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Treaty of Amiens Time-Line

By Robert Markley





2nd Treaty of San Ilfesdon


8 January

Peace of Luneville

8 February

Addington becomes Prime Minister

27 February

Spain declares war on Portugal

21 March

Tsar Paul assassinated

30 March

Battle of Copenhagen

19 April

Alexandria falls to the British

16 May

Russia raises embargo on British goods

27 June

Cairo falls to the British

12 July

French squadron defeated by Saumarez

8 August

Peace of Badajoz between Spain and Portugal

1 October

Hawkesbury and Otto sign preliminary Treaty of London

2 October

News arrives in London that French in Egypt begin negotiations for surrender

11 October

Addington's peace Budget

3 November

Cornwallis departs for Paris

8 November

Napoleon proclaims to slaves of St Domingo, "You are free"


Peace conference moves to Amiens


29 January

Napoleon becomes president of the Italian Republic


Expedition to St Domingo

14 March

Cornwallis told to put 8 day time limit to reach agreement

25 March

Joseph, Cornwallis, Azzara, Schimmelpennic sign Treaty of Amiens

5 April

Addington's budget

11 May

Start of plebiscite for Life Consulship

13 May

Parliamentary debates on the definitive treaty

24 May

Stadtholdership renounced


France makes peace with Turkey

27 August

Rising in Switzerland

31 August

New Parliament meets after elections

11 September

Piedmont annexed by France

Ney into Switzerland

Fox in Paris

6 October

Plebiscite in Holland


Whitworth and Andreossy posted



30 January

Sebastiani's report on Egypt

17 February

Whitworth's private interview with Napoleon

8 March

Royal address to Parliament regarding threat of war

13 March

Napoleon's verbal attack on Whitworth

3 May

Louisiana sold to USA

10 May

Diplomatic rupture

18 May

Britain declares war


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