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Beckett, Stephen
Operations of the Armée du Nord: 1815

An immense compilation of documents for the start of the Waterloo Campaign…

Campos, Jorge Planas et Antonio Grajal de Blas
Officiers de Napoléon tués ou blessés pendant la guerre d'Espagne (1808-1814)

Reviewed by Anthony Gray

An incomparable reference work detailing French officer casualties in the Peninsula…

Chisnall, Barry and Geoffrey Davies.  
British Cavalry Carbines & Pistols of the Napoleonic Era

Reviewed by Robert Burnham

Unique, superbly illustrated reference book on British cavalry firearms…

Fremont-Barnes, Gregory
The Encyclopedia of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars: A Political, Social, and Military History

Reviewed by Tom Holmberg

A new encyclopedia on the wars of the Revolution and Napoleon, destined to be a standard...

Leventhal, Michael (ed.).
The Hand of History: an Anthology of History Quotations and Commentaries

Historians ponder the words of historians…

Mikaberidze, Alexander
The Russian Officer Corps in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, 1792-1815
Reviewed by Tom Holmberg

The essential work of biographical reference on Russia's officer corps...

The Russian Officer Corps in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, 1792-1815
Reviewed by Mark Urban

A standard reference for serious students of the Russian Army…

Pope, Stephen
Dictionary of the Napoleonic Wars
Reviewed by Tom Holmberg

A new dictionary of the Napoleonic wars...

Reid, Stuart
Wellington’s Officers: a Biographical Dictionary of the Field Officers and Staff Officers of the British Army 1793 – 1815

Reviewed by Robert Burnham

The first volume of a three volume set. This volume provides biographical data on almost 1400 British officers whose family names began with the letters A - G.

Schneid, Frederick C.
Napoleonic Wars: The Essential Bibliography

Reviewed by Eman Vovsi

A new bibliography of the best books on the Napoleonic era…

Smith, Digby
The Greenhill Napoleonic Wars Data Book
Reviewed by Martin Liechty

This book is great! When you see it for the first time and look into it you will immediately realize that there is a lot of work, research and knowledge in it. It is an absolute "must" for the bookshelf of every Napoleonic scholar, enthusiast, and others interested in the period.

Sutcliffe, Victor (compiler)  
Regiments of the British Army, A Handbook with Book Lists, Part I: Infantry

Reviewed by Donald Graves

The definitive bibliography on the British Army is updated. . .

Tsouras, Peter G.
The Greenhill Dictionary of Military Quotations
Reviewed by Tom Holmberg

A history of war in the words of the men who made it

The Daily Telegraph Dictionary of Military Quotations
Reviewed by Kevin Kiley

The warriors speak. . .


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