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France: Decrees on Trade 1793-1810

Decree of the French republic on the mode of executing its decrees of the 8th Brumaire, 7th year, (29th October, 1799,) concerning those who compose the crews of enemy vessels, 24th Brumaire, 7th year, (14th November, 1799.)

Art. 1. In execution of the third article of the decree of the Executive Directory of the 8th of this month, the allied or neutral Powers shall be invited to take the necessary measures for recalling, within a time which shall be fixed, those mariners of their respective nations, actually embarked on board the vessels of war or other vessels belonging to England.

Art. 2. The ambassadors, ministers, and envoys of the republic near the respective Powers shall receive particular instructions on this subject.

Art. 3.� The period of execution of the decree of the 8th Brumaire shall be determined by a subsequent decree.

Art. 4.� The Minister of Exterior Relations is charged to make arrangements with the Minister of Marine and of Colonies for the execution of the present decree.




Placed on the Napoleon Series March 2003


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