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The Battalions of Detachments

The Battalions of Detachments

The Battalions of Detachments

By Robert Burnham & Gareth Glover


1st Battalion of Detachments

Bunbury, Thomas. Reminiscences of a Veteran. Uckfield: Naval and Military Press in association with the National Army Museum, 2009.  3 volumes.

Notes: Only the first volume covers the Napoleonic Wars; spent 1808 – 1809 in 3rd Foot. served as the adjutant of the 1st Battalion of Detachments after Talavera; captain in the 20th Portuguese Regiment in October 1809, served as the brigade major of Skerrett’s Brigade from July 1811 – September 1812, commanded a company in the 5th Caçadores, command the 6th Caçadores at Toulouse, and would end the war serving as a major in the 3rd and then the 4th Caçadores.

Hamilton, Anthony. Hamilton’s Campaign with Moore and Wellington during the Peninsular War Staplehurst: Spellmount; 1998. 164 pages. ISBN: 2-86227-017-1

Notes: In the 2nd Battalion 42nd Foot in the Peninsula from 1808-1813. In 1st Battalion of Detachments. Captured at San Sebastian in 1813.

Nicol, Daniel. “Daniel Nicol’s with the First Battalion of Detachments” in With Abercrombie and Moore in Egypt Gibbs, Peter and David Watkins (Editors). Bridgnorth: First Empire; 1995. PB. Pages 14-34

2nd Battalion of Detachments

Morley, Stephen. Memoirs of a Sergeant of the 5th Regiment of Foot, containing an Account of His Service, in Hanover, South America, and the Peninsula Cambridge: Ken Trotman; 1999. 123 pages. ISBN: 0-946879-82-6

Notes: Served in 1806 expedition to Buenes Aires; Peninsula from 1808 – 1813; Rolica, Vimiero, Corunna Campaign where he was captured. Escaped and made his way to Portugal. Assigned to 2nd Battalion of Detachments until after Talavera. Returned to England in October 1809. Returned to Peninsula in 1812. Was invalided from retreat of 1812 and returned to England in early 1813.

Wood, George. The Subaltern Officer: a Narrative Cambridge: Ken Trotman; 1986. 263 pages.

Notes: In the Peninsula from 1808 – 1814; did not take part in Coruna Campaign. In the 2nd Battalion of Detachments.