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By Robert Burnham & Gareth Glover

Bentinck, Richard. The Very Thing: the Memoirs of Drummer Richard Bentinck Royal Welch Fusiliers 1807-1823. Jonathan Crook (ed.). London: Frontline, 2011. 208 pages.

Notes: Served in 1st Battalion; at Copenhagen (1807), Martinique (1809), Peninsula (1810-1814), and Waterloo.

Butler, Robert. Edinburgh: Narrative of the Life and Travels of Serjeant B, Written by himself David Brown, 1826.

Notes: was a fifer in the 26th Foot. In 1806 enlisted in the the 1st Foot and was the fife-major in India. The 3rd edition, which was published in 1854, is a much expanded edition.

Green, William. Where Duty Calls Me: The Experiences of William Green of Lutterworth in the Napoleonic Wars.  John and Dorothea Teague  (ed.). West Wickham: Synjon Books; 1975. 72 pages.

Notes: Joined 95th 1805; Germany, 1805; Copenhagen, 1807; Corunna; 1st Battalion in Peninsula from 1809 – 1812; wounded at  Badajoz and invalided home. Was company bugler.

Scott, John. “Triangle-player John Scott” in Gareth Glover (ed.). The Waterloo Archive Volume VI: British Sources. Barnsley: Frontline, 2014. Pages 199 – 201

Notes: Was a ten year old boy, whose father was in the regiment. Played the triangle in the regimental band at Quatre Bras and Waterloo.

Westcott, John. John Westcott’s Journal of the Campaigns in Portugal, Late Bandmaster of the British 1/26th (Cameronian) Regiment. Gareth Glover (ed.) Godmanchester: Ken Trotman, 2018.

Notes: Covers June 1811 – May 1812.