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Military Subjects:  War of 1812

The War of 1812 Magazine

Edited by: Matthew MacVittie

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From the Editor

Requiescat in Pace War of 1812 Magazine 2006 - 2018

Welcome to the War of 1812 Magazine, a regular feature of the Napoleon Series website. The aim of the Magazine is to provide a variety of articles, book and other reviews, commentaries, documents and other material related to the War of 1812, an oft-neglected aspect of the Napoleonic Wars and the only war fought between Great Britain and the United States from 1812 to 1814.

While popularly regarded as a minor scrap between American backwoodsmen and a handful of British soldiers supported by natives and Canadian militia, with the occasional encounter between fir built vessels, the War of 1812 was a far ranging and complex conflict, involving campaigns and battles fought over a vast territory, from the Upper Great Lakes, through much of modern Michigan, Ontario, Quebec, Upstate New York and the eastern seaboard of the continent from Halifax to the Gulf of Mexico, all of which were linked to events in Europe.

Military operations included amphibious operations, overland campaigns and pitched battles that tested the mettle of the soldiers and the leadership skill of officers. The limited communication network made the control of inland waters imperative for mobility, while sustaining the forces placed significant logistical demands on both armies.

The complex diplomacy surrounding the war’s beginning and the negotiations that concluded it were conducted during a major global conflict and are still debated today. What is clear is that the war in North America was a direct result of the “Great War” in Europe that overshadowed the “forgotten Napoleonic theatre” across the Atlantic.

The war also had a significant civil dimension,   that involved the displacement of people, the burning of villages,  and economic disruption. The political effects influenced the future of the United States and British North America and were also felt in Britain and to a lesser degree, in several other European countries.

As stated, the purpose of the magazine is to provide a forum for the study of this conflict. We invite readers to offer the results of their research in the form of articles, reviews, documentation, commentary, material culture, imagery, film and other related items.

Guidelines for contributors are the same as that for the Napoleon Series. A link to the Writer’s and Format Guide appears below. We hope you will consider contributing to this unique publication.

Thank-you for visiting the War of 1812 Magazine and we hope you enjoy reading it!

Writer's Guide

The Napoleon Series, which is home to this publication, has developed a Writer’s and Format Guide, which provides potential contributors with much useful information on preparing their work. It also makes the work of the site editor much easier; all contributors are encouraged to follow these guidelines.

Matthew MacVittie




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