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Research: Abstract of the Napoleonic Era



Great Britain: Authorized Number of Bâtmen or Servants

General Order 19 June1809

Authorized Number of Bâtmen or Servants
Commander-in-Chief 4 Bâtmen or Servants
Lieutenant General 3 Bâtmen or Servants
Major General, Brigadier, or Head of Department 2 Bâtmen or Servants
Regimental or Staff Officer 1 Bâtman or Servant
Captain in Command of a Company 1 Bâtman and 1 Servant
Subaltern, Adjutant, and Assistant Surgeon 1 Servant
Surgeon and Paymaster 1 Bâtman and 1 Servant
Quartermaster 1 Bâtman to carry entrenching tools



Egerton, T. General Orders in Portugal and Spain Whitehall;1811.


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