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Napoleon Bonaparte has given his name to an era, but there were many other events and personalities that are of interest. This section is dedicated to his many non-military accomplishments and those of other great people of the day.

Bibliographic Tools contains magazine indexes and other tools to help one in research.
A Biographical Dictionary of Russian Generals during the Napoleonic Wars Biographies of Russians of the Napoleonic Era are extremely difficult to find. This section has numerous biographies of not only the most famous Russian generals, but also some of the more obscure! Edited by Alexander Mikaberidze.
Biographies is a collection of profiles of people of the era.
British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars is a series of short biographies of the many British generals of era. This section won the 2006 Napoleon Series Writing Contest in the Best Social, Economic, Political, Cultural, or Scientific Paper Category!
Eyewitness Accounts is a collection of letters and memoire excerpts from those who took part in events great and small. Their personal point of view is often referred to as a primary source by historians, and their words both entertain and inform us about the events they lived through.
Decorations and Awards looks at how different countries recognized their soldiers and dignitaries.
French Commanders Study Group has biographies and papers on the various French general officers who served during the period. Hosted by Terry Senior.
Generals Who Served in the French Army during the Period 1789 - 1814 is a series of short biographies of more than 2,000 generals who served France.
Government & Politics contains studies the governments of the Revolution, Consulate and Empire, and will include studies of those governments of other nations of the era, as well as politics of the period.
L'Almanach Impérial pour l'Année 1810 A fantastic resouce on the French Empire. The original book, published in 1810, had over 900 pages of information.

The Mémorial de Sainte Hélène: Journal of the Private Life and Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon at Saint Helena By Count Emmanuel De Las Cases. Transcribed by Dr. Alexander Mikaberidze

Memoirs from the Russian Archives This is a collection of Russian memoirs from the Russian Archives, that have never been published in English. This section won the 2004 Napoleon Series Writing Contest in the Best Archival Material Category!
Miscellaneous is a collection of unusual and interesting articles that are not easily catagorized. Visitors are encouraged to explore these pages for some interesting work.
Music & Video When one considers the legacy of the Napoleonic era, music is often forgotten. Yet this period produced some stirring music. Whether it is the patriotic strains of La Marseillaise, or the reflection of imperial glory in La Victoire et ý Nous, music of the epoch reflects the rich and exciting history of the period.
Napoleon Bonaparte is a collection of articles whose subject is specifically Napoleon; his life, his death, his loves and his career.
Statistical Abstract of the Napoleonic Era is a collection of raw data on a variety of topics.
18th & 19th Century Society is a collection of articles about the times Napoleon lived in.

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