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The Acts, Orders in Council, &c. of Great Britain [on Trade], 1793 - 1812

[Order in Council] At the court at the Queen's Palace, the 25th of November, 1807: Present, the King's Most Excellent Majesty in council.

Whereas it has been represented that it would be expedient to fix certain periods, at which it shall be deemed that a reasonable time shall have elapsed for receiving information, at different places, of His Majesty's order in council of the 11th of November instant, respecting the trade with His Majesty's enemies, and in their produce and manufactures: His Majesty, taking the same into consideration, and being desirous to obviate any difficulties that may arise in respect thereto, and also to allow ample time for the said order being known to all persons who may be affected thereby, is pleased, by the advice of his privy council, to order and declare, and it is hereby ordered and declared, that information of the said order of the 11th of November instant shall be taken, and held to have been received in the places hereinafter mentioned, at the periods respectively assigned to them, namely:

Ports and places within the Baltic; December 21, 1807.

Other ports and places to the northward of Amsterdam; December 11, 1807.

From Amsterdam to Ushant; December 4, 1807.

From Ushant to Cape Finisterre; December 8, 1807.

From Cape Finisterre to Gibraltar, inclusive; December 13, 1807.

Madeira; December 13, 1807.

Ports and places within the straits of Gibraltar, to Sicily and Malta, and the west coast of Italy inclusive; January 1, 1808.

All other ports and places in the Mediterranean beyond Sicily and Malta; January 20, 1808.

Ports and places beyond the Dardanelles; February 1, 1808

Any part of the north and western coast of Africa, or the islands adjacent, except Madeira; January 11, 1808.

The United States, and British possessions in North America and the West Indies; January 20, 1808.

Cape of Good Hope, and east coast of South America, March 1, 1808.

India; May 1, 1808.

China, and the coast of South America; June 1, 1808.

And every vessel sailing on or after those days, from those places, respectively, shall be deemed and taken to have received notice of the aforesaid order; and it is further ordered, that, if any vessel shall sail within twenty days after the periods above assigned, respectively, from any of the said places, in contravention of the said order of the 11th of November instant, and shall be detained as prize on account thereof, or shall arrive at any port in this kingdom, destined to some port or place within the restriction of the said order, and proof shall be made to the satisfaction of the Court of Admiralty, in which such vessel shall be proceeded against, in case the same shall be brought in as prize, that the loading of the said vessel� had commenced before the said periods, and before information of the said order had actually been received at the port of shipment, the said vessel, together with the goods so laden, shall be restored to the owner or owners thereof, and shall be permitted to proceed on her voyage in such manner as if such vessel had sailed before the day so specified as aforesaid: and it is further ordered, that no proof shall be admitted, or be gone into, for the purpose of showing that information of the said order of the 11th of November instant had not been received at the said places respectively, at the several periods before assigned; and the right honorable the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury, His Majesty's principal Secretaries of State, the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, and the Judges of the High Court of Admiralty and Courts of Vice-Admiralty, are to take the necessary measures herein as to them shall respectively appertain.



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