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France: Decrees on Trade 1793-1810

Law which determines the character of vessels from their cargo, especially those loaded with English merchandise. 29th Nivose, 6th year, (18th January, 1798.)

After having heard the report of a special commission on the message of the Executive Directory of the 15th Nivose, relative to English merchandise; considering that the interest of the republic requires the most prompt measures against all vessels which shall be loaded with it:

Art. 1. The character of vessels in what concerns their quality as neutral or enemy, shall be decided by their cargo; in consequence, every vessel found at sea laden with in whole or in part with merchandise coming (provenant) from England or her possessions, shall be declared good prize, whoever may be the proprietors of these productions or merchandise.

Art. 2.� Every foreign vessels which shall, during her voyage, have entered a port of England, shall not be admitted into a port of the French republic, save only when there is a necessity for her entering, (de rel�che,) in which case she shall be bound to leave the said port so soon s the cause of her entering it (de sa rel�che) shall have ceased.




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