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France: Decrees on Trade 1793-1810

Decree of the consuls of the republic which puts in force the ordinance of the 26th July, 1778, concerning the navigation of neutral vessels, 29th Frimaire, 8th year, (19th December, 1800.)

The consuls having examined the law of the 23rd Frimaire, 8th year, (13th December, 1800,) which repeals the first article of the law of the 25th Nivose, 6th year, (14th January, 1798,) relative to maritime cruising; considering that the repeal of that law necessarily renews the state of the law antecedently existing:

That this, as fixed by the ordinance of the 26th July, 1778, is considered the most proper to conciliate the interests of the republic with the rights of neutral Powers; wishing to prevent, on the part of French or neutral owners, (armateurs,) errors or interpretations which shall counteract the views under which the law of the 29th Nivose, 6th year, (18th January, 1798,) has been repealed, decree what follows:

Art. 1.� The regulations prescribed by the ordinance of the 26th July, 1778, concerning the navigation of neutral vessels, shall be strictly observed by all those to whom they shall be applicable; but, in case of a controvention on their part, they are to suffer the confiscations and condemnations in damages fixed on by the said ordinance and the laws.

Art. 2. The Ministers of Justice and of the Marine, of Exterior Relations, and of Finances, are charged, each one in what concerns him, with the execution of the present decree, which shall be inserted in the bulletin of laws.

The consuls of the republic:



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