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Research Subjects: 19th Century Society


19th Century Society

Blagdon, William Francis
Transcribed by Tom Holmberg
Sketches of Paris, 1801-2

First hand account of Paris in 1801 and 1802.

Gibbs, Chris
The New Britons: Scottish Identity in the 18th and 19th Centuries

How the Scots came to see themselves as British.

Hicks, Louise
Women and the Code Napoléon

The Code Napoléon and its impact on women's rights.

Holmberg, Tom
A Simple Matter of Speaking French

At the time of the Revolution, French was not spoken everywhere in France!

Liechty, Martin and Dominique Contant
Chicken Marengo

The recipe for a classic Napoleonic dish.

Markham, J. David
The Revolution, Napoleon, and Education

The development of French education prior to the Revolution and the contributions of the Revolution and Napoleon.

Paz, Ignacio
British Popular Opinion of the Peninsular War: 1808-1814

The British home front. . .

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