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Bois, Mark
Lieutenant and Mrs. Lockwood

Reviewed by Robert Burnham

A novelized look at the life of a junior officer and his men at Waterloo…

Bray, Alan
The Hour of Parade

Reviewed by Robert Burnham

A novel reminiscent of classics like Victor Hugo or Alexandre Dumas…

Brightwell, Robert
Flashman in the Peninsular

Reviewed by Tom Holmberg

Flashman is back and the Peninsula’s got him . . .

Flashman's Escape
Reviewed by Robert Burnham

Flashman’s uncle continues his disreputable adventures in Wellington’s army . . .

Cabasson, Armand

Memory of Flames
Reviewed by David Buttery

An excellent mystery set against a background of treachery and intrigue…

The Officer's Prey
Reviewed by Robert Burnham

A intriguing military mystery set during Napoleon's Russian campaign . . .

Ebsworth, David.
The Last Campaign of Marianne Tambour

Reviewed by Susan Howard

A Waterloo novel from the unusual perspective of two female participants…

Grant, James
The Romance of War or the Highlanders in Spain

Reviewed by Peter Thorn

A Victorian era novel of the British fighting in the Peninsula. . .

Holub, Josef
An Innocent Soldier

Reviewed by Robert Burnham

This Young Adult novel follows its stable boy hero to the horrors of Napoleon's Russian retreat...

Hook, Harry
St. Ives

Reviewed by Tom Holmberg

A witty, well-acted, if unambitious, romantic comedy set in the Napoleonic era

Howard, Richard
Bonaparte's Warriors

Reviewed by Tom Holmberg

The fourth book in the "Bonaparte" series, finds the "French Sharpe" on the road to Austerlitz...

Jackson, Robert
Napoleon's Rabbit Farmer
Reviewed by Tom Holmberg

Napoleon's final battles on St. Helena…

Knipe, Humphrey.
Napoleon’s Rosebud

A fictional farce based on Napoleon’s romantic intrigues in exile…

Mallinson, Allan
A Close Run Thing

Reviewed by Robert Burnham

This new novel traces the adventures of a British cavalry officer in the Waterloo campaign...

McGrath, Art.
The Emperor’s American

Reviewed by Tom Holmberg

A creditable first novel about an American serving in Napoleon’s armies…

March to Destruction
Reviewed by Tom Holmberg

The Emperor's American goes to war…

Miley, Caroline

Artist on Campaign being the Adventures of Ralph Oughtred Esq in Portugal and Spain in the Year 1809
Reviewed by Robert Burnham

An engaging fictional account of a roguish portrait artist on campaign…

The Competition
Reviewed by Robert Burnham

A novel presenting a panoramic look at the life of an artist in the time of Turner and Constable…

Perren, Jeffrey  
Cossacks in Paris

Reviewed by Greg Gorsuch

A historical fantasy of war, spies and romance

Rabin, Staton
Betsy and the Emperor

Reviewed by Tom Holmberg

A historical novel on Napoleon's life in exile as seen through the eyes of a teenage girl.

Schlicker, Benno.
Napoleon: Uprising, The Fall of Tyrants

Reviewed by Tom Holmberg

Napoleon’s rise to fame fictionalized…

Selin, Shannon
Napoleon in America

Reviewed by Susan Howard

“The Beast” breaks free and ends up in America…

Unsworth, Barry
Losing Nelson

Reviewed by Howie Muir

A fictional exploration into the dark side of Britain's greatest naval hero...

Youds, Peter
Alone with Glory

Reviewed by Robert Burnham

An enjoyable fictional diversion about Moore's expedition to Spain. . .

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