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International Napoleonic Society

Welcome to the Website

Dear Napoleonic Scholars and Students,

On behalf of our President Ben Weider and of our Fellows, I want to welcome you to the International Napoleonic Society's portion of the Napoleon Series WEB page. We are proud to be a part of this excellent site and to help put Napoleon on the "cutting edge" of technology. I encourage you to explore the entire site and see the excellent job that Fons Libert and his colleagues have done. Here you will find a Forum, frequently asked questions, information on Napoleonic music and videos, and many other interesting items. We at the INS are proud to be a primary sponsor of the site.

The INS portion of the site offers a wide range of information. First and foremost, of course, is the on-line version of Napoleonic Scholarship: The Journal of the International Napoleonic Society. This is the entire journal, including all of the graphics. One unique feature that is not, naturally, included in the print version is the ability to link directly via email to the authors of the articles (provided they have email, of course).

Another important feature is the ability to link directly to any other articles or contributions that any given author has made to our site. At this point such links are limited, but eventually they will include numerous authors and links not only to articles found somewhere in Napoleon Series, but anywhere else on-line that a given author has an article.

We also offer a wide range of information about the INS and its various activities, including the latest news of activities of our members, information on our congresses, a calendar of events, and direct links to other organizations and publications.

We hope that we have been successful in our effort to offer you some interesting and meaningful information as you continue your study of Napoleon. Naturally, we value your suggestions on how to make improvements. As it is my responsibility to produce and edit the INS material, please do not hesitate to contact me at my email address below.

With best wishes to you all,

J. David Markham
Executive Vice-President and Editor-in-Chief



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