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Napoleon Bonaparte has been called the greatest captain of his age. He is often grouped with Julius Caesar, Hannibal and Ghenghis Khan as one of the greatest military geniuses ever. Interest in the military history of his era runs high, and this section is dedicated to that interest.

Battle Listings is an encyclopedic list of Napoleonic-era battles, itemizing the armies, generals, dates, and numbers involved including the resulting victors and treaties signed
Battles & Campaigns has numerous articles on the campaigns and battles of the period.
Despeche is a translation of the famoous German magazine, dedicated to uniforms and armies of bygone days
Map Archives is a huge collection of maps that provide detailed information on the terrain, events, and unit deployments of different battlefields.
Organization, Strategy, & Tactics has hundreds of articles on the organization of units and armies, uniform details, and how these units were used on campaign and in battle.
Smoothbore Ordnance Journal. The goal of the "Journal" is to provide a variety of translations, biographies, commentaries, documents and other material related to technical aspects of artillery and weapon systems of the period that has often been overlooked.
Virtual Battlefields consists of photographs and descriptions of Napoleonic Era battlefields. Viewers are presented with sets of thumbnail photographs that they may click on to see a larger image.
War of 1812 Magazine a monthly magazine dedicated an oft-neglected aspect of the Napoleonic Wars, the last war fought between Great Britain and the United States, from 1812 to 1814.
Military Cross-Reference Index. As you can see by the list above, there are numerous articles and papers that cover many different aspects of military interest. We have also developed a Cross-Reference Index in the hope it will facilitate locating related documents that are located in separate areas. If you cannot find the information you are looking for in the list below, check our Index.

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