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By Robert Burnham & Gareth Glover

Briscall, Samuel. The Peninsular & Waterloo Letters of the Reverend Samuel Briscall 1808 – 20. Gareth Glover (ed.). Godmanchester: Ken Trotman, 2019.

Notes: was Chaplain to the Forces in the Peninsula, plus the Chaplian to the British Embassy in Paris 1814 – 1815, with the Army of Occupation of France September 1815 – 1817. None of the letters cover Waterloo.

“List of Chaplains Serving at Waterloo” in Gareth Glover (ed.). The Waterloo Archive Volume VII: British Sources. Godmanchester: Ken Trotman, 2019. Page 260

Stonestreet, George G. Recollections of the Scenes of which I was a Witness in the Low Countries & France in the Campaigns of 1814 and 1815 and the Subsequent Occupation of French Flanders: The Journal and lLetters of the Reverend George Griffin Stonestreet 1814-16. Gareth Glover (ed.). Godmanchester: Ken Trotman, 2009. 80 pages.

Notes: was a chaplain.

Stonestreet, George G. “Letter to George Trower dated 20 June 1815” in Gareth Glover (ed.). The Waterloo Archive Volume VI: British Sources. Barnsley: Frontline, 2014. Pages 225 – 226

Notes: was a chaplain