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Lieutenant General Peter Bagrations Report to General Mikhail Kutuzov on Actions at Austerlitz

Translated By Alexander Mikaberidze, FINS


No. 209, 10 December 1805, Senitz

Having received Your Excellencys disposition to defend my position at Proedlitz until General of Infantry Count Buxhwden turned the enemy right flank, I was firm in my decision to successful carry it out, but superior enemy columns, both cavalry and infantry, attacked me early on. I was forced to advance with my entire advance guard to support my left flank, where ten squadrons of the Mariupol and Pavlograd hussar regiments and the 6th Jagers regiment were deployed. The [French], observing my advance, doubled their forces and engaged me with resolution at all points, but I prevented them from turning my flanks and both sides became engaged in resolute fighting. Finally, I received His Imperial Majestys order that, since the center and the Guard were forced to retreat, I was to support the right flank of Lieutenant General Maliutin; so, under fierce enemy fire, I began to shift my position gradually to the right and had changed my lines three lines but always in order. Finally, I reached the heights near Proedlitz, which I occupied before the battle, and later [that night] I joined the Guard behind Austerlitz. The enemy had stopped pursuing me by then.

Having presented to Your Excellency a list of persons distinguished in the battle, I humbly appeal to you not to deprive these courageous and indefatigable generals, staff and ober officers of Your Excellencys benign attention

Lieutenant General Prince Bagration

Source: Central State Archive of Lithuania, file 378, opis 13, delo 213. Printed version is available in M.I. Kutuzov: sbornik dokumentov [M.I. Kutuzov: Compilation of the Documents], (Moscow, 1954) volume II.


Placed on the Napoleon Series: February 2005


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