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France: Decrees on Trade 1793-1810

Translation of a decree issued by the Emperor of the French, at Rambouillet, 23rd March, 1810.

Napoleon, &c. &c. &c.

Considering that the Government of the United States, by an act dated 1st March, 1809, which forbids the entrance of the ports, harbors, and rivers of the said States to all French vessels, orders, 1st, That after the 20th May following, vessels under the French flag, which shall arrive in the United States, shall be seized and confiscated, as well as their cargoes; 2nd, That after the same epoch, no merchandise or produce, the growth or manufacture of France or her colonies, can be imported into the said United States from any foreign port or place whatsoever, under the penalty of seizure, confiscation, and a fine of three times the value of the merchandise; 3rd, That American vessels cannot go to any port of France, of her colonies, or dependencies: We have decreed, and do decree what follows:

Art. 1st. All vessels navigating under the flag of the United States, or possessed, in whole or in part, by any citizen or subject of that Power, which, counting from the 20th May, 1809, have entered or shall enter into the ports of our empire, of our colonies, or of the countries occupied by our arms, shall be seized, and the product of the sales shall be deposited in the surplus fund (caisse d'amortissement.)

There shall be excepted from this regulation the vessels which shall be charged with despatches, or with commissions of the Government of the said States, and who shall not have either cargoes or merchandise on board.

Our Grand Judge, Minister of Justice, and our Minister of Finance, are charged with the execution of our present decree.




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