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France: Decrees on Trade 1793-1810

Extract from the Register of the Resolves of the Commission delegated by the French Government to the Leeward islands.

The commission resolves; that the captains of French national vessels and privateers are authorized to stop and bring into the ports of the colony American vessels bound to English ports, or coming from the said ports.

The vessels which are already taken, or shall be hereafter, shall remain in the ports of the colony until it shall be otherwise ordered.

At the Cape, the 7th Frimaire, (27th November, 1797,) in the fifth year of the French republic, one and indivisible.

Signed in the record of the process verbal.

LEBLANC, President.


RAIMOND, Commissioners.

PASCAL, Secretary General.

A true copy:

The Secretary General of the Commission, PASCAL.



Placed on the Napoleon Series March 2003


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