with different religious and civil events.

de Syon, Guillaume
Science under Napoleon

An over view of Napoleon's impact on science in France.

Eagles, Philip
The Ney Trilogy: Three Short Stories about the "Bravest of the Brave"

A trio of stories about Marshal Ney.

Fedosova, Elena I.
Polish Projects of Napoleon Bonaparte

How Napoleon dealt with the centuries old "Polish" problem.

George, Christopher T.
The Eroica Riddle: Did Napoleon Remain Beethoven's "Hero?"

sIn recording his memories of Ludwig van Beethoven, Ferdinand Ries set in stone one of the enduring myths of nineteenth century cultural history: That in 1804 the composer angrily revoked his planned dedication to Napoleon Bonaparte of his Third (Eroica) Symphony when he learned that Napoleon had declared himself Emperor.

Grossman, Ira
Legion of Honor Building Replica In San Francisco

A look at an art museum that is a replica of the original Legion of Honor building (Palais de la Legion d'Honneur) in Paris.

Holmberg, Tom

The d'Enghien Affair: Crime or Blunder?

This paper won the Best Social, Economic, Political, Cultural, or Scientific Paper Award in the 2005 Napoleon Series Writing Contest!

Was Napoleon justified in kidnapping and executing the last prince of Condé?

The Execution of Johann Philipp Palm

Johann Philipp Palm, an obscure bookseller from Nuremberg, was executed on the orders of a French military court on 26 August 1806.' He was found guilty of publishing and distributing libelous pamphlets about France and Napoleon.'

Holmberg, Tom & Sewell, Max
The Infernal Machine

The attempt on Napoleon's life with the "Infernal Machine" on Christmas Eve, 24 December,1800.

Holmberg, Tom
Toussaint, Napoleon, and Slavery

Napoleon's policy on slavery in Haiti.

Millar, Stephen

The Ancien Régime Peerage (4 August 1789)

The French Peerage on the eve of the Revolution.

France's Royal and Imperial Crown Jewels: 1792-2005

What happened to the French crown Jewels

States and Sovereigns in the Italian Peninsula:  1 January 1794

The political make up of Italy in 1794

Nominations to the Order of Golden Fleece by King Joseph I of Spain

Who received this prestigious award during the French occupation of Spain.

The British Peerage in 1818

A handy guide of who was who and who was what!

Pappas, Dale
The Impact of the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars on the Greek Independence Movement

The struggle for an independent Greece.

Paz, Ignacio
1808, the Point of Implosion for the Napoleonic Empire: How the Peninsular War shows that the Empire’s Policy of Enlargement Lacked a Political and Cultural Relativism

The Female Artist in the Ancien Regime versus the Napoleonic Regime: Different Systems of State Sponsorship? Winner of the 2016 Napoleon Series Writing Contest for Best Social, Economic, Political, Cultural, Biographical, or Scientific Paper!

Prieto, Pedro
Romangordo, Spain

The Impact of the French Occupation on Romangordo, Spain
Document about the Occupation of Romangordo, Spain by the French
Documento En El Que Se Habla De La Ocupaci'n De Romangordo Por Los Franceses

A series of articles on the history of the the area surrounding the bridge at Almaraz, including the village of Romangordo, which had considerable damage done to it by the French. Mr. Prieto also tells of some of the legends about the area, including how some of the key terrain in the battle received the names it did.

Scattolin, Roberto
An Analysis of Shared Values: Spain 1808

A look at the rise of Spanish nationalism.

A Strategic Syllogism of the 1810 Portuguese Campaign: a Day of Wrath, A Day of Death: Tojal, 20 September 1810

The French occupation of Viseu.

Beyond the Image of Glory: Gros' Masterpiece on Focus-- Pictorial Evaluations, Structural elements, and Propaganda Achievements

A look at how paintings were an early form of Napoleonic propaganda!

General Bonaparte’s Italian Campaigns: Critical and Strategic Annotations on Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Essay

An examination of the inaccuracies in Emerson's “Napoleon; or, the Man of the World”

General Junot and the Holy Bible of Belem

The most famous of General Junot's loot.

Istria Military -- the Town of Rijeka and the Contingencies of Napoleonic Warfare in the Years 1796-1797

The impact of the revolutionary wars on one town.

Strategic Interactions in the Balkania Major from Dalmatia through Herzegovina and Bosnia: the Long Way to the Balkans

The strategic goals of the French in the Balkans.

The Silence of God: the British Cemetery at Elvas

How some of the British fallen from Albuera and the 1811 siege of Badajoz are remembered today.

Contribution of Honour: The King’s German Legion Casualties Buried at Elvas

Where the KGL officers were buried.

Identity and Memory of the Peninsular War: a Survey of the British Graves at Elvas

The graves of General Hoghton and Colonel White.

Ethics and Warfare in the 1811 Peninsular War: a Story of Military Honour

The impact on a British officer of the escape of the French garrison of Almeida.

Verona 1796-1797: a  Case of Popular Rejection through the Pages of Valentino Alberti

The local population's re-action to French occupation as seen through the diary of resident.

No Retreat from Destiny: the Mellish Donkey Incident 

A humorous look at how a British officer turned a 700% profit!

Sewell, Max
The Discovery of the Rosetta Stone

One of the most important archaeological finds in history was the discovery of the Rosetta Stone during Napoleon's Egyptian Expedition...

Vovsi, Eman M.
Napoléon’s Paper Veterans – Petits Soldats de Strasbourg

Paper soldiers from the 19th Century!

Weider, Ben
Napoleon And The Jews

One of the many contributions that Napoleon has made, and perhaps his most important and lasting one, was his Civil Code. It was then that Napoleon decided to liberate and offer Liberty, Equality and Fraternity to Jews, Protestants and Freemasons.

White, John
Cambronne's Words

Did General Cambronne really say "La Garde muert, elle ne se rend pas!" during the last phase of the Battle of Waterloo, or did he say nothing because he was already captured...

Williamson, Keith
Napoleonic Avant-Garde Battles

A free set of Napoleonic wargame rules!

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