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Diplomatic Essays


Amiens, Peace of, 1801
Markley, Robert

The French revolution instigated a 25-year storm that swept up all Europe and whose winds reached to the far corners of the earth. In the middle of the hurricane gusts and squalls came a lull. However like the eye of a hurricane, it was only a temporary respite before the winds renewed with a ferocity even greater than before.

Campo Formio, Treaty of
Grossman, Ira

After five years of war between the French Republic and the First Coalition, in late autumn of 1797, there would finally be peace on the European continent. On October 17, 1797, representatives of France and Austria concluded a peace settlement which brought the Italian Campaign to a final close.

A Conditioned Interaction of the Portuguese Military Campaign: the Lisbon Compromise
Scattolin, Roberto

The events leading to the Treaty of Cintra and the British public's re-action to it.

L'Affaire Dubuc: Bonaparte, l'India e la Spie (1787 -1808) (In Italian)
By Virgilio Ilari

A look at French intrigue in India.

Eylau: An Abstract of the Chronological Exploits of the Grand Army
Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Arm�e
(in French)
Edited and Translated by Greg Gorsuch

This is a translation of a book first published in 1807. Despite its name, the book consists of the official correspondence between the French and English governments from 1806 until the 1807 Eylau Campaign. It includes the numerous letters of the British Pleniportentiary, Lord Lauderdale, and the French Foreign Minister, Charles Tallyrand. This paper won the "Best of the Series: Honorable Mention" Award in the 2003 Napoleon Series Writing Contest! This is the second highest award given!

Franco-Russian Diplomacy: 1810-1812

An examination of the breakdown in diplomatic relations that led to the French invasion of Russia in 1812.

The Franco-Georgian Diplomatic Relationship
Mikaberidze, Alexander

A look at the history of diplomatic relations between France and the Kingdom of Georgia.

Franco-Turkish Relationship during First Empire

An examination of the often changing diplomatic relations between France and the Ottoman Empire.

From “Alliance Balance” to “Coalition Equilibrium”: Austria’s Transformation of the last Coalition against Napoleon
Gady, Franz-Stefan

Why did Austria join the last coalition against Napoleon when it did in August 1813? This paper will attempt to provide a systemic explanation to that question arguing that a major paradigm shift occurred in alliance formation and subsequently, in the whole of international politics channelled by the Austrian Empire.

The Influence of First Consul Bonaparte�s Supposed Plans for North America on the United States� Foreign Policy, 1799-1804
Zarzeczny, Matthew

Fench - American Relations at the start of the 19th Century. This paper won the "Best General History" Award in the 2003 Napoleon Series Writing Contest!

The Laws of War: Extracts from "A Pr�cis Of The Laws Of The Modern Nations Of Europe Based On Treaties And On Custom."
Translated by Susan Howard

This essay won the 2005 Napoleon Series Writing Contest for the Best Publication and/or Translation into English of New Archival Material or Books Long Out of Print!

Excerpts from an 1801 book on international law and diplomacy. This article concers the book's two chapters which relate to the conduct of a war.

Letters on British Politics Captured by the French in January 1804
Transcribed, edited and annotated by Dominque Contant and Tom Holmberg

In response to the British publication of letters from the French in Egypt intercepted by the Royal Navy the French published a selection of letters captured aboard the East Indiaman Admiral Aplin. The publication of these letters was part of the propaganda war carried on by the two opposing forces in the Napoleonic wars. In both cases the editors of the documents gave them the worse possible interpretations, which the editors of the present volume complain of in their introduction. This is reprint of 101 of those letters.

Lombardy 1796: State, Society, and Post-Revolutionary Applications
Scattolin, Roberto

The impact of Napoleon's policies and attitude on the people of Lombardy

The Quasi War with France
Zarzeczny, Matthew

The 1798 - 1800 war between the two fledging republics: the United States and France. This paper won the 2002 Napoleon Series Writing Contest "Honorable Mention: Best Social, Economic, Political, Cultural, or Scientific Paper"!

Venice: Napoleon's Italian Thorn
Blair, Victor

How Napoleon took possession of the city, and the Venetian Republic was ended!