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Decree upon the Term, French Republic.

October 22, 1808.

Duvergier, Lois, XVI, 312

The time and manner in which the idea of the Republic disappeared from French Institutions is a matter of much importance for the comprehension of the method whereby Napoleon built up his power. This document serves to fix the date of its final disappearance; something of the manner in which it was eliminated can be seen from an examination of Constitution of the Year VIII and Consulate for Life.

  1. The monies which shall be coined dating from January 1, 1809, shall bear for legend upon the reverse of the piece the words, French Empire, in lieu of those of French Republic.
  2. Our Minister of Finance is charged with the execution of the present decree.


Aulard, Revolution Française, 778-780.



Placed on the Napoleon Series 7/00


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