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The Napoleon Series > Government > Governments and Politics

France: Government

These pages contain articles and documents on the French government and the legislation, laws, and decrees enacted in France between 1792 and 1815.

Bonapartiste: the Liberal Evolution of the Napoleonic Tradition in General Charles de Gaulle
Laddick, Jason R.
Note: This paper won the Best General History Award in the 2004 Napoleon Series Writing Cotest!

Charles de Gaulle and the Napoleonic Tradition

The Civil Code (The Code Napoleon)

A collection of articles and documents on the Civil Code, including a copy of the code in English!

Decrees on Trade 1793-1810
Holmberg, Tom

The laws designed to wage economic warfare against the British. This paper won the "Best of the Series" Award in the 2003 Napoleon Series Writing Contest! This is the highest award given!

The Penal Code of 1810
Transcribed by Tom Holmberg

The laws of the French Empire!

The Finances of France in 1799
Transcribed, with notes, by Tom Holmberg

A contemporary view of the financial state of the French Republic.

France's Council of State
Contant, Dominique

How the French government was set up under Napoleon.

French Ducal Order of Precedence: Restoration Chamber of Peers List (4 June 1814)
Millar, Stephen

The French Nobility

Government Ministers of France
Holmberg, Tom

A list of the Government Ministers of France during the Napoleonic Era.

Legislation, Decrees and Proclamations

These pages contain translations of the constitutions and other select documents enacted or issued from the coup d'état Brumaire to the second abdication.

Lost Opportunity, The
Elmer, Bob

How different history would have been if Napoleon had only been able to curb his opportunistic urges and take a realistic view of his predicament in February 1814.

‘Odious beyond its original perversion’: Fouquier-Tinville and the Tribunal Revolutionnaire of Paris
Millar, Stephen

A look at the revolutionary tribunals.

Peers Removed from the Chamber on 24 July 1815 by King Louis XVIII 
Millar, Stephen

The King's revenge against those who sided with Napoleon.

Revolutionary Calendar, The
Liechty, Martin

The Revolutionary Calendar was officially in use from 22 September, 1793 (1st Vendémiaire of year II) till the end of 1805 (11. Ventôse of XIV)...

29th Bulletin (December 3, 1812)
Rodieck, Veron. Translation by John Voltmer

The Bulletin the Emperor wrote at Molodetschino, Russia on December 3, 1812, two days before he left the Grande Armée to rush to Paris.