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AB Miniatures
15mm Duchy of Warsaw
Reviewed by Dallas Gavan

AB Miniatures
15mm Bavarians and Prussians 1808-1814
Reviewed by Dallas Gavan

Canadian Legends
Major-General Isaac Brock Collectible Figure
Reviewed by John R. Grodzinski

Napoleon on the Bridge at Arcola, 1796 in 28mm
Reviewed by Dave Camillo.

Interesting vignette of a famous moment in Napoleon's career. . .

EuroMilitaire 2000
23-24 September 2000. Saga Pavilion, Sandgate, Kent, UK.
Reviewed by Alan Hills

A look at one of the premier figure and model shows...

Flags for the Lads
Various Scale Flags
Reviewed by Koen De Smedt

The Foundry
Napoleonic French
Reviewed by Andy Thorpe

Ian Weekley Models
25mm Windmill
Reviewed by Andy Thorpe

54mm Napoleonic Military Miniatures
Reviewed by Kevin Kiley

John Jenkins Designs
“REGULARS, BY GOD!” The Battle of Chippewa July 5th  1814
Reviewed by John Grodzinski

A New Line of Collectable 54 mm Toy Soldiers.

Modellor's Loft
Napoleonic Series Royal Scots Figure
Reviewed by Donald E. Graves

Old Glory
25mm Napoleonic French Line Infantry 1809
Reviewed by Andy Thorpe

Regimental Colours
15mm Flags
Reviewed by Dallas Gavan

Scott J. Dummitt
Royal Newfoundland Regiment of Fencible Infantry Figurine
by John R. Grodzinski

Signifer Flags
25mm Saxon and French Garde Flags
Reviewed by Dallas Gavan

Steve Barber Models
25mm German Town Hall
Reviewed by Andy Thorpe

Johnson, Bill & Ratcliffe, David
First in the Field
Reviewed by Robert Burnham


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