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Research Subjects: Napoleon Himself





Frequently Asked Questions about Napoleon

Blair, Victor
Who Murdered Napoleon? Probably Nobody!

Another look at whether Napoleon was murdered. . .

Bloom, Phillip
Napoleon's Youth

Napoléon Bonaparte was and still is one of France's most revered heroes. Though born a Corsican in 1769, Napoléon journeyed to France for schooling at the age of nine...

Chandler, David
Napoleon and Death

Napoleon faced death more often than most realized.

Davis, John F.
The Death of Napoleon

Comments about Ben Weider's book Assassination at St.Helena Revisited, published by Wiley, 1995.

Davis, John F.
Medical Status

More about Napoleon's medical status.

Dean, Peter J.
Napoleon as a Military Commander: the Limitations of Genius

Napoleon was one of the greatest military minds in the history of warfare. He expanded the conquests of France from her revolutionary borders to that of an Empire that stretched from Spain to the steppes of Russia. Napoleon's genius lay not in the revolutionizing of warfare itself, but in the refinement of existing means...

Deane, Morgan T.
Genius at Leipzig? A Study of Napoleon’s Leadership Skills as Judged By Clausewitz

Was Napoleon's performance at Leipzig on the genius level?

de la Cases, Emannuel
Memorial de Saint Helene: Journal of the Private Life and Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon at Saint Helena
Transcribed by Dr. Alexander Mikaberidze

Volume One of the classic set of memoirs.

Elmer, Bob
Was Napoleon a Junkie?

Napoléon undoubtedly had large quantities of arsenic in his body when he died. However, this does not necessarily mean that he was murdered. It could have been self-administered. And that does not necessarily mean suicide...

Graves, Donald
The Emperor Up Close and Personal: Napoleon's Toilet Kit

A list of personal items found in Napoleon's carriage that was captured by the Prussians after Waterloo.

Grossman, Ira
Napoleon the Reader 

An interesting look at what Napoleon read.

Grossman, Ira
The House on the Rue de la Victoire

A look at the only the only house Napoleon owned as a private citizen.

Holmberg, Tom
The Annual Cost of Keeping the Former Emperor Napoleon Captive on the Island of St. Helena

The price of exile.

First-Hand Descriptions of Napoleon

Contemporary descriptions of what Napoleon looked like.

Napoleon's Addresses

A compilation of the numerous speeches given by Napoleon.

Hussey, John

Buonaparte and the Ajaccio Easter Troubles, 1792: the Verdict of Arthur Chuquet (1853-1925)

A little known incident in the early days of Napoleon

General Bonaparte’s Private Views, Summer 1797 

A conversation between Napoleon and Miot de Melito.

Jefferson, Thomas
On Napoleon

What a contemporary head-of-state had to say about Napoleon.

Jensen, Randy
Napoleon’s Talisman

Napoleon's good luck charm.

Similarities between the Talisman of Napoleon & the Napoleon Rosicrucian Medal

Another piece of Napoleon's jewelry.

Kehler, Mikael
The Death of Napoleon

Forshufvud's theories about poisoning are still very much alive. This is a fascinating theory, but almost too fantastic to be true, and almost the only indication is the arsenic content in the hair...

Kiley, Kevin
Thumbing through the Napoleonic Wars: The Words of Napoleon and Others Who May Have Influenced His Methods

There has probably never been another person in history who has either more misquoted or have had more words put in his mouth than Napoleon I, Emperor of the French.

Mahapatra, Captain Ramaswamy
The Man of Destiny and the Cross Current

A look at whether Napoleon is fairly treated by modern historians.

Markham, J. David
The Revolution, Napoleon, and Education

This article examines the impact of the French Revolution and Napoleon on the development of the French educational system.

Mikaberidze, Alexander
The Fateful Executive of Unknown Command: Napoleon's Image in Poetry

A look at how Napoleon was portrayed in Georgian and Russian Poetry!

Miller, Tom
Before Brumaire: Napoleon's Development as a Ruler 1796-98

This paper won an Honorable Mention in the Best Social, Economic, Political, Cultural, or Scientific Paper Category in the 2005 Napoleon Series Writing Contest!

How Napoleon's experience prior to the Coup helped to make him a successful ruler.

Mosher, Robert
Napoleon as Spin-Doctor and Mythmaker:' 'To Lie Like a Bulletin''

This paper won the prize for the Best Social, Economic, Political, Cultural, or Scientific Paper Category in the 2006 Napoleon Series Writing Contest!

How Napoleon used his Bulletins.

The Lost First Consul Found, Along with a New Mystery: “Napoleon” by Daniel Chester French

The story of the statue of Napoleon at the 1904 Exposition in Saint Louis.

Ouvrard, Robert
11 mars 1810: Napoléon épouse Marie-Louise par procuration

The marriage of Napoleon and Marie-Louise.

Paz, Ignacio
1812: Winds of Change

A think piece on why Napoleon invaded Russia.

Phonexayphova, Saythala Lay
Expectations and Resentment: the Roots of Napoleon Bonaparte’s Ambition and Success

How Napoleon's parents shaped the future emperor.

Saint-Hilaire, Émile Marco de.
Popular History of Napoleon

Translated by Greg Gorsuch

One of the first full length biographies of Napoleon. Originally published in French in 1857. This is the first English translation.

Schneider, John
Napoleon & Josephine

The story of Napoleon and Josephine in a nutshell.

Descriptions of Napoleon

How contemporaries described him.

Sewell, Max
Feet of Clay

Thoughts on the recurring debate over the supposed guilt or innocence of Napoleon Bonaparte for the sins of his era...

Tugan-Baranovsky, D. M.
Napoleon as Journalist

Napoleon's relationship with the press.

Vance, Thomas J.
A Press Conference Fit for an Emperor

If press conferences had been held in Napoleon's day, this is how one may have gone following his death at the Longwood estate on the island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic, May 5, 1821

The Children of Longwood: Napoleon's Young Friends at St. Helena

During his exile at St. Helena, Napoleon became a friend to many of the children who lived there.

Vigil, Jenner
Napoleon Bonaparte: The World’s Greatest

Napoleon as seen by a 14 year old.

Weider, Ben
The Assassination of Napoleon

This paper is based on a lecture given at Florida State University in Tallahassee on 18 September 1995 and at the International Military History Festival "Borodino Day," Borodino Russia - September 5-10, 1997


Comments on the three articles above from the author of the book Assassination at St.Helena Revisited.

My Pilgrimage to St. Helena (in English)

Mon Pèlerinage À Sainte Hélène (in French)

Dr. Weider's trip to Saint Helena in 1975.

Napoleon: Man of Peace

An overview of Napoleon's civil accomplishments.

Zarzeczny, Matthew
Napoleon and the Unification of Europe

A thought provoking piece on how Napoleon's dream of a united Europe is coming true today.

Religion in Napoleonic France

The religious policies of the two Napoleons. This paper won the "Best General History: Honorable Mention" Award in the 2003 Napoleon Series Writing Contest!


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