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Appendix 2: Errata for the British Peerage in 1818

By Stephen Millar 

1. The following 10 extinct peerages should be included in their respective sections:

The earldom of Hyndford (created 25.07.1701; Scotland) became extinct on 18.04.1817 with the death of Andrew Carmichael, 6th Earl of Hyndford.

The viscountcy of Vane (created 13.09.1720; Ireland) became extinct on 05.04.1789 with the death of William Holles Vane, 2nd Viscount Vane.

The earldom of Massereene (created 28.07.1756; Ireland) became extinct on 25.02.1816 with the death of Chichester Skeffington, 4th Earl of Massereene.

The barony of Shuldham (created 31.07.1776; Ireland) became extinct on 30.09.1798 with the death of Molyneux Shuldham, 1st Baron Shuldham.

The barony of Penrhyn (created 19.11.1783; Ireland) became extinct on 21.01.1808 with the death of Richard Pennant, 1st Baron Penrhyn.

The baronies of Sunderlin (created 30.06.1785;) and Sunderlin (created 21.11.1797; Ireland) became extinct on 14.04.1816 with the death of Richard Malone, 1st Baron Sunderlin and 1st Baron Sunderlin.

The barony of Callan (created 04.06.1790; Great Britain ) became extinct on 29.10.1815 with the death of George Agar, 1st Baron Callan.

The barony of Lavington (created 01.10.1795: Ireland) became extinct on 01.08.1807 with the death of Ralph Payne, 1st Baron Lavington.

The barony of Lecale (created 27.12.1800; Ireland) became extinct on 18.02.1810 with the death of Charles FitzGerald, 1st Baron Lecale.

2. The following 20 peerages should be included in the Peerage of Great Britain and Ireland, increasing the total number of baronies in 1818 to 172.

Montfort of Horseheath (created 09.05.1741; Ireland) Henry Bromley, 3rd Baron Montfort of Horseheath (14.05.1773-30.04.1851), inherited his title from Thomas Bromley, 2nd Baron Montfort of Horseheath, on 24.10.1799.

Coleraine (created 26.02.1762; Ireland) George Hanger, 4th Baron Coleraine (13.10.1751-13.03.1824), inherited his title from William Hanger, 3rd Baron Coleraine, on 11.12.1814.

Milford (created 22.07.1776; Ireland) This barony was created for Richard Phillipps (1744-28.11.1823).

Ongley (created 30.07.1776; Ireland) Robert Henley-Ongley, 3rd Baron Ongley (09.05.1803-21.01.1877), inherited his title from Robert Henley-Ongley, 2nd Baron Ongley, on 20.08.1814.

Rokeby (created 26.02.1777; Ireland) Morris Robinson, 3rd Baron Rokeby (14.07.1757-10.05.1829), inherited his title from Matthew Morris, 2nd Baron Rokeby, on 30.11.1800.

Muncaster (created 21.10.1783; Ireland) Lowther Augustus John Pennington, 3rd Baron Muncaster (14.12.1802-30.04.1838), inherited his title from Lowther Pennington, 2nd Baron Muncaster, on 29.07.1818.

Cloncurry (created 29.09.1789; Ireland) Valentine Browne Lawless, 2nd Baron Cloncurry (19.08.1773-28.10.1853), inherited his title from Sir Nicholas Lawless, 1st Baron Cloncurry, on 28.08.1799.

Clonbrock (created 03.06.1790; Ireland) Luke Dillon, 2nd Baron Clonbrock (24.04.1780-13.12.1826), inherited his title from Robert Dillon, 1st Baron Clonbrock, on 22.07.1795.

Norwood (created 07.11.1797; Ireland) This barony was created for Grace Toler (died 21.07.1822), wife of John Toler, 1st Baron Norbury.

Tyrawley (created 07.11.1797; Ireland) This barony was created for James Cuffe (1748-15.06.1821).

Headley (14.11.1797; Ireland) Charles Winn-Allanson, 2nd Baron Headley (25.06.1784-09.04.1840), inherited his title from George Allanson-Winn, 1st Baron Headley, on 09.04.1798.

Crofton (created 01.12.1797; Ireland) Edward Crofton, 2nd Baron Crofton (01.08.1806-27.12.1869), inherited his title from Anne Crofton, 1st Baroness Crofton, on 12.08.1817.

Hartland (created 30.07.1800; Ireland) This barony was created for Maurice Mahon (21.06.1738-04.01.1819.

Mount Sandford (created 31.07.1800; Ireland) Henry Sandford, 2nd Baron Mount Sandford (10.03.1805-14.06.1828), inherited his title from Henry Moore Sandford, 1st Baron Mount Sandford, on 29.12.1814.

Tara of Bellinter (created 31.07.1800; Ireland) This barony was created for John Preston (04.11.1764-18.07.1821), a decendant of a brother of Thomas Preston, 1st Viscount Taragh.

Wallscourt (created 31.07.1800; Ireland) Joseph Henry Blake, 3rd Baron Wallscourt (02.06.1797-28.05.1849), inherited his title from Joseph Henry Blake, 2nd Baron Wallscourt, on 11.10.1816. This peerage had been suspended 1803-6.

Glenbervie (created 29.11.1800: Ireland) This barony was created for Sylvester Douglas (24.05.1743-02.05.1823), Chief Secretary for Ireland 1794-5.

Norbury (created 27.12.1800; Ireland) This barony was created for John Toler (03.12.1745-27.07.1831), Attorney-General 1798-9.

Clarina (created 28.12.1800; Ireland) Eyre Massey, 3rd Baron Clarina (06.05.1798-18.11.1872), inherited his title from Nathaniel William Massey, 2nd Baron Clarina, in 1810.

Radstock (created 29.12.1800; Ireland) This barony was created for Vice-Admiral William Waldgrave (09.07.1753-20.08.1825), second son of John Waldegrave, 3rd Earl Waldgrave. He was promoted to Admiral in 1802.

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