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Military Subjects: The Hundred Days

This is the story of Napoleon's last campaign: The Campaign of the Hundred Days or The Waterloo Campaign as it is also called.

By Alfons Libert, FINS

For the experienced Hundred Days students there will be nothing new here because this is not a day to day or blow by blow account of the things that happened in 1815 but only a chronological summary. People with little or no prior knowledge of the campaign should find this more than enough to understand what happened back in 1815. If you want to know the day to day facts and details on this campaign, I suggest that you read one of the many books written about it.

As we all know historians rarely agree on things like troop strengths and so on, so unless I'm absolutely sure about the numbers I always use the average between different sources.

P.S. The maps in these chapters are very simple and rudimentary. They will only contain the data necessary to get a picture of the situation that I'm trying to represent. Don't use them during your next trip to Belgium!

The images and maps are all in the smallest possible size and a bigger sized image will only load if you click on the thumbnail.


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