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France: Decrees on Trade 1793-1810

Decree of the Executive Directory as to those who compose the crews of the vessels of the enemies of France, 8th Brumaire, 7th year, (October 29, 1799.)

The Executive Directory, on the report of the Minister of Exterior Relations, considering that the squadrons, privateers, and vessels of England and Russia are in part manned by foreigners; considering that this violation is a manifest abuse of the law of nations, and that the Powers of Europe have not taken any measures to stop it, decree:

Art. 1.� Every person, native (ou originaire) of friendly countries allied to the French republic, or neutral, holding a commission given by the enemies of France, or making part of the crews of the vessels of war or other enemy vessels, shall, for that act alone, be declared a pirate, and treated as such, without being allowed in any case to allege that he was forced by violence, menaces, or otherwise.

Art. 2.� The Executive Directory of the Batavian, Ligurian, Cisalpine, and Roman republics shall be informed of this measure.

Art. 3.� The provisions contained in the first article shall be notified to the Powers neutral or allied to the French republic.




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